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Try These Monthly Baby Photo Ideas If You’re A First Time Mom

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Inside: Taking monthly baby pictures is an easy way to document your little one’s growth. Here are 13 creative monthly baby photo ideas that are simple and cute! 

My husband has a photo collage at his parent’s house that shows how he grew up over the years.

I love it so much that I wanted to document my children growing up through their first year with monthly baby photos just like my mother-in-law had.

But I didn’t realize until my first was 3 months old that I should have nailed down a consistent monthly baby photo theme.

Thankfully I’ve had several years to practice and I’ve developed several tips and tricks to help with your baby photos.

I’ve also found a bunch of creative monthly baby photo ideas from other moms that I think you are going to love!

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13 Monthly Baby Photo Ideas

Here are Hudson’s monthly baby photos (we kept it simple by using his favorite blanket as the background)

Monthly baby photo ideas collage.

For his first birthday, I printed them out and put them in a frame to display.

Monthly baby photo collage sits on a party table.

And I’m only now realizing that I switched his 5 month and his 6 month pictures in the frame.

Wow…mom of the year over here!

With Ella, I took them on this fur rug I got at IKEA.

Here’s how Ella’s pictures have turned out so far:

Picture collage of girl laying on baby monthly photo prop.

And you don’t feel like that fur rug is only for your baby girl pictures.

I love how Makelle uses the same rug for her little guy

She added a wood slice to document each month and then used that same slice for a topper on his smash cake. So cute and creative!

Collage of monthly photo prop ideas with Ikea rug.

If you want to incorporate the number of months, Kati has some great ideas for using what’s available depending on what time of year it is.

I love this idea because then you can remember how old they were during the seasons.

Seasonal monthly baby photos ideas.

If you are feeling super ambitious, creating the numbers out of flowers is a beautiful baby girl monthly photo idea.

Kelli is so good at it! Look at how gorgeous it is!

Ideas for monthly baby photos with flower petals.

If you don’t want to buy flowers every month, you can still achieve that same look.

I love how Jessica used the baby monthly photo app Rhonna Designs to add a flower number to her little girl’s pictures.

Baby monthly photo app inspiration.

I keep a Google Doc for each of my kids with their stats for each month, but I love how Shaylie incorporates the stats into her month by month baby photos.

She uses PicMonkey to create the text.

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Baby girl in monthly photo app picture collage.

Another option is to print out books with your baby’s monthly picture on the cover.

Kelsi has gotten super creative with this and says her little girl loves looking at the books she’s printed out.

Creative ideas for monthly baby pictures.
Creative monthly baby photo ideas

I love how she’s holding her little girl in the pictures, and that’s what Hillary does each month too.

Monthly photos of baby ideas.

I think it’s a great idea to have mom and dad in the picture to really see how much baby has grown!

Speaking of growing, placing your baby next to a stuffed animal is another fun way to document their monthly picture.

Marianne used a cute elephant for her son’s monthly pictures.

Baby on blanket with stuffed elephant for baby monthly pic ideas.

Here’s another cute stuffed animal idea that Markie did.

Baby on blanket with stuffed animal.

It’s so fun to see how much they grow over one year!

Using a chair is also a great way to measure their size.

Baby with numbered balloons for monthly photos.

Jasmine uses a chair, dog, and balloons each month. So cute!

Kayli uses a chalk board to write the month her son is.

I also love this idea for writing monthly stats too!

Creative monthly baby pictures with chalkboard.

And Markie is super mom and also takes holiday pictures of her little guy. I think they all turned out so cute! Especially that Valentine’s one.

Creative monthly baby photo ideas for holidays.

How do you take a baby photo at home?

Here are a few tips for taking those monthly baby pictures:

Be consistent. The background doesn’t have to match up perfectly, but if it can that’s what makes the photos look cohesive.

Be sure baby is in a good mood. I find that after they’ve eaten and are playful in the morning is the best time to capture those fun smiles.

Use natural light. If you place baby on the floor next to a window, you’ll get the best lighting.

Don’t get stressed out over these photos! You don’t have to be a professional. If you don’t have a DSLR, don’t sweat it! A lot of these mamas use their iPhone or Android. If you do want to use a DSLR, this is the one I have and this is the lens I use. 

If you’re busy, just push it back a few days. It doesn’t have to happen right when they reach a new month.  No one will know!

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Your Turn

I hope you loved seeing these super cute monthly baby photo ideas!

Remember it shouldn’t be something that stresses you out, but a fun way to remember your little one growing up.

Have you seen any other cute monthly baby photo ideas that I missed? Let me know in the comments.

A Pinterest image with text and a photo collage of monthly baby photo ideas.

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