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Pink and White Yarn Ghost Garland

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This easy yarn ghost garland is the perfect DIY for your spooky season! Its pink and white colors and tassel trim add a touch of feminine decor to any mantel, mirror, or bed.

Pink and white ghost garland on white bunk bed with window.

I normally don’t decorate very much for Halloween because I’m not a fan of orange and black, but recently there’s been a trend of decorating with pastel colors and I am here for it!

I saw a similar yarn ghost garland on Pinterest and I knew I had to re-create it for my girls’ bedroom.

It took no time at all and adds such a fun, spooky vibe without being too scary.

Materials Needed

Yarn ghost garland supplies on white table including yarn, googly eyes, and scissors.

The best part of this DIY is that you don’t need many supplies! In fact, I had several of them in my craft closet already. To make the ghost garland you’ll need:

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Cut a cardboard guide.

Single piece of white yarn in small notch on piece of cardboard.

Start by cutting a piece of cardboard that is about 4 inches long. You can make your guide longer if you’d like, but I wanted my ghosts to be short and stout. Add a small notch to the top of the cardboard. You’ll use this to keep your yarn in place.

I cut a piece of an Amazon shipping box for my guide.

2. Wrap the yarn around the cardboard.

Yarn wrapped around piece of cardboard with loose ends and pair of scissors nearby.

Attach the end of the yarn through the notch in the top of the cardboard and pull it down halfway on the other side.

Wrap the yarn around the entire guide 40 times for a medium-sized yarn and 20 times for a bulky-sized yarn.

After wrapping the yarn around the cardboard, cut it from the bigger ball of yarn.

3. Tie the yarn together.

Piece of yarn tied in middle of yarn wrapped around cardboard.

Then, cut a piece of yarn about 8 inches long and slide it under all of the loops of yarn on the front of the cardboard. Center it and tie it in a knot. This will be what you use to tie the ghosts to the trim later.

You can use the same color yarn as the ghost or the opposite color.

4. Cut the yarn from the cardboard.

Partially cut yarn around cardboard square with scissors showing.

Flip the piece of cardboard over and cut the yarn off the cardboard. Line your scissors up in the middle of the yarn and cut through each piece.

5. Center the yarn pieces and create a head.

Single piece of yarn tied around a group of yarn to create a ghost head.

Pull any yarn pieces that look shorter on one side to center them. Cut a piece of yarn about 8 inches long and tie it around the top of the group of yarn to create a ghost head. Pull it tight and tie it in a knot.

Rotate the knot so it’s on the back of the head and won’t be seen.

6. Shape the ghost.

Yarn ghost on white table with small trimmed pieces and pair of scissors laying nearby.

Use your scissors to trim the yarn on the bottom of the ghost so it looks like a V.

7. Fluff the ghost.

Fluffy white yarn ghost next to blue brush on white table.

Using a small brush, fluff the bottom of the ghost to break up the yarn strings.

8. Add googly eyes.

White yarn ghost with googly eyes on white table with loose googly eyes nearby..

Choose two different sizes of googly eyes and attach them to the ghost head using the sticky backing or a hot glue gun.

9. Repeat.

Repeat the process for the number of ghosts you want to make. I made 10 of each color.

10. Tie the ghosts to the trim.

String from yarn ghost tied in knot on pom pom trim.

Measure the trim to fit where you want to hang it. Lay the ghosts out so they are evenly spaced (I spaced mine every 4 pom poms).

Using the yarn on the top of the ghosts’ heads, tie them to the trim so the knot is on the back of the trim.

11. Hang your garland.

Hang your garland and make any adjustments so the ghosts are facing the correct way. Pull the yarn tight around the trim and cut any excess yarn so it can’t be seen.

Tips and Tricks

Woman wearing pink skirt holds pink and white yarn ghost garland.

Once you cut the yarn from the ball after wrapping it 40 times, pull it to the back of the cardboard so there aren’t any dangling pieces when you tie the top of the ghost head together.

When you’re ready to cut the yarn from the cardboard, pull the end you slid in the notch and the end you cut from the ball out of the way so you don’t accidentally cut those.

When you tie the yarn at the top of the ghost head, the knot will naturally force the ghost to hang sideways. I had to tie another knot so that the ghost would face forward on the trim.

Fluffy pink and white yarn ghosts on pom pom trim.

After you create the ghost head, just slide that piece of yarn with a knot in it to the back of the ghost and it will blend right in.

Some of the eyes didn’t stick very well to the yarn, so I found hot gluing them made them more secure. If you’re going to hot glue them, make sure you don’t get any extra glue on the yarn or it will clump up and look messy.

The easiest way to see how far apart to space the ghosts is to fold your trim in half and place one ghost in the middle. Then count how many pom poms are on each side and how many ghosts you have left. Divide the number of pom poms by the ghosts and that’s how far apart you’ll space them.

Make sure the yarn is extra tight on the trim before you cut the extra off or the ghosts could fall off and you’ll have to tie another piece of yarn through the head.

Pink and white ghost garland attached to white bunk bed.

I attached the garland to my girls’ bunkbed with some small command hooks.

Want More?

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Your Turn

Woman wearing white shirt and pink skirt holds pink and white ghost garland.

Did this post inspire you to make this yarn ghost garland? You can use any colors you’d like, so let us know in the comments what you’re planning to use!

Nicolle Mallinson

Saturday 8th of October 2022

Jessica this is so adorable! I would love it if you would stop by my weekly link party that I cohost and link up for a chance to be featured!