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Try These Pregnancy Workout Ideas When You Need A Quick Burn

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Inside: Here are 4 free pregnancy workout ideas that are perfect for a quick burn and so easy to follow. You’ll be done in under 20 minutes!

The last thing you may be thinking about when you’re pregnant is exercising; the thought of doing a burpee makes you want to throw up!

And with everything else you have to do to prepare to be a new mom, it can be difficult to think of good pregnancy workout ideas.

But once you’re feeling better in the second trimester, getting a good pregnancy workout in can boost your mood and energy! Not to mention, keep your body in shape for delivery.

My exercise habits have looked pretty different with each pregnancy.

With my first, I was SO sick until about 20 weeks. I’m talking throwing up every day like clockwork. I was also working full time, so between a demanding job and growing a baby, I would just come home from work every day and sleep on the couch!

Exercise during my second pregnancy looked very different.

I was a stay-at-home mom with one toddler, so I had all of the time in the world! My pregnancy was also a lot easier than my first so I had more energy to exercise.

I made a goal to exercise every day of my second pregnancy and I worked right up to delivery.

My third pregnancy workout routine is about half as much as with my second.

Between having TWO kids and working from home, it’s difficult for me to find time every day to get in an official “pregnancy workout,” but I have found a few other ways to stay active so I’m not losing my stamina or muscle mass!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite pregnancy exercises with you today to show you that working out during pregnancy doesn’t have to be a chore or something to dread! It’s a great way to keep up your energy and prepare for delivery.

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Expecting mom holds her belly and flexes her muscles.

My Favorite Pregnancy Exercises

Workout Videos

Workout videos are one of my favorite ways to exercise when I’m not pregnant, so I’ve found several great options for pregnancy workout videos that are absolutely free because they’re available on YouTube.

My favorite thing about all of these videos is that they are quick and easy on a new mom’s body.

I usually plan to work out for about 20 minutes when I’m pregnant, so I’ll use one or two of these videos, and then I’m done. So easy!

I lift weights and do lots of HIIT workouts when I’m not pregnant, so I find that these pregnancy exercise videos are a step down from my normal workouts.

I still like to incorporate weights when I’m pregnant and I love how these videos show you how to do that safely.

Free workout videos by GlowBody PT.

GlowBodyPT: I LOVE all of Ashley’s workout videos. I started doing them when I was pregnant with baby #2. It was fun because she was also pregnant with her second at the time. Well now she’s had her third baby and I’m about to have #3 as well!

She has tons of great prenatal workouts. Some of my favorites are this pilates video and this booty shape up video.

Free workout videos by HipStudioTV.

HipStudioTV: I just happened upon this channel when I was searching for pregnancy exercises one day and I love some of their prenatal videos! They are pretty intense for the length of the video.

The videos are a little older, but still challenging! Some of my favorite pregnancy workout ideas from this channel are this HIIT workout Tabata and this HIIT workout Tabata.

Free workout videos by BodyFit by Amy.

BodyFit By Amy: I’ve only done these workouts a few times, but they are the perfect length! Right around 20 minutes!

Her pregnancy exercise video series isn’t as challenging as some of the ones I’ve listed above (I like to get a good workout in when I put in the time!) but Amy knows a lot about prenatal workouts and she has lots of videos.

I’ll do a few of her free pregnancy workout routines when I want to switch things up.

Pop Sugar Fitness: I’ve done a few Pop Sugar videos before, and I was excited to see they had a prenatal video in their library. It’s another option to add to your rotation.

BBG: I did BBG for months after I had my second baby and the workouts were super intense!

I just found this pregnancy modified BBG routine and I’m definitely going to try it in the coming weeks.

Fit by Larie's Youtube Channel

Fit By Larie: During my most recent postpartum period, I found Larie’s workouts when I was trying to lose weight while breastfeeding.

They pack a punch in a short amount of time! She has prenatal as well as postnatal workouts.

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Woman holds dumbells during her pregnancy exercises.


On days where I clean my house, I don’t usually do a workout video, because cleaning is hard work!

This is such an easy way to incorporate pregnancy exercise at home. From walking up and down the stairs, mopping, scrubbing the tubs, and vacuuming, I’m usually sweating by the end.

I spend about 3 hours cleaning my house on my cleaning days, so I figure I’m burning at least 300 calories, which is a pretty good workout in my book.


If you have some extra time and still want to get in some sort of exercise on your cleaning days, doing yoga or a stretching video is a great way to recover and get your body ready for delivery.

All of the YouTube channels I listed above have a yoga or stretching pregnancy routine.


And if all else fails, getting a good walk in can be a great form exercise when you’re pregnant, especially as you get closer to the end and can barely bend over!

I’ve never been pregnant in the summer before, so I’m excited to take advantage of the nice weather and spend some time outside walking with my family along our local trails.

What Exercises Are Safe During Pregnancy?

You can do almost any kind of exercise when pregnant, but some activities may need to be modified.

Just make sure you’re not doing anything where you’re likely to fall, have to lie on your back, or might receive blows to the body.

According to WebMD, the safest activities are swimming, brisk walking, indoor stationary cycling, step or elliptical machines, and low-impact aerobics.

Some moms wonder which month to start exercise during pregnancy. It’s really up to your body and how you’re feeling. Exercise is safe throughout pregnancy as long as you’re taking the proper precautions and are cleared by your doctor.

Woman lifts weights as part of her pregnancy workout routine.

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These are the best pregnancy workouts you can do at home!

Sierrah | Another Mommy Blogger

Monday 15th of July 2019

If there is anything I regret from my first pregnancy, it was not working out. I know if I had, my labor would have been so much easier. I’ll be following these tips the second time around. Great post! Thanks for sharing ?


Thursday 18th of July 2019

You're welcome Sierrah! I'm not doing so great this pregnancy...I need to get my behind in gear!