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The One Trick I Use To Get A Perfect Manicure Every Time

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Any other moms out there who never paint their finger nails?

I can’t be the only one! Sure my toes are always done, because they looked pretty dang ugly without any nail polish on, but I used to never paint my finger nails!

Because why would I spend 20-30 minutes getting the polish smooth and perfect only to have it smudge within an hour or chip within a day?? The one time I did get a salon manicure it totally chipped in a few days. And it was $20+!!

So my finger nails went without polish for several years…so sad! But don’t worry. There’s a happy ending to this story.

Enter Color Street! Have you heard of it? They make 100% nail polish strips that require no dry time, no cutting, and no special tools to apply!! I thought they were too good to be true until I actually tried the strips and to my amazement, they still looked good three, four, five days later!!

Here are some facts about Color Street for those who’ve never heard of them:

  • They are 100% nail polish strips that are incredibly easy to apply and last up to 2 weeks! Color Street was created by a company who has been in business for 29 years, but they just launched their direct sales division in June. 
  • Each set comes with 16 double ended strips. You can get two fingers from each strip, and most can get two mani’s and pedi’s from each pack! Yes, they work on toes too! 
  • The great thing about Color Street nail strips is that they are as easy to remove as they are to apply! They come off of your nails with just nail polish remover. 
  • The sets range from $11-$14. French manicure sets are buy one get one free. Solids, Glitter, and Nail Art Designs are all buy 3 get one free. All of the buy 3 get one free deals are mix and match as well. 
  • The strips are free of toxic ingredients found in most nail polishes.

Here’s a video showing how easy the application is!

Interested in trying Color Street?? Go ahead and put it to the seven day test! I wouldn’t have believed it either if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. 

And full disclosure, I’m an Independent Color Street Stylist, so I sell these products and make commission on the sales. But I wouldn’t be selling them if I didn’t know that they worked. They are a fun, affordable product that solve a lot of the problems I was having with traditional polish. I love that I can have cute nails again! 

So what’s my trick to getting a perfect manicure from home that’s completely affordable?? I use Color Street! 

Take a look through the website and let me know your favorite design in the comments!

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