Top Family Valentine's Day Activities

1. Themed Breakfast

Kids and adults will love waking up to a meal filled with special treats like heart-shaped pancakes and strawberry milk.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Hide themed items around the house with fun riddles and sayings and then enjoy sweet treats and drinks after.

3. Fun Crafts

You can each make a homemade valentine, a heart-shaped wreath, paper conversation hearts, or heart-shaped crayons.

4. Read Books

You can find inexpensive books at the dollar store. Or, you can borrow from the library.

5. Cookie Decorating

Cookie decorating is not only a fun family activity but, you can also save your creations to enjoy as a sweet treat after dinner.

6. Fancy Dinner

A celebratory dinner is one of our favorite family Valentine activities. And it’s the perfect way to end your day of love!

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