How To Use A Haakaa Pump (12 Tips!)

1. Get a good seal.

For the best seal, evert the flange before squeezing the base and attaching it to the breast.

2. Keep it from spilling.

Make sure you nurse next to a small table or flat surface so you can place the pump somewhere safe until you’re able to transfer the milk.

3. Cleaning the pump.

The pump is dishwasher safe or you can hand wash in between uses. Don't use bleach because the it can break down the silicone.

4. Transferring the milk.

The easiest way to pour the milk into a breast milk storage bag is to pour using the longest part of the pump as the spout. 

5. Use it to clear clogged ducts.

Simply fill the Haakaa with some water and salt and attach it to the breast making sure that the nipple is submerged in the water.

6. How to remove the Haakaa.

Use your finger to break the suction around the flange and then pull the pump from the breast.

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