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Insanely Easy Pantry Organization Ideas Using Rubbermaid® Easy Find Lids™

This post is sponsored by Rubbermaid®; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Spring cleaning is in full swing! Once you get all of your actual cleaning out of the way, it’s a good time to tackle some of the extra clutter you may have sitting around. One area people forget about, sometimes on purpose;), is the pantry. If you’ve been putting off that task, I’m sharing my best pantry organization ideas and tips that will make your space clean and more functional in no time plus a chance to win a pantry makeover valued at $5000!

Take a look at this before and after!

I show you how to organize a kitchen pantry like the cluttered example.An organized pantry featuring storage ideas with Rubbermaid containers.

Here are the exact pantry life hacks I used to take my pantry from a hot mess to a perfectly organized dream:

Small Pantry Organization Ideas

1. The first task you’ll need to do is pull everything out of your pantry. Everything. You need to know exactly what’s ended up there over the years and what should stay. Spring cleaning is a great time to plan to do this task, but ideally, you’ll want to go through your food every few months to get rid of expired ingredients and to get ideas for future meals using items you already have in your pantry.

2. Once you’ve pulled everything out, decide how you want to organize your pantry. Which items should go where?

To give you an idea of how I do it in my pantry: cans go on the floor, packaged and bagged food that hasn’t been opened goes on the lowest shelf, snacks and other kid food goes on the second shelf along with pasta and baking ingredients, breakfast foods, treats, and cookbooks go on the third shelf, and anything I don’t want my kids to get into goes on the top 😉

You can organize your pantry however you want, just make sure it’s functional for you. We keep kid snacks on the lower shelves so they can reach them easily, and we keep treats higher up for obvious reasons! I like to have the ingredients I cook with often at my eye level so I can easily grab them and check to see what we’re out of.

Items organized nicely is a small pantry storage solution.

3. Once you’ve decided how you want to organize, you’ll want to get some quality pantry organization products. I love to use decorative baskets for baking ingredients and breakfast foods and Rubbermaid® Easy Find Lids™ for everything else!

Woman holds an Easy Find Lids container, which is a great pantry organization solution.

4. I’ve used Rubbermaid® Easy Find Lids™ for years for storing our leftover food, but they’re also great for pantry organization. Instead of using plastic bags, you can use these containers to put perfectly portioned snacks that are easy for your kids to reach and open.

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids make great storage for pantry items.

5. You can also use Rubbermaid® Easy Find Lids™ to store ingredients you use frequently; items like flour, sugar, rice, and pasta. Get rid of the bulky bags and use Rubbermaid® Easy Find Lids™ so you can clearly see what the item is and how much you have left.

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids are the best pantry storage containers for organizationRubbermaid plastic containers like these feature lids that lock to the base.

6. And when you’re not using your Rubbermaid® Easy Find Lids™ containers, the base and lids snap together to make it easy for storage and less lost lids. Plus, the containers come in various sizes that nest together, to make pantry organization even easier if you don’t have space to put them all along a shelf like I did.

Easy Find Lids™ are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe, so you can even use them to store food in the freezer!

We’ve been using a set of Rubbermaid® Easy Find Lids™ that we got for our wedding, so we decided with a new house, it was time for a new set of containers! I grabbed my set on sale at my local grocery store. You can find these containers at major multiple retailers!

The best part is that if you buy Rubbermaid® Easy Find Lids™ from now until May, you can enter to win a pantry makeover valued at $5000!! Enter for your chance to win the sweepstakes here.

Mom teaches daugther some pantry life hacks.

Final Thoughts

Having an organized pantry should be on everyone’s spring cleaning to-do list this year, and it’s so easy with Rubbermaid® Easy Find Lids™! Grab your own set and take an afternoon to use my kitchen pantry space saving ideas to organize your pantry once and for all.

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