How to Clean Laminate Floors Without Leaving a Film

*Steel wool and harsh chemicals * Bona * Off brand cleaners They may work in the short term, but they'll leave a sticky film over time that's hard to get off.

Avoid These Cleaners:

1. Make The DIY Cleaner

Mix warm water (plain water or distilled) with rubbing alcohol and white vinegar.

2. Sweep

And use a microfiber dusting pad to lock away dust, hair, and common household allergens before getting the floors wet

3. Mop with the grain

One of the best ways to reduce a streaky finish is to mop with the grain of the laminate, so whichever way the planks are laid.

4. Use a Clean Pad

You’ll reduce any streaks and smears on your floors if you use a clean microfiber pad every time you mop.

5. Clean Spills Right Away

Soak up any liquid spills with a dry and damp paper towels and then mop after to avoid spreading the mess.

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