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Cute Summer Nails for 2024 (45+ Trendy Ideas!)

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We’re sharing the best ideas for summer nails, including fun colors, nail art, and designs for every shape, size, and style.

Pinterest graphic with text that reads "Trendy Summer Nails" and a collage of summer nail designs.

On the hunt for cute summer nails?

Look no further than this ultimate list of trendy summer-inspired nail designs, nail art, and color inspo!

We’re sharing gorgeous ideas in every style including boho, casual, elegant, and edgy, and in every shape whether you prefer square, almond, oval, or round.

Use these ideas to up your summer nail game from early to late in the season!

The Best Summer Nails

Cute Summer Nail Art

Here are some of our favorite summer nails featuring seasonal nail art like sunflowers, ice cream cones, and palm leaves.

These cute ideas are sure to stand out!

1. Yellow Sunflower Nails

A woman shows off sunflower nail art with bright yellow, brown, and light blue polish.

How cute are these summery sunflower nails?! We love the dark brown centers against the light blue polish.

This color scheme really makes the design pop.

2. Pastel Citrus Nails

A woman with teal and orange nails with citrus nail-art accents.

These cute citrus-themed nails are perfect for a pool party or summer picnic.

Orange, white, and teal are the stunning summer color combo!

3. Strawberry Nails

A woman shows off strawberry nail art in front of fresh strawberries.

These pink and green strawberry nails look so good you could almost eat them!

Gardeners and fruit enthusiasts will love this design.

4. Green and Yellow Nails with Fern Leaf Accents

A woman shows off yellow and green painted nails with a fern leaf accent nail outside.

Golden yellow and forest green are a unique color palette for summer nails.

They’re a bit moody yet sophisticated with a gorgeous fern leaf accent.

5. Watermelon Nails

A woman shows off watermelon painted nail art with her hand on a cut watermelon slice.

Watermelon screams summer, and so does this cute nail design!

It’s fun, festive, and makes a bold statement.

6. Camping Themed Nails

A woman shows off summer nail art with camping scenes.

These camping-themed nails are the perfect summer design for adventure girlies.

We especially love the campfire and marshmallow nails.

7. Ice Cream Cone Nails

A woman shows off ice cream cone nail art while holding an ice cream cone.

This ice cream cone nail art would be perfect for an ice cream-themed first birthday party, baby sprinkle, baby shower, or gender reveal.

So cute!

Beach Vibes

We love these stunning beach and ocean-inspired nail designs featuring blues, tans, and purple colors.

These are the perfect summer nails for an oceanside vacation!

1. Ocean Waves and Sand Nails

A woman with painted nails to look like sand and the ocean.

These gorgeous summer nails look just like the ocean, and the gold shells create an eye-catching finishing touch.

2. Ocean-Tips Nails

A woman with clear nails and ocean-inspired French tips next to a starfish.

Turn typical French tip nails into a summer wonder with this ocean-esque glitter detail.

3. Aqua Nails with Glitter and Floral Accents

A woman with teal and blue nails with glitter accents.

These stunning blue and aqua nails embrace the colors of the ocean along with the silhouette of a beautiful summer flower.

4. Pastel Mermaid Nails with Gold Accents

A woman with mermaid-colored blue, teal, and purple nails.

Purple, teal, and gold create beguiling mermaid-inspired nails in a short and classy design.

5. Matte White with Beachy Rhinestones

A woman shows off matte white nails with beach-colored jewels.

Here’s a simple summer nail design that’s easy to DIY.

Dot matte white nails with purple, blue, rose gold, and aqua rhinestones for a unique and show-stopping design.

6. Blue and Aqua Hippie Swirls

A woman shows off blue and teal painted nails with swirly designed accent nails.

A little bit hippie and a little bit ocean, these cute summer nails are sure to impress.

7. Ocean Ombre

A woman shows off blue ombre nails with oval tips.

Milky white blends into ocean blue, creating a gorgeous effect that’s perfect for summer.

8. White Nails with Swirly Ocean Accent Nails

A woman shows off oval tipped nails painted in white with swirly blue accent nails.

We love these swirly blue and white designs against a nude background and flanked by nails with shiny white polish.

9. Blue and White French Tips With Glittery Ocean Ombre Nails

A woman shows off white and blue French tip nails with blue ombre accent nails.

Here’s an elegant and classy ocean-inspired design that would look great at a beachside wedding.

Boho Vibes

Here are some stunning summer-inspired boho nails that are perfect for the beach, summer festivals, and casual events.

1. Blush Pink with Gold Embellishments

A woman with pink nails and gold nail art and jewelry on a pink fabric background.

Modern gold stripes and pale pink nails turn boho when paired with a series of minimalist rings.

This design would fit right in at a summer festival or outdoor concert.

2. Nude with Sandy Glitter and White Floral Accents

A woman shows off boho summer nail art while holding a glass.

Here’s a simple summer nail design that would look great at the beach, a festival, or a bohemian-themed wedding.

3. Pink with Earth Tones and Glittery Jewel Embellishments

Muted earthy boho press on nails with jewels on carpet.

We love the look of these glossy and glittery nail sets, featuring muted pinks, creams, and earth tones.

4. Moody Forest Green with Palm Leaf Accents

A woman shows off dark green painted nails with a fern leaf accent nail.

Summer isn’t always about bright colors or hazy golden hues, it can also be moody and dark. These modern boho nails embrace the darker side of summer with a stunning palm leaf accent.

5. Muted Blue Nails with White Swirly Accents

A woman shows off muted boho summer nails on a white background.

These simple boho nails feature a subtle ocean blue along with a curvy white accent nail design.

They’re elegant while also being neutral and organic.

6. Pearly White Nails with Palm Leaf Accents

A woman shows of white painted nails with fern leaf accent nails.

We love the look of these minimalist white nails with palm leaf accents.

They’d look great at a wedding, in the office, or at an upscale resort.

7. Hazy Gold and White Boho Nail Art

A woman shows of boho nail art in muted earth tones.

These gorgeous summer nails are incredibly unique and feature the hazy hues of the golden hour.

8. Opaque White Nails with Gold Leaf Tips

A woman shows off opaque white nails with gold glitter tips.

Here’s another beautiful boho design that would look great at a beach wedding, festival, or outdoor concert.

They’re super cool and edgy while still being elegant and chic.

9. Shiny Nude Nails with Brown, Gold, and Aqua Swirls

A woman shows off boho summer nail art with neutral tones and a pop of blue.

Organic lines and a stunning color palette make this simple nail design anything but ordinary.

10. Matte White Nails

You can never go wrong with matte white nails. They go with any season, but we especially love them for summer!

Summer Colors

Here are some fun summer nails with bright color schemes and designs that make a bold statement.

1. Orange Nails with Swirly White, Pink, and Gold Accents

A woman with pink and orange swirly summer nails.

Embrace orange and pink with this swirly summer nail art.

We love the peachy tone of the orange nail polish!

2. Neon Purple, Green, and Teal Chevron Nails with Animal Art and Glitter Accents

A woman with neon, purple, yellow, and green nails, and cute nail art.

These fun neon chevron nails scream summer. And mixed with glitter and animal art, they’re sure to stand out!

3. Clear Nails with Beachball Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Purple Tips

A woman shows off clear painted nails with colorful tips.

These beautiful summer nails have an elegant nail shape, contrasted with a bright and playful color scheme that’s reminiscent of a beachball.

4. Glittery Ombre Rainbow Nails

A woman shows off glittery ombre rainbow nails on a black background.

These fiery rainbow glitter nails are perfect for a summer concert or festival.

5. Bright Summer Colors with Black and White Patterned Accent Tips

A woman shows off brightly colored nails in teal, orange, pink, and green, with black and white nail art on top.

How cute are these colorful artsy nails with black and white patterned tips!?

They’re bold, eclectic, and perfect for summer.

6. Left to Right Pink Ombre with a Hint of Glitter

A woman shows off ombre pink nails while lifting up the strings from her ripped jeans.

Here’s a simple nail design made edgy by the length and shape, and featuring a pink ombre color scheme with a hint of glitter.

7. Neon Yellow

A woman shows off bright yellow nails while clasping bright pink knitted fabric.

These bright yellow nails capture the essence of summer sunshine.

They’re bold, yet simple, and easy enough to do at home.

8. Colorful Leopard Print Pop Art Nails

A woman shows of brightly colored pop art nail designs.

Here’s another artsy nail design that we love for summer.

The mix of leopard print with bright pops of color is unique, eye-catching, and fits perfectly with the season!

9. Solid Multi-Colored Beachball Nails

A woman shows off brightly colored painted nails in pink, purple, green, and yellow on a pink background.

These bright and playful nails are another nod to the colors of a beachball.

And they’re also another easy design to recreate yourself.

10. Clear Nails with Aqua Tips

We love these simple aqua-tipped nails. The design is simple, but the color choice is unique.

The blueish-green hue is perfect for summer!

Ideas From Pinterest

Here are some of our favorite summer nails from Pinterest and trending for the season!

Want More?

Want more nail inspiration? Here are some other fun ideas to try throughout the year!

And here’s how to get beachy waves to go with your summer nails in this tutorial for how to curl hair that’s thick and long.

Your Turn

What did you think of these summer nail ideas? Are there any you think we should add? Let us know in the comments!