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White and Pink Living Room Home Decor Ideas

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Inside: You’ll LOVE these budget friendly living room home decor ideas for a TV stand! I show you how to DIY, thrift and budget-buy your way to a cute, chic room!

My Living Room Space is finally put together!

It took some trial and error to get the TV stand decor right, but I’m so happy with how it looks now!

This post highlights my favorite places to get affordable pieces, easy DIY decor ideas and 5 main tips to help you save on your living room home decor!

How do you Decorate a Living Room?

1. Look for Inspiration through Pinterest and Instagram!

I looked at lots and lots of TV stand ideas and decor before I knew how I wanted to decorate and then saved like crazy to get the larger items I needed.

Once you find your style, hunt for affordable pieces that create the same appeal as your design guides and DIY were you can!

TV stand with affordable living home decor.Affordably styled living room furniture and decor.Tv and updated white tv stand in living room.

TV Stand | Shelves | Family Proclamation Print c/o | Temple Print | Candle | Christus Statue | Pink Book 1, 2, 3

2. Don’t be afraid to mix new with old and update items that are no longer in style or to your taste!

My living room is a collection of new and old pieces.

I bout the TV stand and shelves brand new. I didn’t like the hardware color on the TV stand, though, so I used this color spray paint to add some gold accents to it.

(This is the best gold spray paint I’ve ever used, by the way! The color is perfect; not too yellow, and almost like a rose gold!)

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Mom with kids on living room couch.

Bookshelf decor
Picture of bookshelf in living room
Bookshelf accessories

3. Shop Smart!

TJ Maxx and Homegoods are great places to find inexpensive pieces that look amazing!

I bought most of my shelf decorations at TJ Maxx/Homegoods, but threw in some DIY items as well.

Make sure to also pay attention to seasonal sales and ads to help you save.

4. Make your own prints.

I created a print for our family motto and I love how it turned out.

It’s SO easy to make prints these days! You can find images on Unsplash and use Word Swag to add text. Or, you can do everything in Canva! This is my go to for DIY print decor.

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Sisters play in front of cute living room home decor.

I also purchased some great prints from Print It Engineer and Jessica Parker Print Shop. I used these prints as the main inspiration for this entire space and love how they look in the white frames.

Family poses in front of living room tv stand.
Photo of feminine living room colors of white and pink

5. Hit the thrift store to up-cycle or re-purpose cheap items.

When I saw a collection of pink vintage books on Pinterest and Instagram, I knew I had to have some for my living room decor. But, I didn’t have any luck until I took a trip to my local thrift store. The ones on Etsey were not my style and were way too expensive.

I should have know to head to the thrift store first! One of the coolest books I found was “The Girls’ Book of Grammer (A Guide to Being a Goddess)“. It’s so cute! And it’s something I would actually read.

I think I spent $13 on all 8 books I bought. Such a steal!

You can also up-cycle old lamps, furniture, picture frames and anything else your creativity can handle!

I LOVE our Living Room Home Decor!

I’m so happy with how our living room turned out. I love all the timeless pieces I was able to purchase and the DIY touches that really make our house feel like a home.

I hope you got some great decor inspiration to share and save, too!

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Your Turn

Do you have any great styling ideas to add to this post? What are your favorite places to find affordable living room home decor? Leave me a comment to share your ideas!

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