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Over 60 of the Best Baby Announcement Ideas

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Here are over 60 baby announcement ideas for the new mom. Your pregnancy announcement is such a special time. These ideas will give you the perfect inspiration to share your big news.

Congrats! You’re pregnant!!

Once the initial shock and excitement wears off, one of the best parts about being pregnant is getting to share your news with your loved ones.

But what’s the best way to tell your family and friends?

Since there are so many baby announcement ideas out there, I wanted to round up only the best and most creative to share with you.

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When should you announce your pregnancy on social media?

As a rule of thumb, I always wait until we’ve passed the 12-week mark to share anything on social media.

But honestly, it’s up to you.

Some moms want extra support from their online friends if they experience a miscarriage and others don’t.

Just remember to tell your most important loved ones in person so they don’t end up finding out on Facebook!

And don’t forget to keep the announcement true to you and your style.

So whether you’re looking for simple ways to announce your pregnancy to your husband or creative pregnancy announcement ideas for Facebook, below are 70+ modern baby announcement ideas that will help you share your happy news with all of your loved ones.

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Baby Announcement Ideas with Ultrasound Photos

Using the ultrasound photos is probably one of the most common ways to announce your pregnancy. Those pictures are so special, so why not show them off to the world!

There are several ways to use the photos for your pictures, so here are a few ideas:


Family announces pregnancy with ultrasound pictures


Woman hugs husband and holds up an ultrasound photo strip on his back.


A flat lay with an ultrasound photo and baby clothes.


Mom holds ultrasound picture to announce pregnancy

Fit Mommy In Heels

Two siblings with an ultrasound baby announcement

You could even make a cute collage with the ultrasound photo and pregnancy test!

Pregnancy test baby annoucement

Baby Announcement Ideas with Letter Boards

Letter boards weren’t super popular when I had my first two babies, but they sure are trendy now!

It’s such a cute way to announce your pregnancy while showing off your personality!


Husband and wife hold up letter board baby announcment.


Little boy sits on baby with letter board baby annoucement.


Family uses letterboard to announce another baby


Family uses letterboard to announce another baby


Family uses letterboard to announce another baby


Family uses letterboard to announce another baby

Love Love Love

Family announces baby with a letter board.

Baby Announcement Ideas with Books

Another cute idea is to use books to announce your pregnancy!

There are so many books about becoming a big sibling or a parent for the first time, so you can really get creative with this type of announcement.


Little boy sits on his mom and dad's lap and holds a book about becoming a big brother.


Family announces pregnancy with a book


Family announces pregnancy with a book

Mama at Home

Family announces pregnancy with a book

Tiebreaker Baby Announcement Ideas

Since we have a boy and a girl, I LOVE the idea of doing a tie-breaker baby announcement for baby #3!

Tiebreak sibling baby announcement idea

Baby Announcement Ideas With Siblings

Even if you don’t have one of each, sibling baby announcement ideas are some of the cutest out there!


One brother stands by a flip chart and the other sits at a kids table.


Collage of little girl making silly faces for a baby announcement.

Simple Moments Stick

Mommy My Way

Baby annoucement idea for siblings

Chalkboard Baby Announcement Ideas

If you don’t have a letter board, another creative idea is to use a chalkboard, or just chalk for that matter!


Husband and wife stand next to a chalkboard and hold a baby jersey.


Chalk baby announcement

The Savvy Savings

Chalkboard baby announcement

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Balloon Baby Announcements

Balloon announcements are another really popular way to announce your pregnancy.

They’ve come a long way since the balloons they had when I was first pregnant. I love the gold numbers and letters these mamas used.


Family walks through a grassy area holding number balloons.


Family stands by each other and holds a number balloon.


Family holds number balloons in a forest.


Family announces pregnany with balloons

Blonde and Ambitious

Family announces pregnany with balloons


Family stands by each other and holds a baby balloon.


Family announces pregnany with balloons

Expresso Ever After

Family announces pregnany with balloons

An Uncomplicated Life

Family announces pregnany with balloons


Collage of family announcing a baby with number balloons.

Special Location Baby Announcement Ideas

If you and your hubby have a favorite vacation spot or place you like to go, why not use it for your pregnancy announcement?


Mom walks through the woods with her two daughters.

Wearing Mom Jeans

Beach baby announcement idea
Beach baby announcement idea

Movie Poster Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

These are some of the most creative pregnancy reveal ideas out there! I love how detailed each of these announcements is.

She’s The Honest Mom

Movie post baby announcement idea


Movie poster baby announcement idea

Holiday Announcement Ideas

One of the best ways to announce your pregnancy is to use the next holiday. You can’t really plan this until you know when you’re due, but here are some awesome ideas for each holiday.

Confessions of a Northern Belle

Valentine's pregnancy announcement

My Little Wildthings

Easter baby announcement idea


Halloween baby announcement idea


Fall baby announcement
Thanksgiving baby announcement idea
Christmas baby announcement idea

Klos + Co

Christmas baby announcement idea

Kelsie Joy

Christmas baby announcement idea


Christmas baby announcement idea

The Samantha Show

New Years Eve baby announcement

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Rainbow/Infertility/Adoption Announcement Ideas

A rainbow baby signifies something beautiful after something dark and scary: miscarriage.

We chose to use a rainbow balloon to share the news of our special fourth baby.


Family holds rainbow 4 balloon and ultrasound photo for pregnancy announcement.

Infertility can also be dark and scary, so I love how this mama chose to share her struggle and joy in her pregnancy announcement.


Infertility baby announcement

And we can’t forget about all of those sweet babies who are adopted! I love how this mama shared their exciting news!

The Journey of Parenthood

Adoption baby announcement idea

Pop Culture Announcement Ideas

Let’s not forget about using pop culture to make your pregnancy announcement. This is where you can get really unique and creative!

Aloha Botts and Totts

Harry Potter baby announcement idea


Harry Potter baby announcement idea

Little Dove

Jaws baby announcement idea

Life with the Joyners

Pokemon go baby announcement idea

Ideas With A little Bit of Everything

These are the rest of the baby announcement ideas I found. Some combine several elements from above and others are unique in their own way.


Banner baby announcement idea
Calendar baby announcement idea

This was taken in the same photo booth they got engaged in!

Photo booth baby announcement idea
Safety pin baby announcement idea
Shirt baby announcement idea
Sports baby announcement idea

Tax return humor lol!

Tax return baby announcement idea

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Your Turn

Getting to announce a pregnancy is such a special occasion and I hope these examples inspired and excited you!

Which of these baby announcement ideas was your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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