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Simple and Modern Thanksgiving Table Decor

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Looking for some simple and modern Thanksgiving table decor? You’ll love the elegant boho vibe you’ll get from using pumpkin centerpieces, gold candle sticks, and a macrame runner.

Modern Thanksgiving table decor with white pumpkins, pampas grass, and neutral colored plates.

I don’t ever host Thanksgiving because we always go to my parents’ house, but I set out to set a Thanksgiving table this year just to see what I could come up with.

All of the pieces I used for the table were items I had in my fall decor. The only new items I used were the pumpkins and the place cards I made.

I’m calling my modern Thanksgiving table decor ‘elegant boho’ and I’ll share exactly what I used below!


Thanksgiving decorations on table including white pumpkins, fall florals, and table settings.

Before we get into my table decor, let’s discuss the basics of setting a Thanksgiving table.

What should be on a Thanksgiving table?

At the very least you’ll need plates, cups, napkins, and silverware for every guest. If you want to be extra fancy you can also include these elements:

-Placemats or chargers
-Napkin rings
-Wine glasses
-Water glasses
-Bread plates

For formal dinner settings, you’ll put the forks on the left side of the plate. The smaller fork goes on the outside for appetizers or salads and the larger fork should be placed closest to the plate for the main course.

On the right side of your plate, place the knife closest to the plate with the blade facing in. The spoon should be placed last next to the knife.

Make sure all utensils are aligned with the bottom of the plate for uniformity.

How do you decorate a Thanksgiving table on a budget?

You don’t have to break your budget to have a beautiful Thanksgiving table! You can use items you already have along with a few new pieces to create a beautiful table.

If you often throw parties or like to entertain, use pieces from previous events. And you can always pull in fall decor you have around your house.

For a table runner you can use:

-Old fabric cut to fit the table
-Butcher paper (You can also add decorations on the paper with markers)

Grab pumpkins leftover from Halloween and use them to make centerpieces. Use small faux pumpkins to add dimension to the table.

Real flowers are beautiful, but faux flowers last forever! Invest in a few beautiful fall bouquets you can reuse for years.

Make sure to check your local dollar store to see what amazing finds they have. You can often find plain wood pieces, chargers, or inexpensive fall decor that you can use to elevate for table for less.

And always opt for neutral-colored decor that you can incorporate for multiple events. White, cream, and wood decor is easily repurposed for any event.

How do you make a centerpiece for Thanksgiving?

You can choose your Thanksgiving centerpiece to be a large floral arrangement or several small vases.

An easy centerpiece is to use white pumpkins from Halloween. You’ll carve them like normal, but place glass vases in the middle to fill with flowers. You can use real or fake flowers and you can even use fake pumpkins if you can find them.

My Modern Thanksgiving Table Decor

Thanksgiving table decor including table settings, floral bouquets, white pumpkins, and table runner.
Thanksgiving place card on table setting on wood table.
Thanksgiving table decor from Amazon including white pumpkins, table runner, and candle stick.
Simple Thanksgiving table decor including pampas grass bouquet and gold candle sticks.

When you’re deciding on your Thanksgiving table decor the main elements you should include are centerpieces, a table runner, and other small or tall filler items to add visual interest.

I chose to incorporate 2 centerpieces, a table runner, faux white pumpkins to add some fullness, and candlesticks to add some height.

To create the pumpkin centerpieces I put a vase in a carved pumpkin and then used some faux bouquets I had in my fall decor. If you’re going to do this, try and use short and wide vases if you have small pumpkins, so they’ll be completely covered.

I also love that you can get most of the items from Amazon so you can get them delivered before Thanksgiving if you’re putting together a table last minute.

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Thanksgiving dinner decorations on table including white pumpkins, flower bouquets, and table settings.

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Your Turn

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Pinterest graphic with text and photo of modern Thanksgiving table decor including white pumpkins and pampas grass.