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First Time Mom? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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Inside: This is everything you need to know from pregnancy to baby’s first year and beyond. These tips and advice are what I wish I’d had as a first time mom!

I put down my bright red pregnancy book while I rubbed my belly.

The book was well worn from reading it so often over the previous eight months. I had studied every page and committed everything the author said to heart.

I was ready for birth.

Or so I thought…

Here’s What Happened

As it turns out, nothing in that book really prepared me for what happened during labor and delivery and the time I spent in the hospital after.

Not to mention the 6 weeks postpartum.

Talk about being blindsided!

“Why weren’t there more resources out there about birth? Why is no one talking about this??” I wondered to myself. 

So I decided to do something about it.

I wrote my first post about first time mom labor tips and my readers loved it. So I wrote more posts about pregnancy, labor and delivery, and parenting advice and they became just as popular.

It became clear to me that one of my missions as a blogger was to help new moms navigate pregnancy, motherhood, and beyond so no other woman was caught as unprepared as I was.

So here we are!

I’ve listed all of my motherhood posts on this page to give you the best resource as a first time mom.

Table of Contents
    Brunette woman wearing floral dress and standing next to cherry blossom trees holds her baby bump.

    Pregnancy Tips and Tricks

    Congrats on your pregnancy! Whether you’re in your first trimester or third, I’ve got lots of tips and tricks below to help your pregnancy go as smoothly as possible.

    Pregnancy FAQs

    As a new mom, you’re full of questions! Below are several frequently asked questions about pregnancy that most new moms are bound to ask.

    Must Haves For New Moms

    Knowing what you need (and what you don't) as a first time mom can be tough. This is the best list of must haves for new moms (coming from a mom of 4)!

    Labor and Delivery Tips

    As a first time mom, labor and delivery can seem like a scary experience because of the unkown. Below are several tips and facts about giving birth that will give you the knowledge you need for success!

    Postpartum Tips

    The postpartum period, or fourth trimester, can bring lots of unexpected changes for the first time mom! Below you'll find several posts containing tips, strategies, and sound advice.

    Postpartum FAQs

    As a first time mom you're bound to have questions during the postpartum period about what's normal and what's not. Below are several frequently asked questions that new moms like you have wondered about.

    Breastfeeding Tips

    Most new moms have a desire to try breastfeeding their baby but often give up a few days into it.

    Breastfeeding isn’t for everyone, but the chances of success are a lot higher when you have some solid advice from others who’ve been there.

    Below you'll find several helpful posts along with some frequently asked questions new moms like yourself are wondering.

    Baby Tips

    Unfortunately, babies don’t come with a manual, but I've listed several posts below to help you get off to a good start!

    Baby FAQ's

    To help make baby’s first year more manageable, I’ve created several short posts that answer the most common questions first time moms may be asking themselves.

    Parenting Tips

    Parenting is tough and it’s totally okay to ask for help. You'll find several posts below that can contain hundreds of tips, strategies, and sound advice from me and other parents.

    What does a first time mom need?

    Brunette woman sits with her four kids, one boy and three girls, on gray couch.

    More than anything, a first time mom needs amazing friends and family as well as fantastic resources.

    To help you make the transition to motherhood as seamless as possible, I created several printables including baby sleep schedules, a 4 week meal plan, and a stain removal guide.

    As a bonus for joining my weekly-ish newsletter, you’ll get access to all of those printables (plus a few more!) Click here to download and subscribe or you can use the nifty box below.

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