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This Insanely Easy DIY Superhero Birthday Party Will Blow Your Guests Away!

My little guy just turned four last week and it’s blowing my mind that I have a four-year-old! Crazy!

At first I just wanted to have lunch and a bounce house for Hudson’s party, but then I decided to plan my kid’s birthday parties a little differently (more on that later!), so I needed to figure out a theme and get some awesome decor!

Hudson has been obsessed with Superman, Captain America, and Batman lately, so we decided to throw a superhero birthday party!

Superhero birthday party

All of the superhero party ideas on Pinterest are so amazing, but most of them look 1) super time-intensive and 2) super expensive!

I didn’t have a lot of time (his party was just a few days after we got back from Disneyland) and I definitely didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I started looking into DIY superhero party ideas. I found some awesome resources that I’m excited to share with you!

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After I added everything together, I think I spent a total of $80 on the party! And a majority of that was the food.

If you want to save even more money you could totally make snacks and cupcakes or even go without food and put more money toward favors. There are tons of different ways to do a kid’s birthday party!

Here are more of the details on how I DIY’d my son’s superhero birthday party:

Superhero Party Invitations

I always, ALWAYS do email invitations for birthday parties now. It saves so. much. money! Plus I love that all of the guests can RSVP through email so you can keep your guest list organized and in one place. There’s no addresses to gather and no stamps to buy! I love using email invitations! This is the design that I used for Hudson’s superhero birthday and it worked out great!

Superhero party invitation

Superhero Birthday Party Decorations

I struggled with the party decorations for awhile because I knew we were going to have the party outside and I knew I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, so I turned to Pinterest and found some great printables!

All of them were free except for the Superhero name tags, but they only cost $2 and I have them forever so that was an expense I could justify!

I loved the circle Superhero logos because they were so easy to stick on juice boxes, the lemonade dispenser, and the letter board I had! Just having those allowed me to decorate places that would have been blank otherwise!

Making the Superhero birthday banner was also incredibly easy because someone had already done the work! I just had to print out the letters! I went to my local Office Depot and printed them on sturdy card stock for $6.

It was also so fun to have a balloon arch at the party! It made a great backdrop for Superhero pictures and was fairly easy to set up. Party Zealot was kind enough to send me the arch free of charge to review and post about, but you can use code JessicaA20 for 20% off your order!

Oh and P.S. the table cloth and plates and cups I got at Dollar Tree! I always buy my party paper goods there because you can’t beat $1!

Superhero party decorations
Superhero party decorations
Superhero party ideas
Kids superhero decor
Superhero party decorations

Superhero Birthday Party Activities

As far as activities go, I’ve learned not to plan too many and just let the kids play and have fun! We had the party in my parents’ backyard so there was already a swing set and trampoline to play on. However, most of the kids spent their time in the bounce house we got! The bounce house was free through our real estate company (a pretty nice perk!) but I think the kids would have loved water balloons on the trampoline! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give kids a fun time!

Birthday party ideas
Superhero birthday party

Superhero Birthday Party Favors

When it comes to favors, I always consider the food to be part of the party favors so I got some fun Superhero cupcakes for the kids. This is the second year I got blue and red frosted cupcakes and I guess I haven’t learned my lesson yet lol. The kids got pretty messy, but they were outside so it was an easy clean up!

The most popular part of the party was the Superhero masks I ordered from Etsy! All of the kids loved them! I asked my friends before the party which mask their children would want, so that they were sure to get one they wanted. Then I personalized it with a Superhero name tag! Per piece, the masks weren’t very expensive and they were great quality! Win!

Superhero party ideas
Little girl eating a cupcake
Cupcake frosting mouth
Superhero favors
Superhero party ideas

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After every party I realize how much work it is so I’m glad I don’t have to plan another party for two more years! I mentioned earlier how we’re doing our kids’ parties differently and that’s because were only giving them a big party every four years. So they’ll have a party when they turn one, four, eight, twelve, and sixteen. Those are the major milestones anyway so when my friend mentioned she did her kids’ birthday parties this way, I knew it was a great idea!

Superhero birthday party
Superhero birthday party
Superhero birthday party

I hope these ideas were helpful for you in planning our own DIY Superhero birthday party!

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