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Taking Better outfit Photos

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Do you ever look at your outfit photos, or any photo in general, and think, “How could I do a better job with these pictures?” I know I’ve asked myself that question 100 times!


Today I am so excited to introduce you to Jessica from This Analog Adventure. Jessica collects vintage cameras and takes beautiful pictures with them. She also used to model so today, she’s sharing a few of her tips and tricks to taking better outfit pictures, without using a DSLR.

Hello! I’m Jessica, and I write a blog about film photography and fashion, as well as my everyday life (and a few photos of my cat, just for good measure!). I used to blog about modeling, but I retired from that a few years ago and now I’m having fun on the other side of the lens! I started out with just an old 35mm point and shoot camera from my parent’s closet, then started collecting a few more film cameras, and now its a full-blown obsession. 

Being a blogger and taking outfit photos doesn’t mean you have to fork over hundreds of dollars for a Camera (and a good lens, and a bag, and X amount of other accessories). You can take great photos of your outfit and everyday life with a simple film point and shoot, an old analog SLR, or even and iPhone. Then, if you decide to invest in your photography equipment, you’ll know a thing or two about how to use it. Regardless of which camera you have, I’m going to share with you some tips and trick on how to make the most of your images!

First off, if the person you coerce into taking your outfit photos Photographer is a newbie (like my boyfriend), show them some pictures of other people’s outfit photos you like to give them a feel for what you want. You’re also going to want to set all your settings for them so that all they have to do is focus and press the shutter.

1. Have your photographer shoot from the ground. Basically, have whoever is taking your picture take it from a kneeling/squatting position. This will make you look much taller! If you’re already tall, then…lucky you! Ignore this one.

2. Take a few photos of your whole outfit (generally I do a couple facing the camera, from the side, and of the back of my outfit) and then take a few pictures close-up of your accessories. I find those little details to be the most endearing.

3. Don’t shoot in direct sunlight. Find a place in a shade or shoot on an overcast day. Bright sunlight casts odd shadows on your face and clothes and can change the colour of your photographs by overexposing them. Unfortunately sometimes you don’t have a choice, so you can always adjust the tones to lighten the highlights afterwards.

4. Don’t always look at the camera, and don’t always smile (but don’t never do those things either). I know it may feel like something you have to do, but try looking to the side, looking slightly down, or making a different expression. Too much of the same smile can look fake and forced.

5. Try a different crop instead of something obvious. If you like a picture but your eyes are closed, try cropping it so that the focus is elsewhere. Sometimes you can get some neat photos that you otherwise would have deleted!

6. Use a photo editing software or site to crop your images and make them all the same size.

7. Choose a simple (but pretty) background. Simple is incredibly important if you don’t have an SLR camera, because everything will be in focus. If you have a lot going on in the back of your picture, attention will be more on that than on your outfit/you.

8. Lastly, go easy on yourself. At first you may want to delete that photo because there’s a hair sticking up, or you can see that ______ thing you’re insecure about, but trust me, nobody but you notices!

Amazing tips! Seriously. I wish I had these when I started blogging last year. I especially like number one; I need to teach that to the hubby.
Thanks for reading loves.

Francesca Slone

Wednesday 25th of September 2013

Thanks for sharing these tips, Jessica! It will surely help a lot of people have better photos of themselves. One thing some people do today is that they have their photos edited with 3-D effects and see them through a specialized viewer.

Francesca Slone @ Image 3D

Rachel Emma of Daydream Frenzy

Friday 23rd of August 2013

These are great tips! I used to feel really comfortable when my ex would take my pics, but now that I have my friends do it I get all awkward! It's hard for me not to smile when they take my picture haha :)

Rachel EmmaDaydream Frenzy