Non-Candy Valentines Class Gift Ideas

1. Pop Its

These mini fidget toys come in a variety of shapes and colors, including unicorns, hearts, and spaceships.

2. Scratch Art

Scratch art is another fun and interactive Valentine’s gift for kids. They’re great for boys and girls and younger and older kids!

3. Scented Markers

Scented markers are a cute and practical class gift that come in a variety of yummy scents!

4. Heart-Shaped Glasses

Heart-shaped shades are a great party gift for Valentine’s Day. They're sure to make every kid feel cool!

5. Play Foam

Mini putty Valentines are ideal for boys and girls. And they’re great for sensory play!

6. Soda

While it's still sweet, soda makes a fun and refreshing Valentine’s Day gift for kids. Especially red and pink cans!

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