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The Uncommon Baby Boy Names You Need To Add To Your List

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When you’re looking for the perfect baby name, sometimes it’s fun to pick something that’s more unique. Here are 90+ uncommon baby boy names that you need to add to your list!

Every mom wants their baby to feel special right?

But it can be tough to feel unique when you have the same name as 3 other kids in your kindergarten class!

I’m a Jessica, so I know the feeling.

The key to getting a unique baby name is to start using it before it becomes trendy!

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Baby boy sits on the ground wearing a hat and suspenders.

Uncommon Baby Boy Names

Below are over 90 uncommon baby boy names that will help your little guy stand out in the crowd.

I have a post with over 1000 modern baby names that I pulled 280 boy names and meanings from to give some background behind the names.

The ones listed below were names I couldn’t find a meaning for, which means they’re super unique and uncommon!

  1. Alder
  2. Augie
  3. Bailer/Baylor
  4. Boone
  5. Boss
  6. Brae
  7. Braeton
  8. Breagan
  9. Breckston
  10. Brixton
  11. Brixx
  12. Bryton
  13. Burks
  14. Caz
  15. Chanceton
  16. Chipper
  17. Coast
  18. Corvin
  19. Coulson
  20. Covey
  21. Daxon
  22. Deagan
  23. Eames
  24. Fennwick (Fenn)
  25. Fitz
  26. Gatsby
  27. Harland
  28. Hatcher
  29. Havok
  30. Heston
  31. Hutch
  32. Huxon
  33. Hyker
  34. Hyrum
  35. Jacer
  36. Jak
  37. Jex
  38. Jorey
  39. Kaladin
  40. Katayo
  41. Kayger
  42. Kayven
  43. Kaze
  44. Kingson
  45. Kove
  46. Koy
  47. Laker
  48. Loal
  49. Lockwood (Lock)
  50. McAdam
  51. Maccoy
  52. Mack
  53. McClain
  54. McKade
  55. Merrel
  56. Moxon
  57. Oakland
  58. Parks
  59. Pryer
  60. Rayder
  61. Rexton
  62. Riggins
  63. Riggs
  64. Ripp
  65. Rooney
  66. Roston
  67. Rowling
  68. Ryatt
  69. Sandin
  70. Soony
  71. Steel
  72. Steeler
  73. Stetson
  74. Taft
  75. Tage
  76. Talmage
  77. Tarek
  78. Tayson
  79. Tayten/Tayton
  80. Toryn
  81. Townes
  82. Tracer
  83. Trae
  84. Traeger
  85. Trafford
  86. Trayke
  87. Treg
  88. Treyson
  89. Trigg
  90. Tyge
  91. Vanson
  92. Vaylor
  93. Zandyn
Baby boy plays in the tub with a rubber duck.

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Your Turn

Which of the uncommon baby boy names was your favorite? Any I should add to the list?

Let me know in the comments!

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