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The ULTIMATE First Time Mom Baby Registry Checklist

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Here’s my first time mom baby registry checklist with everything you need and nothing you don’t. And to make registering easy, I made a free checklist printable for you to download below!

“Wow,” I sighed.

I had finished scrolling through a blog post I found on Pinterest that claimed to be the best baby registry checklist out there and I couldn’t believe the number of items I would need for my new baby.

And not to mention the cost.

$35 for a swaddle blanket??

All of the items she listed must have added up to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. My husband was still in school and money was tight and I had no idea what to do.

I felt completely overwhelmed.

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A pregnant woman wearing a striped dress holds her baby belly on a dock.

Well, three kids later I’m here to tell you that you don’t need a lot of the stuff that’s on those other baby registry lists out there.

Like a wipe warmer for example.

It’s definitely nice for keeping babies more comfortable, but I would say save that money and put it toward diapers.

The following baby registry checklist is the items I’ve used and loved with all three of my babies, so you can be sure they really are first time mom baby registry essentials; everything you need, and nothing you don’t!

I’ve also created an ultimate baby registry checklist printable for you to download and print to make keeping track of your items a lot easier, so don’t forget to grab that at the end of the post.

When should you start a baby registry?

Mom stands by a Graco pack 'n play and holds her baby belly.

My best advice is to wait until you know what you’re having (unless you aren’t finding out!).

There’s really no baby registry etiquette you need to follow. This just lets people personalize items for boy or girl if they choose!

You can start your registry as early as you want and update it as you change your mind on the items you truly want.

First Time Mom Baby Registry Items

A fetal doppler with unmarked bottle of ultrasound gel on white table.

Heart Doppler: I didn’t have this when I was pregnant with my first, but I decided to buy one for my second pregnancy and it gave me so much peace of mind.

I love that I can check the baby’s heartbeat at any time of the day. Some may think it’s too excessive, but the doppler is affordable and makes me feel better.

Abdominal Binder: I put this on within the first 24 hours after having my babies and keep it on for the first week. It helps my stomach shrink back to a normal size so quickly.

Newborn Baby Registry Items


Lumi diapers and sleep sensor on a table.

Diapers: I’ve started using Lumi by Pampers with their Smart Sleep System and I love the insights and notifications I get! The sensor tells me when my baby is wet and also monitors her sleep 24/7.

If you’re looking for a good diaper for a mobile baby, I also love the Pampers Cruisers 360º Fit!

Wipes: We use wipes all the time! Besides using them during diaper changes, they are so handy to have for sticky fingers and messes.

My current favorites are Kirkland and Parent’s Choice.

Changing Pad & Cover: I love this cover because it wipes clean so easily. I was really worried about the cream color, but even that brightly colored newborn poop comes out in the wash!

Changing pad and cover on a table.

Diaper Pail: You’ll probably get differing opinions on a diaper pail. I had one with my first two babies but it got SO smelly that we threw it out.

Now I just keep a small garbage in the room and change it every day. It keeps the smell contained and you don’t have to buy the expensive refill cartridges.

If you’re looking for another option, these diaper sacks are a good in-between and they’re around $5!

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Brunette woman wearing gray striped dress and pink robe holds newborn baby girl in cream rocking chair.

Nursing Cover: I’m a breastfeeding mom and so a cover is nice for feeding in public, plus it doubles as a cover for your car seat!

With my third baby, I found myself going back to this type of cover. You could try both out and see which one you prefer.

Nursing Pillow: I only use this for a few months while my babies are small, but it makes breastfeeding so much more comfortable. It also doubles as a pillow for them to do tummy time and sit up with when they get older.

Burp Cloths: Another item I only use for the first few months, but you’ll want a lot! Babies spit up and it’s helpful not to have to do laundry all of the time.

Pink burp cloths stacked on a white faux fur chair.

Glider: I debated about adding this to the list since I’ve nursed in our bed and on the couch, but it really is nice to have a chair in the baby’s room just for feeding (and for reading books when the baby gets older!)

If you’re going to get a nice glider, choose something that wipes clean, like this one. Babies are messy (think spit-up/poop all over the chair!!) so get one that’s inexpensive or one you can clean easily.

Cream fabric glider next to a crib in a nursery.

Bottles: Whether your breastfeeding or formula feedings, it’s a good idea to have some bottles on hand! I used these bottles when my third was a newborn and she loved them!


Video Baby Monitor: I can’t believe that I didn’t get a video baby monitor until my third baby! I just never found one I liked until I tried the Lumi by Pampers.

The Lumi has everything you’d want in a monitor: a crystal clear picture from the 1080p camera, two-way audio, a secure connection, and amazing night vision.

Plus, the new Lumi Smart Sleep System makes sleep training simpler and more effective. It’s co-created with pediatricians and combines expert sleep coaching with personalized sleep tracking to get baby’s sleep on track from the start!

Crib and Mattress: We went with the IKEA crib for both Hudson and Ella. It has a nice modern look but without the expensive price tag. Because babies bite on their cribs when they get older, I’m glad we didn’t spend a lot of money. The crib also converts to a toddler bed.

Sheets: We have two sets of sheets for each kiddo. I love any of the crib sheet options here.

Blankets: I got so many blankets at my shower and I don’t use them a ton. I use thin ones in the summer and a nice thick one for the winter. You might want one more that goes on the floor for playtime, but other than that, you don’t really need a lot.

Swaddle: Most babies like to be swaddled, but my babies have always broken out of a swaddle with a blanket.

This swaddle has a zipper and lets baby keep their hands by their face which is better for their little bodies and for self-soothing. have velcro so they stay secure all night.

A newborn baby girl sleeps in crib in Love to Dream swaddle.

Pack ‘n Play: You’ll want some sort of portable crib to take on vacation or if baby needs to sleep at grandma’s house. I love this one because it has a bassinet and changing pad attachment.

My babies sleep in our room for the first six weeks of their lives and it was super convenient to use the Pack ‘n Play instead of buying a separate bassinet.

Pack ‘n Play Sheet: My first two babies ruined our Pack ‘n Play because they got so many stains on the pad that goes in the bottom. Do yourself a favor and get this sheet to keep that pad clean for future babies.

Babywise: Some people don’t like scheduling their children, but this really helped my first with his sleeping problems and had my second sleeping through the night at 7 weeks! It’s worth a read for the additional baby information it has too.

Noise Machine: A noise machine is great to have to help transition baby from womb to the real world. The white noise helps them sleep. It’s also great if they have noisy siblings running through the house!

Green and white noise machine on a table.


Grooming Kit: I love this because it has combs, a thermometer, and clippers. Everything you need for grooming.

Nose Frida: Those blue bulbs they give you in the hospital are crap. Get this instead. It seems gross, but there’s a foam piece that keeps anything from passing into your mouth. It cleans out their noses way better than anything else.

Nose Frida on a table.


A newborn baby in a hooded towel after her bath.

Bath Chair: We use this until the baby can sit up by themselves.

Hooded Towels: These are nice to keep baby’s head warm when they get out of the bath and they’re super soft too.


A mom and her three kids smile at each other on a neighborhood street.

Car seat/Stroller: Another obvious, and there are TONS of different options. I just bought a Graco one and it’s worked just fine. I’m sure the expensive options are really nice, I’ve just never tried them.

If there’s even a small possibility you may have two kids, get a double stroller. I love this one because you can take the second seat out as needed.

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Swing: A swing is a good option to calm fussy babies. I also use it to put my babies somewhere so I can make lunch and dinner.

Mom and daughter play with baby swing.

Carrier: If you have a very fussy baby and need to get things done, a carrier is a must-have. It helps calm the baby down and lets you use both hands.

I love the Ergo because I can wear them in the front or back, so we’ve taken it hiking and on vacation.

If I was to get another one, I would get the 360, because the baby can face forward. This is one of the most expensive baby registry items I bought, but we’ve definitely got our use out of it.

Diaper Bag: There are TONS of diaper bag options now so pick whatever color and fabric you want, just be sure to get a backpack diaper back.

I had one that had a shoulder strap with Hudson and hated how it constantly fell off. A few of my favorite diaper bags are the Miss Fong, Freshly Picked, or Wren Bag.

Three diaper bags lined in a row. on brown hardwood flooring.

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Baby/Toddler Stage Registry Items

Baby girl wearing blue shirt and sucking a binky plays in activity table.

Activity Center: This is another place to put baby if you need to get things done. Ella loved it and Hudson sat in it to eat his lunch until he was about 18 months.

High chair: We’ve bought two high chairs for our kids. I like this one because it has seven different seating options! I love this one because it’s super affordable and white goes with everything.

Graco high chair in a dining room.

Utensils, Cups, Plates: There are lots of different options for these, so get the ones you like. We like having plastic items so they don’t break when kids drop them on the floor.

Transition Swaddle: When babies start rolling over, this is a good option to keep them warm at night without putting a blanket on them.

Skip Hop Cover: I love using this at the grocery store and on restaurant high chairs to keep germs away from baby.

There are a few other things that we have like a car mirror so I can see the baby’s face while I’m driving. It’s nice to have, but definitely not a baby registry necessity.

And obviously, you need clothes for the baby! Things like onesies, pants, jammies, etc.

I didn’t really register for clothes, because people usually will give you those anyway! I would recommend having 5-6 outfits in each size ready when baby comes.

My two kiddos grew out of the smaller sizes really quickly, so I’m glad I didn’t buy a lot in those sizes. You’ll be able to tell how many of what size you need based on how your baby is growing.

First Time Mom Baby Registry Printable

I also wanted to make registering as easy as possible for you so I also created a FREE baby registry checklist for first time moms!

Just fill out the information below and your printable baby registry checklist will be emailed to you.


Want More?

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And don’t forget to share your registry with those who may be treating you to a baby shower! I’ve got posts on the best baby shower themes and places to host a shower.

Your Turn

If you were to buy all of the items listed above, you would have all that you needed for a new baby. The best part is once you already have a baby, you don’t have to purchase a lot of the items again!

We only bought a crib and a few of the other essentials for my second baby. Definitely choose items that are as gender-neutral as possible to save yourself money in the future!

And don’t feel like you need to buy all of these items at once! That can be very expensive. Just take it one stage at a time to figure out if you really need the items or not.

If you have any favorite baby products that you feel I missed, let me know in the comments!


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