1. Lanolin

Until your nipples have toughened up, you’ll want to use a good nipple cream after each feeding.

2. Silicone breast pump

Silicone breast pumps are great way to help relieve engorgement while also building up a freezer stash for later.

3. Breastmilk storage bags

Breastmilk storage bags and bottles are a must have to save all of that precious milk you pump or get from the silicone pump during your letdown.

4. Nursing pillow

A nursing pillow gives you some extra cushion that offers relief for  your arms and brings them closer to your breast (which saves your back!)

5. Water mug

You’ve never seen someone as thirsty as a breastfeeding mom! It takes a  lot of energy, nutrients, and water to create breastmilk, so you’ll want  to have a water mug nearby.

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