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My Most Read Blog Posts of 2018

2018 has come and gone! I’m always amazed at how quickly the years fly by when I do some reflecting and goal making in January. I shared my top ten blog posts last year, and I thought it would be fun to do again this year. It’s a great way for me to see which topics are popular with my audience and I hope it will give other fellow motherhood bloggers some insight too!

How to find most read blog posts in Google analyticsTo figure out which blog posts were my most read, I went into Google Analytics and followed this pathway:

Behavior > Overview

Once here, I changed the date range to January to the current date. You can do this too to find out which blog posts your readers read the most in 2018. I recommend doing this exercise at least once a year to assess which posts are working for you and which aren’t. You may be surprised!

Now, let’s jump into my top posts! The percentage next to each blog post is how much of my total page views the post brought in and I also list which topic the post is found under.

Husband holds his wife's cute baby as they think about modern baby names1. Modern Baby Names 33.5%, Motherhood

It’s no surprise to me that this post is my most read post from 2018, but what is surprising to me is how far ahead this post is from all of the others! It’s also surprising because I published this post in August, so in 4 months, this post brought in 33% of my total page views for the year!

I really had no idea how well this post would do when I put it together, but I’m really glad it has done well because it took me a while to compile and organize all of the names! It’s also brought me some great opportunities that I can’t wait to share more about in a few weeks 😉

Mom holds new baby after giving birth2. Everything they don’t tell you about giving birth 17.1%, Motherhood

This post is almost two years old, and it’s still one of my biggest traffic drivers! I’m so glad that other moms are finding it helpful because it was definitely information that I wish someone had shared with me before I had my first baby.

Mom kisses daugther during her floral first birthday party.3. Ella’s floral first birthday 4.5%, Party Ideas

This is another post that is almost two years old and it’s still bringing me a pretty decent amount of page views. It’s probably because I also have instructions for making several of the items I DIY’d in the post. It’s one of my favorite posts, and I love looking back at how small and sweet Ella was!

Several DIY family Halloween costume ideas4. DIY Family Halloween costumes 3.87%, Holiday

This is the only holiday post on the list, and I think it did so well because it’s a round-up post, with different submissions from lots of other moms! I had fun putting this one together too and I’m glad that other people found it useful!

Woman who shows how to get rid of acne.5. How to get rid of acne 2.53%, Beauty

This is one of the few posts I rank for first on Google (totally by accident!), so it brings me some decent traffic for the keywords. I’m still working on my acne, unfortunately, so I hope to write a follow-up post on this topic soon!

Mom holding newborn baby during her postpartum recovery6. 10 things to know about postpartum 2.11%, Motherhood

This was the follow-up I wrote to my post about giving birth. It isn’t as popular as the original post, but it’s still bringing me traffic almost two years later.

Lots of first birthday party ideas for girls7. First birthday party ideas 1.92%, Party Ideas

This is one of the other round-up posts I’ve done. I asked other bloggers to submit parties for it and they had some really creative and amazing photos to contribute!

Lots of creative monthly baby photo ideas8. Monthly baby photo ideas 1.62%, Motherhood

Yet, another round-up post! I loved asking other moms for their monthly photo ideas!

Newborn baby uses a blanket which is ababy registry essential.9. My favorite baby registry items 1.29%, Motherhood

I wrote this post because after actually having a baby, it was amazing to me to see how many items I DIDN’T need that other people suggested on their baby registry lists. Being a thrifty person, this post just lists the necessary baby registry items and nothing more!

The best parenting tip for new moms who are tired of unwanted parenting advice10. How to handle unwanted parenting advice 1.2%, Parenting

This is one of my most controversial posts and I think one of my best written. I wrote it after I had a “mama bear” incident. You’ll have to read the post to see what I’m talking about 😉

Final Thoughts

As you can see the posts I write about motherhood are some of my most read posts, which makes me happy because that’s the niche I’m in! My round up posts (the posts where I get submissions from other moms) are also pretty popular, so I plan to do more of those in 2019!

It’s also surprising because only 2 posts that I wrote in 2018 are on the list! The rest are more than a year old! Either I really hit it out of the park in earlier years or I wrote a lot of duds in 2018 lol. Something to work on in 2019!

Have you taken a look at your most popular blog posts from 2018? Did anything surprise you??

If you’re not a blogger, are there any topics you’d like to see me write about in 2019? Let me know in the comments!

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