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50 Modern Gender Reveal Ideas (2024 Guide)

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Check out these creative, unique, and modern gender reveal ideas! You’ll find fun ideas with balloons, confetti, paint, and more!

If you’re a mom-to-be, you’ll need some fun and creative ways to reveal your baby’s gender!

Lucky for you, we’ve done all the work!

We’ve put together this ultimate list of unique gender reveal ideas that will wow your party guests or social media audience.

You’ll find simple yet impressive ideas for the big reveal including options with an older sibling, balloon gender reveals, sports gender reveals, gender reveal ideas with food, and more!

Pinterest graphic with text and photo collage of unique gender reveal ideas.
Collage of gender reveal ideas using food, confetti, balloons, and more.

How to Set Up a Gender Reveal Surprise

When it comes to that special moment, some parents want to be just as surprised as everyone else.

If this is the case, you can rely on a trusted friend or family member to set up the gender reveal.

You can deliver the baby’s gender to your helper in a sealed envelope from your ultrasound office so you’re none the wiser.

Some parents prefer to leave all the details and party planning up to their helper. And others prefer to have them help only with that last little secret detail.

If you don’t mind knowing the gender beforehand, you can be a little more hands-on with the setup.

Whichever method you choose, you’ll find the perfect inspiration from the modern and fun gender reveal ideas, below!

The Best Modern Gender Reveal Ideas

Balloon Gender Reveals

Balloons are always a fun way to reveal your baby’s gender. And they’re a great way to get the whole family involved.

You can use pink balloons, blue balloons, or a blackout balloon with confetti inside.

You can have your balloons fall from the sky in a balloon drop, rise from an oversized box, or pop a balloon to create an explosion of color.

See our favorite balloon gender reveal ideas, below!

Collage of families using balloons to reveal their baby's gender.

(1) Balloon Pop Reveal

We love this fun and festive balloon pop reveal from our friend, Brittnee. Check out her relatable motherhood content on her Instagram (@brittneebish_).

This is a simple setup with a big payoff. And it’s the perfect idea for a party.

It’s so funny how mom and dad look overjoyed, but big sister . . . not so much!

(2) Big Box Balloon Reveal

This adorable gender reveal from Beautifully Broken Journey features a big box and pink helium balloons.

It’s another fun balloon reveal that gets the whole family involved.

You can use it for a party, or take a video to share your news on social media.

(3) “Girl” Gendered Balloon

Here’s a no-fuss gender reveal option from @momfriendblog.

This is the perfect gender reveal idea for a social media post and a great option if you’re not into big parties.

Collage of families using balloons to reveal their baby's gender.

(4) Big Box Reveal 2

Here’s another big box balloon reveal featuring blue helium balloons.

We love how friends and family can easily gather around to share in the special moment.

And as you can see, this gender reveal idea works great indoors or outdoors.

(5) Balloon Pop Reveal 2

We’ve never seen a balloon pop reveal quite like this one.

Who knew you could pop a balloon within a balloon?

If you want to see the full reveal of this second balloon pop, you can watch the video here, courtesy of

(6) Big Box Reveal 3

Here’s another fun big box reveal featuring pink and gold balloons.

This is probably one of the most popular gender reveal ideas.

And you can see how different families use their creativity to make their reveals unique.

(7) Pink Balloons

This sweet gender reveal features a kissing couple and simple pink helium balloons.

We love the blue and pink striped dress and the white background choice to make the balloons pop.

This is another gender reveal idea that’s great for a post on your Instagram or Facebook page.

You can see the full photoshoot in this blog post from Coming Up Roses.

(8) “Boy” Gendered Balloon

We’ve shared a cute girl balloon reveal, so, of course, we had to include one for boys.

@ashleybrookephotography captured this special moment that will be cherished by the family for years to come!

Paint Gender Reveals

Colored paint is a unique way to reveal your baby’s gender. Though it might be a little messy!

Use pink paint or blue paint in one of the creative gender reveals below and don’t be afraid to involve older children!

NOTE: If you’re worried about the mess, you can try silly string, which is a little easier to clean up.

Paint reveal ideas for baby's gender using a squirt gun and blue paint.

(1) Colored Paint White Shirt Reveal

This is a sweet gender reveal idea for couples.

It’s simple yet impactful. And you’ll only need a couple of materials and a camera to set it up.

Photo credit goes to Leticia Farias with @lensbyle.

(2) Raining Paint Reveal

We love this creative “raining paint” reveal from @howwelife!

It’s another fun gender reveal that includes siblings. And it’s perfect for spring!

And how cute is that clear, oversized umbrella?!

(3) Squirt Gun Paint Reveal

This unique gender reveal from Nicole Leilani Blog is sure to make a splash!

It’s the perfect idea for a summer gender reveal party.

Just be sure to have a change of clothes!

Confetti Gender Reveals

Here are some exciting confetti gender reveal ideas, featuring pink confetti and blue confetti.

You can have the confetti explode from a popper, fall from the sky, or spill from a box.

See some of our favorite confetti gender reveal ideas, below!

Collage of confetti gender reveals using pink and blue confetti.

(1) Pink Confetti Explosion

We love the excitement of this pink confetti explosion from SS Heart. The blue and pink balloons are a nice touch and create the perfect background.

It’s truly a beautiful moment!

(2) Confetti From the Sky

This confetti reveal involves the whole family.

It’s so sweet with mom and dad in the background and the kids playing in the confetti in front.

And the setting couldn’t be more picturesque.

(3) Pink Confetti Poppers

This shot, courtesy of Poof There it Is, shows the moment a party popper bursts into hot pink confetti.

We love the vibrant pink color as opposed to the traditional pastel.

The white brick background really makes it pop!

(4) Confetti from a Box

Kimberly Medina shared this cute gender reveal using a box and confetti.

Rather than having the confetti shot from a cannon, the pink confetti gently falls from up above, creating the perfect moment.

(5) Raining Blue Confetti

We love this picture from Erin Leigh Studio that shows blue confetti in the foreground and the happy family slightly out of focus behind.

It’s a unique image that highlights the different colors of blue dancing from the sky.

Colored Powder Gender Reveals

If you’re not into confetti, you can try a colored powder gender reveal, instead. It has a similar theatrical effect and a huge payoff for a little bit of effort.

Here are some fun colored powder gender reveal ideas to give you the perfect inspiration!

Collage of pink and blue powder explosions to reveal a baby's sex.

(1) Blue Powder

This image from Rose-Colored Rebellion features blue-colored powder and a large crowd of friends and family.

If you don’t mind quite of bit of mess, you’ll love the impact of this over-the-top gender reveal method!

(2) Blue Explosion

Here’s another colored powder gender reveal for a boy from Ali-Ish.

It’s truly the definition of explosive!

(3) Pink Powder

@giambrone16 shared a pink powder gender reveal set in the woods.

The pink color couldn’t be more precious.

And we love the family’s reaction!

Food Gender Reveals

Here are some yummy goodies that make a perfect vessel for a gender reveal!

You can slice into a gender reveal cake filled with pink candies or blue candies or bite into a sweet treat filled with blue or pink frosting.

Your guests will definitely enjoy these tasty ideas!

Blue and pink cookies, cakes, donuts, and pops for a party.
Pink and blue cakes with candies spilling out and pink and blue cupcakes.

(1) Gender Reveal Double Chocolate Cookies

Try your hand at making these soft and chocolaty cookies filled with colored frosting from Love to Be in the Kitchen.

They look simply irresistible and the surprise inside is so fun!

(2) “How We Wonder What You Are”

This themed gender reveal cake from Rose-Colored Rebellion pairs perfectly with one of our favorite captions from this gender reveal quotes post. (Find more party ideas, including party games at that link, too!)

You can plan your entire gender reveal around this cute party theme and enjoy a similar cake with a colored interior for dessert!

(3) Gender Reveal Cake Pops

These adorable gender reveal cake pops by @sweetsby_liz would look amazing on a dessert table.

We love the cute wooden block, baby footprint, and outfit designs.

(4) Gender Reveal Doughnuts

These pink and blue swirled doughnuts from Hunger Thirst Play would be the perfect treat for a doughnut-themed gender reveal party.

You can find the detailed ingredient list and instructions on her site!

(5) Pink and Blue Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a classic gender reveal party dessert.

We love how the blue and pink frosting on these cakes perfectly blend together.

They’re great for a crowd and so easy to make.

(6) “He or She” Gender Reveal Cake

How cute is this “He or She” gender reveal cake?!

These impressive cake decorations might be a little hard for a novice baker, but you can send a picture to a cake decorator to have them recreate the look!

(7) Pink Candy Gender Reveal Cake

You can also order a gender reveal cake filled with colored candies. Pink for a baby girl, and blue for a baby boy!

(8) Blue Candy Gender Reveal Cake

Slice into your candy-filled gender reveal cake to spill the big surprise!

Sports Gender Reveals

Here are some fun ideas for the sports fans out there. They’re the perfect way to usher in your baby’s “rookie year”!

Collage of sports gender reveal ideas using colored powder and a scoreboard.

(1) Baseball and Colored Powder

This gender reveal, courtesy of The Bump Studio, mixes colored powder with a sports theme.

It’s such a fun idea for a family or a father who really loves baseball.

And it’s perfect for a large gathering of friends and family.

Hopefully, dad has a good swing!

(2) Final Score

We can’t get over this adorable “Final Score” gender reveal from The Little Dove Blog.

This family’s last baby will round out “team boy” or “team girl”.

And it looks like the girls are getting another teammate!

Summer Gender Reveals

These fun gender reveal themes are perfect for the season!

Treat your guests to a beautiful outdoor party with a tropical, ice cream, or barbeque theme.

Collage of numbered summer gender reveal ideas using bright balloons, ice cream, and barbeques.

(1) Today the Juicy Secret is Revealed

This Tutti Frutti reveal from Jen T. by Design is so perfect for summer.

The bright colors, fruit centerpiece, and themed decorations are sure to impress!

(2) Picture Perfect Ice Cream Theme

Caitlin threw the perfect ice cream themed gender reveal for her sister complete with decorated cookies, a guessing activity, and of course an ice cream station!

This idea is super simple to replicate and put together last-minute!

(3) Welcome to the BabyQue

We love this clever and creative gender reveal barbeque! It’s simple and laid back and perfect for summer.

Megan provided sand sensory bins for the smaller guests, corn hole for the older guests, and delicious burgers for everyone!

(4) What’s The Scoop?

Here are even more ice cream theme reveal ideas with themed napkins, plates, and a delicious-looking cake!

Liz had a confetti reveal to share the gender and then cut into the cake which was filled with colored frosting to match the gender. So fun!

Collage of numbered summer gender reveal ideas using flowers, the beach, waves, and fireworks.

(5) Welcome to Paradise Baby

This theme takes gender reveals to a vibrant and tropical level. The celebration features a burst of color with vibrant tropical decor like palm leaves and exotic flowers. We love how they titled the reveal, “Welcome to Paradise, Baby!

The highlight of the event was the grand reveal, with the couple bursting a giant candy-filled piñata.

(6) High Tides and Beach Baby Vibes

If you’re looking for a luxe beach-themed gender reveal then you have to check out this event planned by Forrest and J and photographed by Wisteria Photography.

Complete with a boho table set-up and an amazing dessert table, this is the perfect summer gender reveal!

(7) Baby You’re A Firework

Nothing says summer like a barbeque and fireworks! Throw the perfect gender reveal with this “Baby You’re A Firework” theme!

This party featured a DIY balloon backdrop, personalized koozies, 4th of July-themed cookies, baseballs, and a barbeque. They ended the night with a pink firework display!

Flat Lay Gender Reveals

A flat lay gender reveal is the perfect way to share your news via social media. They’re simple, quick, and super cute.

Here are some adorable flat lay picture ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Collage of flat lay baby reveal ideas using blocks, balloons, and signs.

(1) Hot Air Balloon Flat Lay

Use paper cutouts, a pink background, and baby shoes to create this simple flat lay reveal idea!

It’s simple, modern, and super cute!

(2) Little Sister Flat Lay

This fun idea from Klos + Co features a “Little Sister” printed onesie, with a cute bow, shoes, and an ultrasound photo.

You could create a similar flat lay design for a boy using a bowtie instead of a hair bow.

(3) Wooden Blocks Flat Lay

We love the use of wooden blocks in this flat lay design by @jessicajeanwalters.

You could easily change things up for a girl by using a “girly” onesie and props like flowers and bows.

(4) Letter Board Flat Lay

We love a good letterboard reveal. In fact, we’ve shared lots of cute letterboard baby announcement ideas for new moms.

But, they also work great for a gender reveal!

This precious “sugar and spice” letterboard gender reveal is from The Samantha Show.

(5) Ultrasound Flat Lay

This ultrasound flat lay from Klos + Co combines a few different gender reveal methods with balloons and confetti all in one.

It’s the perfect festive and fun idea!

Other Unique Ideas

And here are some other creative gender reveal ideas we know you’ll love!

Collage of unique ideas to reveal a baby's gender including a pinata, bath bomb, and colored clothing.

(1) Gender Reveal Baby Booties

This simple baby bootie gender reveal features a color-themed floral dress and pink baby shoes.

It’s so easy to snap a pic and post!

(2) Gender Reveal Colored Outfit

A colored outfit is another easy option for a social media gender reveal post.

Or, you can wear your outfit to your gender reveal party.

(3) Pink and Blue Gender Reveal Pinata

What’s more fun at a party than a pinata?!

Mom and dad and even party guests can take a turn trying to unleash the surprise!

(4) Bath Bomb Gender Reveal

A bath bomb gender reveal is one of the more unique reveal ideas on this list!

Lots of mothers take maternity pictures in a milk bath.

But you could also use a bath bomb to color the water pink or blue.

Or, you can place the bath bomb in a container of water and watch the surprise unfold.

You could also give out bath bombs as a party favor!

(5) “Meet the Baby” Gender Reveal

If you plan to wait until birth to find out the sex of your baby, you can announce the baby and the gender at the same time with a cute photo like this with coordinating clothing and blankets!

Collage of numbered unique gender reveal ideas using a dresser, umbrella, bracelets, and tutu.

(6) Clothing in an Armoire

This sweet video from @madi_behindthechair shows how fun (and practical) doing a closet reveal can be.

Not only is it a fun surprise to open the doors to see what your baby’s gender is, but you’ll also be starting off on the right foot with lots of clothes ready to go for the baby!

(7) Bracelets and Tutus

We are swooning over the way @katie.h.snyder announced her baby’s gender with colored bracelets and themed clothing.

You can get the same boy mom and girl mom bracelets from Target and a similar big sister shirt and blue tutu from Amazon.

(8) Confetti in an Umbrella

This slo-mo video from @rainaa.kakashi shows just how beautiful a simple gender reveal can be.

All you need is to place confetti in an umbrella that’s closed and then open it over the mom and dad-to-be. A slow motion video will capture their reaction perfectly!


How can I do a low-key gender reveal?

One of the simplest ways to reveal the gender of your baby via social media is with a flat lay design.

Lay a few gendered items like a pink or blue onesie, hairbow, or baby booties in a cute display with other items like a letterboard sign or ultrasound photo.

Then snap a pic and post.

For a party, you can reveal the baby’s gender using treats like colored frosting-filled cookies and doughnuts or a gender reveal cake.

What month of pregnancy do find out the gender?

Moms usually find out their baby’s gender around week 20 of pregnancy which is between 4 and 5 months.

Who usually plans a gender reveal party?

The expecting couple typically plans and hosts a gender reveal.

However, if the parents want to be surprised along with their guests, a close friend or family member can help with key components of the actual reveal.

Want More?

If you liked these unique gender reveal ideas, be sure to check out more tips for the first time mama including:

Your Turn

What did you think of these modern gender reveal ideas? Let us know which ideas are your favorite in the comments and if they are any cute gender reveal ideas or fun themes we should add!

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These are so cute! It's so fun to see my friends' reveals on here as well! I remember being there when Lexi found out about her little girl! So fun!! :)


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