1. Over 820,000 child lives could be saved every year if all children 0-23 months were optimally breastfed.

2. Near universal levels of breastfeeding could prevent 20,000 annual deaths from breast cancer.

3. Babies in urban areas are more likely to ever be breastfed than those in rural areas. Babies in the southeastern U.S. are the least likely to ever be breastfed.

4. If 90% of US mothers chose to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months, there  would be a savings of $13 billion per year in healthcare costs.

5. Rwanda has the highest rate of exclusive breastfeeding at 6 months with 84%, 400 times higher than the United States.

6. The percentage of Southern California infants who received any breastfeeding at 6 months decreased from 48.69% before COVID-19 to 38.62% after COVID-19.

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