Budget-Friendly Sloped Backyard Ideas

1. Rock Wall with Stone Steps

Terracing a sloped backyard to create access to flat areas is such an attractive option that's great for now and for re-sale.

2. No Grass on Upper Level

You'll save a lot of money upfront because sod and sprinklers definitely cost more, plus you won't water up there during the summer.

3. Break Up The Space with Gravel Pads

Gravel works great for cheap backyard patio ideas. And it looks great with the concrete pavers.

4. Build Your Own Raised Garden Beds

The plans for these wooden boxes worked great for our garden boxes, fire pit area, and sand box.

5. Install The Materials Yourself

You'll save a lot of money on labor if you have the man power to install the soils yourself.

6. Buy Your Own Foliage

See if your landscaper will include pre-dug holes for your flower beds as part of your quote.

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