What Lipstick Nipple Latch is and How To Fix It

Lipstick nipple latch is a condition where the nipple temporarily changes form during nursing because of misplaced pressure. The nipple will appear  slanted or tapered like the tip of a newly opened lipstick tube.

Here's how to fix it!

1. Make sure baby's mouth opens wide.

A proper and comfortable latch happens when your baby’s mouth fully covers the nipple and areola and their lips are curled outward.

2. Baby's chin should touch the breast.

Tuck baby close to your body so their chin touches the breast. This helps them get more of the breast into their mouth.

3. Check baby's body position.

Their shoulders, back, and neck should be in a straight line and they shouldn’t need to turn their neck to nurse.

4. Use a nursing pillow.

You can use a nursing pillow to help you try out different feeding positions. These pillows help to support baby’s weight and get them  closer to the breast.

5. Check for a lip tie.

If you develop lipstick nipple and have repeated issues with getting a good latch, bring this to your pediatrician’s attention so they can check.

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