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10 REAL Stay At Home Jobs New Moms Should Consider

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Inside: Here are 10+ real stay at home jobs for new moms. These are work from home jobs moms are actually doing using skills you already have!

I’m so grateful I get to stay home with my kiddos every day and still earn real money!

It can be hard to know where to look for great at home work options, so I did some research and compiled this list of real stay at home jobs for new moms.

The following are legitimate work at home opportunities that moms like you are doing right now!

I’ve worked from home in a few different facets and even held 3 different jobs at one point, so I’ll share some of my personal experience with working from home, how I found my jobs, and how much I make doing them! 

Be sure to check out all of my resources for new moms, here!

What are Good Paying Stay at Home Jobs?

Mom works from home with her two children.

1. Work From Home Jobs in Transcription 

Transcription companies offer great typing jobs for stay at home moms. I had never considered this as an option until one of my fellow bloggers said it’s something she does to make extra money!

You get paid by the minute to convert audio or video into text. If you speak a foreign language, some companies may pay you to provide foreign subtitles as well. Pay is as much as $25 an hour!

A great job for those who:

  • Can type quickly
  • Have long chunks of quiet during the day
  • Speak a foreign language

To learn more visit:

2. Virtual Assistant Work

Virtual assistants are in high demand with so many internet-based companies. It’s a great option for stay at home jobs online.

You can get paid to do just about anything an in-office assistant would do: schedule appointments, return emails, order supplies, and answer phone calls.

Bloggers are also a big employer of virtual assistants! If you love social media and are organized, reach out to your favorite blogger to see if they are interested in hiring you!

If you want to go the virtual assistant route, make sure you share your business on social media and with friends and family. You never know who will have the perfect connection.

This is a great job for those who:

  • Are very organized
  • Enjoy answering phone calls and emails
  • Can take direction
  • Like social media and have taken a few courses on how it works

You can post about your virtual assistant services or find a job here:

Woman searches for real stay at home jobs on her laptop.

3. Real Stay at Home Jobs in Freelance Writing

If you LOVE to write or graduated from college with an English or journalism degree (like me!), you may find some great work in freelance writing.

Companies hire freelance writers to create content for their blogs and websites. I’ve done a few freelance writing jobs as a blogger, too.

This is a great job for those who:

  • Love writing!
  • Are creative and have a unique voice
  • Can meet deadlines

You may want to create your own blog to showcase samples of your writing to prospective employers (I’ll share more about starting a blog below!). You can also find jobs and post about your jobs here:

4. Online Surveys

Online surveys are great for those who don’t want a full-time job, but need extra cash. Stay at home jobs that pay well usually require more of your time, but these online surveys are great for a little boost to your wallet. This is a great option for new moms that are a little more busy (or tired)!

This is a great way to make money for those who:

  • Already have a full-time job
  • Need a little extra cash

If you’d like to start taking surveys, here’s where to start:

5. Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

Woman shows off ebook to make money from home

Creative and practical skills can become great side jobs for new moms.

Are you really good at making a craft? Did you take gymnastics or dance as a child or even teach as a teen? Turn that hobby into a business! 

I have lots of mom friends who sell the bows they make on Etsy or scrunchies on their own website. I also have friends who teach gymnastics to neighborhood kids in their basement! 

Do you love photography and have a DSLR lying around? Start taking mini sessions of friends and charge them a super low rate. As you get better and get more business you can up your rates! Or maybe you enjoy taking scenic pictures. You can sell them online and at boutiques!

Start listing all of the things you’re good at or enjoy and brainstorm how you could turn it into a business. Get creative! Think about a need that moms have and find a way to fill it!

This is a great idea for those who:

  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Enjoy working for themselves
  • Have a talent or hobby they can turn into a business

These are also great real stay at home jobs for moms with no degree. As long as you can demonstrate your skills and can market yourself well, you’ll be making extra income in no time!

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6. Become a Nanny

If you only have one child or maybe all of your kids are in school, you could nanny!

These work from home jobs are great for those who have real mom experience. Maybe it’s 2 hours twice a week or 8 hours for 5 days a week. Just make sure that you’re up for time commitment before you sign up!

This is a great idea for those who:

  • Don’t have a lot going on already
  • Have a nurturing nature
  • Enjoying caring for other people’s children

If you’d like to become a nanny visit:

7. Teach English to Foreign Children

Woman blogs from home for money.

I’m sure you know people who wake up super early to teach English to kids online. It’s a big trend for stay at home moms right now. If you were a teacher before you decided to stay at home, this could be a great option for you!

Teachers make anywhere from $14-$22 an hour and can teach anywhere with an internet connection!

This is a great job for those who:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree
  • Enjoy teaching
  • Don’t mind waking up early to teach or teaching in the evenings

For more information about teaching English online visit:

8. Personal Grocery Shopper

I had no idea you could be a personal grocery shopper as a mom, but you totally can!

This is one of the best jobs for stay at home moms with no experience required.

Basically, you pick up someone’s groceries for them and deliver the groceries to their house. If you’re going to be doing your own grocery shopping anyway, you might as well get paid to do it!

This is a great job for those who:

  • Love grocery shopping!
  • Have access to a car
  • Have a flexible schedule

To learn more about becoming a personal shopper visit:

9. Food Delivery Driver

Unfortunately, you can’t be an Uber or Lyft driver with other passengers in the car (aka little ones), but from everything I’ve read, you can be a food delivery driver!

This job requires you to drive to a local restaurant, pick up a food order and deliver it to a customer. Sounds like pretty easy money!

This is a great job for those who:

  • Have access to a reliable vehicle
  • Have a great driving record
  • Don’t mind spending time in the car

To sign up as a food delivery driver visit:

10. Work From Home Jobs in Customer Service

New moms can find legitimate stay at home jobs in customer service.

The majority of stay at home mom jobs you hear about are in this field. It’s a great opportunity to work for a larger company from the comfort of your own home! Many companies provide perks for their part-time staff which is an added bonus to the job.

This is one of the three real stay at home mom jobs I have done.

I worked for a tax return software company for 5 years and made about $10,000 over a 4 month period each year! It was a really great chunk of change for 4 months of work, but was also a huge time commitment!

This is a great job for those who:

  • Want to make a decent amount of money
  • Can work a set schedule
  • Have thick skin 😉

To find companies hiring customer service reps visit:

11. Direct Sales

Woman shows her direct sales product

Lots of people hate MLM’s, but some moms make really good money working for them!

I am not one of those moms, unfortunately. I thought I would make it big with the most recent MLM I joined, but it didn’t happen that way and that’s OK! I made four figures from that business in a year which was great spending money for my online shopping habit. 

If you’re going to join a direct sales company, make sure they sell a product that you are really passionate about. I also recommend you find a product that you can’t find anywhere else.

Direct sales is a good job for new moms who:

  • Are great self-motivators
  • Can handle rejection
  • Are driven and ambitious

12. Start a Blog

This is my favorite job and way to make money! Yes, you can make money with a blog! Here’s how:

  • Running ads on your website
  • Working with brands on sponsored posts
  • Accepting guest posts
  • Affiliate income
  • Offering products/services (ebooks, courses, etc.)

When you think about it, there are so many ways to money with a blog! In fact, I now make a full-time income with mine.

What helps to define you as a blogger is your voice and the unique experiences you’ve had. We all love following those we can relate too!

This is a great job for those who:

  • Love to write
  • Have great experiences to share
  • Enjoy networking and using Social Media

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Final Thoughts

Woman nurses baby and works on computer

I didn’t realize how many great work from home jobs there are until I started researching. I hope this list helps you find a job you love. With today’s technology, there are lots of verified stay at home jobs available to fit your busy schedule!

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Your Turn

Did you find any new work from home job ideas you hadn’t thought of before? Is there something you do from home that I didn’t include in the list?? Let me know in the comments!

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Ashley Ziegler

Wednesday 5th of December 2018

This is so great! I'd really love to make my blog my full-time job but I'm so intimidated and have no idea where to start so I just started a blog! Anyway, these are great ideas!


Friday 7th of December 2018

Thank you Ashley! I'm planning on writing a few "how to start a blog" posts in the new year, so hopefully those will help!

Rachel Turnbow

Wednesday 5th of December 2018

I love my Virtual Assistant job! I too have tried Direct Selling (great products, just not the business model for me) and other "mom jobs." Virtual Assistants work in TONS of industries and not just for bloggers doing social media. Virtual assistants do web development, marketing, accounting, ghost writing, office administration, healthcare administration, graphic design, and so much more. Some work with online businesses all over the world, others (like me) work with small local businesses. I'd be happy to talk to anyone interested in starting this venture as it has been very beneficial to my family and me. I love your list Jessica - some of these I hadn't thought of before!


Friday 7th of December 2018

Thank you for sharing all that virtual assistants do Rachel! There are some I didn't even know about. And thank you for reading and for offering to help those who want to start their virtual assistant business!