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The Uncommon Baby Girl Names You Need To Add To Your List

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When you’re searching for the perfect baby name, sometimes it’s fun to pick something that’s a little unique. Here are 60+ uncommon baby girl names that you need to add to your list!

I’ve heard a lot of baby names since I had my first baby.

And I have to tell you, the more uncommon ones really stand out!

But it can be difficult to find those unique names if they’re not widely shared. 

I did the hard work for you and found over 60 uncommon baby girl names to help your little miss stand out in the crowd.

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Baby girl looks at someone in the distance.

Uncommon Baby Girl Names

I have a post with over 1000 modern baby names that I pulled 278 girl names and meanings from to give some background behind the baby names.

The ones listed below were names I couldn’t find a meaning for, which means they’re super unique and uncommon either in the way they are spelled or the actual name!

  1. Adrie
  2. Alaine
  3. Ambree
  4. Andilynn
  5. Arlowe
  6. Aryela (pronounced Are-E-A-la)
  7. Avie
  8. Breklyn
  9. Brexxli
  10. Brexley
  11. Brix
  12. Camrie
  13. Chamberlee
  14. Chansey
  15. Chesney
  16. Cilla
  17. Connolly
  18. Daivy
  19. Danivyn
  20. Eliyah
  21. Emmalily
  22. Emmary
  23. Hallow
  24. Harbor
  25. Harlyn
  26. Isilee (Pronounced Iss-ill-ee)
  27. Jennison
  28. Kada
  29. Kaezlee
  30. Kaislee
  31. Kaizlee
  32. Keslynn
  33. Kestry
  34. Kezlee
  35. Kodie
  36. Kolbi
  37. Kopelynn
  38. Kourtlyn
  39. Krimzyn
  40. Lettie
  41. Luxley
  42. Maelynn
  43. MaKeara
  44. MaKindrey
  45. Maysen
  46. McKenley
  47. Miekah
  48. Oaklen
  49. Remedi
  50. Ryah
  51. Salynnity
  52. Seattle
  53. Skylee
  54. Swaizey
  55. Swayzee
  56. Tennie
  57. Tennley
  58. Tunley
  59. Vallie
  60. Vica
  61. Vittoria
  62. Winry
  63. Zaylei
  64. Zella
  65. Zenniyah (Pronounced ze-nye-uh)
Dad lays baby girl in crib.

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Your Turn

Which of the uncommon baby girl names was your favorite? Any I should add to the list?

Let me know in the comments!

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