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30+ Cute and Trendy Short Valentine’s Day Nails

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We’re sharing the best short Valentine’s Day nails for every style and aesthetic. Steal these cute and trendy ideas for the holiday of love!

Pinterest graphic with text that reads "30+ Short Valentine's Day Nail Ideas" and a collage of nail designs.

Fall in love with these cute and trendy Valentine’s Day Nails!

We’re sharing the best nail art for the holiday that’s perfect for short nails.

Below, you’ll find inspiration for gorgeous nails to DIY or show your nail tech.

From floral designs with glitter and gems to simple red and pink hearts, there’s something for everyone on this list!

The Best Valentine’s Day Nails

Whether you prefer moody and romantic or simple and cute these holiday nails are perfect for a day filled with hearts and love.

1. Red and Purple “Love” Nails

A cupped hand shows fingernails painted for Valentine's Day with two outer fingers painted white with miniature red hearts and two fingers in the middle painted purple with the word "love" spelled between the two fingers.

This cute design features pastel colors and miniature hearts, making it the perfect cheerful manicure for teens and adults, alike.

2. Pink, White and Glitter Chevron Nails

Crossed hands rest on a Valentine's Day background with fingernails painted pink and silver.

This is another fun and youthful design, featuring shades of pink and glittery silver.

They’re on trend for the holiday, but not so specific that you can’t wear them before or after, too!

3. Pink and Red Nails with Valentine’s Day Confetti

Hands show red and pink painted fingernails with Valentine's Day glitter on top.

These adorable Valentine’s Day nails feature shades of pink and holiday-themed “confetti”.

They’re a festive design that’s deceptively simple!

4. Red, Black, White, and Silver “Heart Attack” Nails

Hands hold a red cut-out heart with painted red, black, white, and silver fingernails with red hearts on the fingers painted white.

Want a more dramatic look?

Try this “heart attack” design with red, black, white, and silver!

5. Red and White Nails with Heart and Silver Accents

Hands rest on and scoop up red hearts from a white surface with painted red, silver, and white nails and a heart design on the fingers with white paint.

These romantic Valentine’s Day nails feature bright red paint with a glittery silver accent, neighboring a white nail with a heart design.

6. Black Nails with Mini Red Hearts

Fingers curled to show black painted fingernails with red heart designs on two of the fingers.

Here’s a Valentine’s Day nail design that’s a little bit “rock and roll”!

We love the dark black paint juxtaposed with the red hearts.

It’s the perfect look for edgier girlies!

7. Red and Pink Nails with Silver Accents and Jewels

Red, pink, and silver painted fingernails with a jewel design on the nails painted pink.

This cute and sweet design features pink, red, glitter, and jewels.

It doesn’t get more Valentine’s Day than that!

8. White Nails with Red Hearts and Valentine’s Day Tik-Tac-Toe

Hands rest on a pink background with painted white nails and a mini red heart above the cuticle of each finger.

How cool is this Valentine’s Day tik-tac-toe design?

We love the bright white and red hearts for a pop of color!

9. Red and White Nails with “Cursive” Hearts

A hand rests on top of another hand, with fingernails painted red and one finger on each hand painted white with a red heart design.

These romantic red and white nails with glitter and heart accents are a great design for a dinner out with your favorite someone!

10. Red Nails with White Glitter Accents and Jewels

To hands hover over a wood surface with red painted mails and one finger on each hand with jewel design over the red paint.

We love the simplicity of these Valentine’s Day nails.

They’re sophisticated, yet cool and trendy at the same time.

They’re a great nail design for someone working in an office.

11. Red Nails with Glitter “Amor” Designs

A woman shows off painted fingernails with dark red nail polish and one finger on each hand with silver and red and the word "amore".

Can you spot the message hidden in this nail design?

Each hand has one finger with the word “Amor” painted onto the background of glitter!

12. Deep Red Nails with Silver Polka Dot Accents

Fingernails painted with maroon nail polish and one finger on each hand with silver and maroon nail polish.

These moody and romantic Valentine’s Day nails deserve a trip to a dinner party or special meal for two!

13. Red Nails with White Lace Accents

A hand is held out showing fingernails painted red with two fingers having a white design on top of the red paint.

We love these simple red nails with a white lace design on two of the fingers

It’s another design that would work just as well before or after the holiday.

14. Dark Pink Nails with a Light Pink Heart

A hand holds a bottle of pink fingernail polish with fingernails painted dark pink and one finger having a lighter pink heart design.

These simple dark pink nails with a lighter pink heart design make a subtle yet stylish statement.

They’re perfect for the office!

15. Red and White Nails with Miniature Hearts

A woman shows off painted red fingernails with one white fingernail on each hand and a heart design on a white background.

Here’s another simple nail design that can navigate a work environment just as well as party with friends.

It’s an easy look to create yourself or give to your nail tech.

16. Red and White Valentine’s Day Rosebud Nails

Fingers rest on a white surface with floral rose and red painted fingernails.

Who needs a bouquet of flowers when you can have them painted on your nails?

These precious rosebud nails make the perfect statement for Valentine’s Day!

17. Pink, Purple, and Red Glitter Nails

Woman's hand showing pink and purple glitter nails.

Mix purple with pink and red glitter for a unique twist on the classic colors with this nail design.

18. Gold French Tip Nails with Pink and Glitter Accents

Woman's hand with gold french tip fingernails in front of vase.

This design is a little more detailed with accents of pink and glitter under the gold French tip but it’s sure to make a statement this Valentine’s Day.

19. Red Glitter Nails

Woman's hand showing red glitter painted fingernails.

Nothing is more classic for Valentine’s Day than red! Add some pretty glitter on top to give these nails some sparkle in the light.

20. Light and Hot Pink Glitter Nails

Woman's hand showing light and and hot pink glitter nails.

If you like staying safe with glitter colors, add a little bit of interest with a single accent nail in a different color.

21. Pink and White Hearts, Hugs, and Kisses

Pink and white Valentine's Day nails with mini heart and "xoxo" designs.

How cute are these hot pink and white nails with x’s and o’s?

This design comes courtesy of @nailsby_adelina!

Valentine’s Day Nails From Pinterest

Here are some of our favorite nail designs from Pinterest.

Get inspired by these festive creations!

21. Red and White Mini Heart and Drizzle Nails

22. Pink Glitter and Mini Heart Nails

23. Red and Nude and Mini Heart Nails

24. Pink and White Puffy Heart Nails

25. White Glitter Heart Nails

26. Pink Ombre Heart Nails

27. Red and Nude Polka Dot Heart Nails

28. Pink and Red Mini Heart Nails

29. Pink, Red, White and Glitter Nails

30. Red and Pink Heart Nails

31. Light Pink with Mini Red Heart Nails

32. Light Pink with Glitter Heart Nails

Want More?

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Your Turn

What did you think of these Nail Ideas? Are there any fun designs we should add to our list? Let us know in the comments!