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The One Kids Shampoo And Conditioner Every Parent Should Try

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Inside: Did you know kids hair needs special care? This is the one kids shampoo and conditioner every parent should try! Follow these easy hair tips and use the right products at the right time!

Now that my kids are school-age, I wash their hair a little differently than I did when they were babies. I was just using some baby shampoo and some of my old adult hair care to clean my kids’ hair, but after doing a little research, I realized those aren’t the best products for their developing hair.

Today I’m sharing which products we’re using for bath time now and some of my favorite techniques for washing their hair.

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A mom shows how to wash kids hair.

Start With The Right Products

We recently made the switch to JOHNSON’S® Kids Hair Care and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in how their hair feels and looks. That’s because JOHNSON’S® new line is not only gentle for kids’ hair, but it offers the performance and ingredients their hair needs.

If you’re interested in trying out JOHNSON’S® hair care products for kids, please hover over the photo above to click through to for purchasing.

I had never thought of this before, but my kids’ hair is kind of in an in-between stage. They have definitely grown out of baby shampoos but aren’t ready for adult shampoos that can be super harsh on their developing hair. That’s why I started using JOHNSON’S® Kids Hair Care.

They have four different formulas that are designed for kids’ unique hair types. I love that the formulas are gentle enough for my kids’ developing hair but strong enough for the performance they need. I also love that the products are free of sulfates and dyes! That’s something I always look for in my own hair care products.

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Johnsons hair care kids shampoo and conditioner at Walmart.

We got our JOHNSON’S® Kids Hair Care products at our local Walmart in the personal care section. I found the hair care near the toothpaste and mouthwash and in the same section as baby care products.

What Shampoo is Good for Boys?

For Hudson, I grabbed the JOHNSON’S® Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo and JOHNSON’S® Ultra-Hydrating Conditioner. He has really thick, coarse hair so I love how the Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo and Ultra-Hydrating Conditioner nourishes and hydrates his hair with proteins and pro-vitamin B5.

Johnsons Ultra-Hydrating shampoo is the best kids shampoo.Before and after using Johnsons kids shampoo and conditioner.

I could see a big difference in his hair after he used the Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo and Ultra-Hydrating  Conditioner. The products definitely locked in more moisture in his hair because it wasn’t as coarse as it normally is after bath time.

And for Ella

For Ella we picked the JOHNSON’S® Shiny & Soft Shampoo and JOHNSON’S® Shiny & Soft Conditioning Spray. Her hair is getting longer now, so it gets tangled pretty easily. I have to make sure that I’m conditioning and shampooing her hair well during bath time or it’s so difficult to comb through.

The Shiny & Soft Shampoo and Shiny & Soft Conditioning Spray are perfect for Ella because they have argan oil and silk proteins that smooths and shines hair.

A mom shares hair tips and sprays Johnsons leave in conditioner for kids in her daughter's hair.

Ella’s hair is such a pretty color, but I’ve noticed that it’s been looking a little dull lately. The Shiny & Soft Shampoo really made her hair shiny and even thicker-looking. I also love the Shiny & Soft Conditioning Spray because it detangles her hair without weighing it down.

Plus, she loves the cute pink color on the bottle and the princess on the label!

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Hair Washing Techniques and Tips

Hudson recently started taking showers on his own and since he’s officially starting school this month, we figured it was time to teach him how to wash his hair on his own. Boy’s hair is obviously a lot easier to wash than girl’s, but I have given him a few techniques to try like:

  • Lathering the Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo in his hands before he puts it on his hair.
  • Using the pads of his fingers in small circles to massage the Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo in his hair rather than using his nails.
  • Only applying a small amount of Ultra-Hydrating Conditioner .
  • Making sure to rinse well between the JOHNSON’S® Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo and JOHNSON’S® Ultra-Hydrating Conditioner .

Now that he has his own products from the JOHNSON’S® hair care line separate from his sister’s, he’s a lot more eager to wash his hair on his own.

If your kiddos are struggling with bath time or washing their hair, try getting them their very own JOHNSON’S® hair care products. It may make the process easier, plus they’ll be getting all of the awesome benefits from the JOHNSON’S® Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo and JOHNSON’S® Ultra-Hydrating Conditioner!

For Ella’s hair, I actually wash her hair the same way I wash my own hair which is different than I was taught growing up.

Before she even gets in the bathtub, I make sure to brush her hair out as best I can so it won’t be even more tangled after washing it. I use the same techniques I do for Hudson’s hair except I only apply the JOHNSON’S® Shiny & Soft Shampoo to her scalp. I don’t wash her ends because as she rinses the Shiny & Soft shampoo out, it travels down the length of her hair and cleans as it goes.

Then once she’s out of the bath, I spray on the JOHNSON’S® Shiny & Soft Conditioning Spray only on the ends of her hair. I don’t want her roots to be greasy or heavy, so spraying the Shiny & Soft Conditioning Spray on the ends treats the majority of the tangles without adding product to her scalp.

I also NEVER brush her hair when it’s wet. It obviously looks super tangled when she’s right out of the bath, but I’m always amazed at how straight it dries. Once it’s dried, I then comb and style it.

Two children sit with their kids hair products.

Final Thoughts On Kids Shampoo and Conditioner

If you’ve never tried washing your kids’ hair how I do, try it for the next bath time and see if it makes a difference! And if you don’t have any of the JOHNSON’S® hair care products, head to your local Walmart to grab the formula that’s perfect for your child’s unique hair care needs.

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Want More?

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Your Turn

Have you tried this kids shampoo and conditioner? Have any great hair tips for kids? Let me know in the comments!

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