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The Ultimate List of Gender Reveal Ideas For New Mothers

Looking for unique gender reveal ideas? Here are 35+ ways to announce your baby’s gender using balloons, confetti, colored powder, and more!

I pulled out my pink top and teal blue skirt.

It was gender reveal picture day!

However, we were going into the pictures blind because we didn’t know what gender our second baby was yet.

Call me crazy, but I wanted to take the photos early when I was dressed with hair and makeup done. So we found a blue wall and a pink wall and covered our bases in case it was either gender.

(You can see which gender it turned out to be under the Colored Clothing section below!)

Even after all of the reveals I’ve seen, I still love watching the joy and excitement on my friends’ faces when they find out their baby’s gender for the first time.

I wanted to round up some of the cutest gender reveal ideas from my fellow mamas, so here are 35+ modern ideas to help you share your exciting news with those you love!

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Gender Reveal Balloon Ideas

Along with baby announcement ideas, balloons are really popular for gender reveals. (Probably because they come in colors like pink and blue and even in words like “boy” and “girl!)

Here are some cute ways to use balloons for your gender reveal:


Family holds blue balloons for a gender reveal.


Mom holds girl balloon and daughter on her baby bump.


Husband and wife hold blue and pink balloons for a twin gender reveal.

Makelle Ahlin

Husband and wife hold pink and blue balloons while family watches.

Coming Up Roses

Couple announces baby's gender with pink balloons

Beautifully Broken Journey

Family smiles and holds pink balloons to annnounce baby's gender
Family simles while holding blue balloons to announce baby's gender


Baby girl holds a blue balloon to announce a new baby brother.

What do you do at a gender reveal party?

If you have lots of friends and family you want involved in your gender reveal, or this is your first baby, you may want to throw a gender reveal party!

You can have your guests guess the gender when they arrive at the party and should also serve some yummy food to keep people occupied while they wait for everyone.

The main event will be the actual gender reveal so don’t feel like you need to have lots of games or extra activities planned.

Check out all of the fun ideas these mamas came up with for gender reveal party food ideas, games, and decorations:

Honey and Betts

Dessert table in front of a flower wall at a gender reveal party.

Rose-Colored Rebellion

A cake from a Twinkle Twinkle gender reveal party

This gender reveal party Expresso Ever After is so fun! They had tons of different pink and blue colored treats to serve their guests and had them pick a pink bow or blue bow tie to guess the baby’s gender.

A dessert table from a gender reveal party.

This next idea is absolutely adorable!

Her sister crocheted her two different outfits from Beauty and the Beast and then they opened up the gift to see what the gender’s baby was.

Beauty and the Beast crochet baby outfits.

Such a cute Beauty and the Beast gender reveal party!

Couple holds up baby dress at a Beauty and the Beast gender reveal party.


Couple embraces at their gender reveal party.

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Flat Lay Gender Reveal Ideas

Flay lays are fun because you can use props, clothing, and even the ultrasound photo to share the exciting news with friends and family!

Klos + Co

Flat lay with an ultrasound picture, balloons, and pink confetti.
Flat lay of an ultrasound picture and baby outfit.


Flat lay of ultrasound photo, blocks, and baby outfit.

The Samantha Show

Flat lay of an ultrasound picture, letterboard, and baby hat.

Colored Powder Gender Reveal Ideas

Using colored powder is probably one of the messiest ways to reveal the gender, but it makes the biggest impact.

Plus the photos are BEAUTIFUL!

Rose-Colored Rebellion

Couple celebrates their baby boy with a holi powder gender reveal

Alia shows you how to make the colored powder in her blog post!

Family celebrates their baby girl with a colored powder gender reveal


Blue colored powder heart for a gender reveal.

Confetti Gender Reveal Ideas

If you want things to be a little less messy than colored powder, but still make a statement, consider a confetti gender reveal.

The pictures are just as amazing!

Family surrounded by pink confetti to announce baby's gender.

SS Heart

Box drops pink confetti on surprised couple.


Couple reveals baby's gender with confetti.

Expresso Ever After

Sister reveals baby's gender with purple confetti.
Family reveals baby's gender with confetti.

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Colored Clothing Gender Reveal Ideas

If you want to go a simpler route, consider dressing in the colors that match your baby’s gender! It can still turn out super cute without all of the fuss.

Here’s the photo I mentioned earlier announcing our second baby; a girl!

Pregnant mama holds her baby belly in front of pink wall.

The Savvy Savings

Couple wears blue clothes while holding ultrasound picture.

Other Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

Here are several other unique and totally do-able gender reveal ideas!

Nicole had such a cute idea to use paint in water guns for her gender reveal and shares all of the details in her blog post.

Husband sprays pink paint on expecting mom.


Boy dressed as Buzz Lightyear sits by Toy story characters for a gender reveal

Surprise baby #3 reveal from Expresso Ever After!

Little girl holds up ultrasound photo.
Couple uses pumpkins for their gender reveal.


Couple uses balloons to reveals gender at Disneyworld.

This would be a great idea to share with your family members.

Can you believe they’ve all had the same pattern of genders?!

Family pattern gender reveal

Want More?

Once you know your baby’s gender, be sure to check out this list of 700+ modern baby names to help you pick the perfect name for your little one.

Your Turn

Gender reveals can be as simple as creating a graphic or wearing colored clothes, or they can be a huge gender reveal party with confetti, balloons, and gender reveal smoke bombs.

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure someone is there to take pictures, so you can capture everyone’s reactions!

Do you have any favorite gender reveal ideas that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

Ashley Ziegler

Tuesday 5th of February 2019

These are so cute! It's so fun to see my friends' reveals on here as well! I remember being there when Lexi found out about her little girl! So fun!! :)


Sunday 10th of February 2019

That's so fun Ashley!! You are such a good friend!