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The Best Modern Home Decor On A Budget

This post contains affiliate links. Kohl's and DHP Furniture also gifted some of these items to me for the purpose of the post.

Inside: Buying a home, moving decorating — it’s all so much work! But, I’ve finally put together this post to share our modern home decor. I’ve focused on super chic home decor on a budget that you can easily model in your own home!

Hi there! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted on here. Ya know, we’ve just been busy moving, hanging all the things, and I had to get through tax day with my part-time job.

But now that’s all behind us and I’ve gotten everything decorated in our new house, I’m ready to share how it all looks!

Thankfully I spent almost three years in our old house buying furniture that I really loved and wouldn’t want to switch out in a year (don’t worry, I spent almost 5 years of our marriage NOT doing that…oops!). So there wasn’t A TON of stuff we had to buy.

But I did want to get the kids new beds (which meant new mattresses and bedding) and a few light fixtures and such to amp up our modern home decor.

You’ll also notice that we decided (well, I decided) to do curtains through the whole house. I honestly LOVE how they all turned out and, so far, having only curtains has been amazing. Aside from having to install all of the curtain rods.

I was SO tired of having blinds because my kids destroyed the blinds in their rooms, they are super hard to clean, the cords can be dangerous for kids, and they just don’t look great.

Having only curtains means I can take them down to wash them, the kids can’t break them, and they aren’t a safety hazard. Plus I think they make our house look more modern!

Now that you know why I hate blinds lol, let’s get into the decor specifics!

Where Can I Buy Home Decor Online?

I’ve linked to all my favorite places to find home decor on a budget. I love modern home decor, but you know I also love to save money! I’ve included lots of great resources to find the perfect compromise of style and savings.

Modern Home Decor for the Entry Way

Pink and gold home decor on a budgetA bench and side table is an idea for a small entryway.

I love that we have this little entryway space in our new home! Since we don’t have an official office or sitting area, this was the perfect spot to put my sitting room decor from our last home. Tuesday Morning has great home decor on a budget. I was so surprised and excited to find tons of great pieces there. It was hard to choose just a few items for this space.

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Modern Living Room Decor

White and gold furniture is an idea for your living room.A modern rug sits on the floor in this living room decor.White with pops of pink are feminine touches in this home decor on a budgetTwo tall shelves by the TV stand is a great living room decor layout.Living room decor ideas for your feminine style.Curtains make for a cozy living room.Gray, white, and pink, are romantic living room decor colors.

Rug | Light Fixture | White Curtains c/o Kohl’s| Sheer Curtains | Curtain Rod

I think this is my favorite room in the whole house. I LOVE how everything turned out! Granted, I already had a lot of this living room decor before we moved. But it’s amazing how adding the curtains, a new light fixture, and a new rug really made the space look like a million bucks. If you’re decorating a living room on a budget, small but meaningful changes like a nice rug make a big difference. I’ve linked my favorite places to find cheap living room decor that looks expensive.

Thankfully, I did not spend a million bucks on the modern home decor for this room. You know me…I got everything for a great price 😉

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Modern Kitchen Decor

Using velvet chairs is an example of modern kitchen decor ideas.Kitchen decor ideas for a modern house.Kitchen decor with gray cabinets.Modern home decor with gray kitchen cabinets.Modern farmhouse, one of our cheap diy home improvementsKitchen table decor ideas with a pendant light.Modern kitchen ideas with blue colors.

Velvet Chairs c/o DHP | Light Fixture | White Curtains c/o Kohl’s | Curtain Rod | Prints | Frames | Towel Set

Probably a close second to the family room would have to be our kitchen. I wasn’t sure how those blue chairs would look with our farmhouse table, but I honestly am obsessed! I also LOVE that light fixture. Seeing everything come together after weeks of searching for the right modern home decor pieces just makes my heart happy!

We refinished this farm table ourselves. It’s one of the easiest home improvement projects we’ve tried! this is another one of the cheap ways to decorate your home. Use pieces you already have and find ways to refinish and update them. If you have any great, creative diy home projects, let me know in the comments! I’d love to try more ideas for home decor on a budget.

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Modern Master Bedroom Decor

I tried one of my diy home projects ideas with this white Juju hat.Master bedroom ideas with white decor.Neutral master bedroom decor.White master bedroom bedding.Modern master bedroom decor.Curtains make for a romantic master bedroom.A long mirror is a great master bedroom decor idea.

White Curtains | Sheer Curtains | Curtain Rod

This is the only room that didn’t really get a big update, but that’s totally fine with me! It meant fewer things to buy because I already loved how our master bedroom looked with our existing modern home decor when we moved.

We obviously got new curtains and I think the white and gold match our room way better than our gray curtains previously did.

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Modern Bathroom Decor

Neutral master bathroom ideas.Gold bathroom decor ideas.

Toothbrush Holder | Soap Dispenser

I debated even taking pictures of our bathroom because it isn’t anything special, but I did get a few new modern home decor pieces to replace some of our old bathroom items and the lighting is way better in there than in our old bathroom!

Modern Playroom/Office Decor

Chic desk decor for a modern home.Simple and colorful kids playroom decorAcrylic book shelves are great kids playroom ideas.Feminine desk decor ideas for a modern house.This beautiful floral decal wall is great modern home decor.Home decor ideas for a fourth bedroom.Colorful kids playroom furniture.

Cactus Prints | White Frames | Floral Decals | Book Shelf

I am so happy we have this extra bedroom upstairs. I really love having my own office space (even if it’s only one wall lol). I used some great home office ideas for small spaces with my hanging shelf and organized desk and I love that all of the kids’ toys are contained and not out in the open where everyone can see them.

We haven’t put any curtains up in this room yet just because no one sleeps in here, but that’s something we’ll obviously have to do down the road as our family grows.

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Modern Girl’s Bedroom Decor

This gold canopy bed is a beautiful idea for a little girls bedroom.A hoop photo frame from diy home projects ideas hangs on the wall in this toddler girls bedroom.Dusty pink curtains hang in this little girls bedroom.A white rug is used for decorating in this girls bedroom.A floral letter hangs on the wall in this little girls bedrrom.White flowers on the wall is an idea for a girls bedroom.Floral hoop wreaths are an idea for a toddler girls bedroom.Gold and pink home decor on a budget in girls room

Canopy Bed c/o DHP | White Comforter | Sheets | Curtains | Curtain Rod | Print | Gold Frame

Ella’s room is the perfect little girl’s room. I LOVE the canopy bed DHP sent us and how the soft pink curtains make the room feel so feminine.

I was also thrilled that I could make use of a lot of the modern home decor she had up in her old room. It’s a smaller space, so I had to get a little creative with placement, but I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out.

Modern Boy’s Bedroom Decor

Hanging a pendant banner is an idea for a little boys bedroom.Gray curtains are an idea for a boys bedroom.Forest prints are a great modern home decor idea for a boys bedroom.A picture hangs on the wall in this little boys bedroom.A gray striped comforter in a boys bedroom space.

Metal Bed | Comforter and Sheets | Prints | Gray Frames | Curtains | Curtain Rod

Hudson’s room is probably the one I’m the least satisfied with. It’s so hard for me to decorate not in a girly, feminine way!

Eventually, I’d like to put some cool, industrial shelves in his room and maybe a desk for him. It’s not that I hate the decor I put up, it’s just that it looks kind of bare and I don’t know what else to do haha! Any suggestions??

Final Thoughts on Home Decor on a Budget

And just a funny story about all of the curtains in our house. I “estimated” the sizes I would need for the curtain lengths and the rod lengths, and I did pretty well except for in the family room and the kids’ bedrooms. The curtains I got for the family room were way too short and the rods I got for the kids’ rooms were not nearly long enough.

Let’s just say those rooms looked pretty funny until the right pieces arrived. And it drove me crazy looking at them lol.

I learned my lesson and will definitely bring a tape measure with me the next time we need to order curtains!

So that’s how our house looks right now! There are still several bare walls that I will decorate down the road, but I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out!

Want More?

I’ve got more great design tips! If you liked this post for home decor on a budget, Try These Affordable Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas!

Your Turn

If you love to decorate and have any suggestions for me, let me know in the comments! I’d love to see more modern home decor ideas and ways to find home decor on a budget. And let me know which room was your favorite!

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Ashley Ziegler

Thursday 18th of April 2019

I love the decor in your house. It's so beautiful! When I buy a house one day, I'll hire you to come decorate!! hahaha ;)


Saturday 20th of April 2019

Oh you are so sweet Ashley! Thank you! Are you guys hoping to buy soon?