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45 Modern Letter Board Baby Announcement Ideas

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Looking for letter board baby announcement ideas? Here are 45 modern ways to announce your exciting news using a letter board!

Sharing your pregnancy on social media is such an important part of the modern parenthood journey, but it can be tricky to narrow down what theme you want to use with all of the creative options out there.

One popular choice for couples is to use a letter board! They are very trendy and can be used throughout the pregnancy and even baby’s first year of life.

Whether you want to use a clever saying, have your other children in the photo, or get the whole family involved, you’ll love all of these 40+ ideas for sharing your exciting news with family and friends!

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40 Baby Announcements With A Letter Board

Baby “Last Name” Announcements

The most simple way to use a letter board as a baby announcement is to spell out Baby, your last name, and the date of the expected arrival.

It’s clear and to the point, and you can use the letter board in a variety of photos!

Baby Doll

Sisters hold up letter board and ultrasound photo.

Aren’t those sisters adorable?? And their last name is too perfect for the baby announcement!

Photo from @beautifulnaani

Baby Razouki

Letter board with ultrasound photos and flowers.

Using a large letter board gives you space to arrange the ultrasound photos right on the felt and decorate with flowers and a onesie too!

Photo from @jessirazouki

Baby Ly

Couple holds letter board and kisses in background.

I love how this letter board has a frame for the ultrasound photo! The couple kissing adds a sweet touch, too.

Photo from @gordonly

Baby Ziegler

Flat lay with letter board and baby clothes.

The black letter board really pops against the white background and gives this announcement a clean look.

Baby Sprague

Couple holds gray letter board.

This announcement has the perfect amount of soft neutrals. Mom and dad look so happy!

Photo from @mintedinthemidwest

Baby Womack

Flat lay with letter board and brown baby clothes.

It’s such a cute idea to use a heart as a replacement for the “o” in your last name. And the green leaves really pop against the tan and brown colors in this flat lay.

Photo from @stormwomack

Baby Boljesic

Couple holds up letter board baby announcement.

This announcement gives off all the fall vibes! It’s a great idea to use seasonal outdoor scenery as a part of your announcement.

Photo from @theviewfromtobaccoroad

Baby Prebianca

Letter board with ultrasound photo on the beach.

Speaking of location, how relaxing does this baby announcement look with the lounge chairs and palm trees in the background?? It just goes to show that the letter board can do the announcement with or without people in the photo.

Photo from @_feedmetacos_

Couple Announcements

Couple announcements are perfect if this is your first baby or if you have a special saying you want to use on the letter board.

Oops We Did It Again

Husband and wife hold up letter board baby announcment.

This letter board announcement is a spin on the famous Brittney Spears lyric and was used to announce their fourth baby!

Photo from @thegarciadiaries

Baby Loading

Couple holds up letter board with ultrasound photo.

In a world where we’re constantly waiting for videos to load, this announcement is super relevant and cute! The couple made the announcement on Mom’s birthday so it was even more special.

Photo from @themvpfam_

Our Love Story Continues

Couple holds letter board baby announcement.

This announcement is so sweet and perfect for first-time parents. The caption for this post says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Beautiful!

Photo from @_carmensusana

Sibling Announcements

Once you’re on your second and third pregnancy, it’s fun to use siblings in the baby announcement.

It’s the perfect way to announce they’ll be a big brother or sister soon!

I’m Going To Be A Big Brother

Little boy sits on baby with letter board baby annoucement.

This little guy looks so excited for his new role. What a cutie!

Photo from @brandiamabisca

Dear Santa

Siblings hold letter board and ultrasound photo.

What a bunch of adorable siblings! This is the perfect Christmas baby announcement.

Photo from @kelsimsavage

ETA August

Two siblings with an ultrasound baby announcement

Sister and brother are obviously not very thrilled with the news, but their reactions made for an adorable announcement!

Photo from Fit Mommy In Heels

Report To Duty

Little girl sits on rock next to letter board.

Big sister’s dad is in the military so this is a sentimental and sweet way to announce to the world she has a little sibling on the way!

Photo from @sonyjoubert

Tie Breaker Coming

Tiebreak sibling baby announcement idea

When you have one of each, the third baby becomes the tie breaker! How cute are these siblings with their letter board??

Baby #3

Two boys hold letter board and ultrasound photos.

Big brother #1 looks a little unsure of the news and big brother #2 is doing a great job holding the letter board up. Too bad we missed seeing his cute face!

Photo from @tinaflippo

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Toy story gender reveal
Siblings hold Toy Story toys next to gray letter board.

For all of the Toy Story lovers out there, this is such a cute way to get siblings in on the baby announcement!

Top photo from @chels.zski

I’m Being Promoted

Little boy holds baby announcement board.

Big brother looks rather pleased with his promotion!

Family Announcements

Using the entire family in the announcement is a great way to get everyone involved and to get a cute family photo out of the occasion!

This is my favorite way to do a baby announcement!

One More To Adore

Family holds letter board baby announcement.

I looked long and hard for the perfect letter board saying to use for our third baby announcement and I love the one I decided on! Don’t you?

Photo from Love Love Love

Sollie Bear Number 3

Family uses letterboard to announce another baby

Sollie is their last name and it’s so sweet that they call their kiddos Sollie bears! Their pose for the picture is so perfect with two kids!

Photo from @msollie862

Big Brother

This announcement is sweet and to the point. I love the fall colors they chose and how beautiful the photo turned out!

Photo from @ashleysantolaya

Hand Picked For Earth

Family holds white letter board.

What a sweet rainbow baby announcement after this family suffered a loss. The saying they used on their letter board is so tender.

Photo from @caramurtaugh

Shut The Front Door

Family sits on blanket and holds black letter board.

Talk about clever! This announcement has to take the cake for one of the most clever out there. And it rhymes!

Photo from @marypat.sass

Flat Lay Announcements

Using a letter board in a flat lay is one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to announce your baby because you can use all of the props you want and you don’t have to worry about anyone not smiling!

And Then There Were Four

Family uses letterboard to announce another baby

This announcement is perfect because you can use the wording for any pregnancy whether it be your first or fifth!

Photo from @_iolf

I Just Can’t Wait To Meet You

Flat lay of letter board in a crib.

This photo was obviously taken closer to baby’s due date because they have gender specific clothing and the baby’s crib is set up, but you can use this idea with gender neutral props on a just a plain white sheet and it would be just as cute!

Photo from @lifeaftersped

One More To Adore

Flat lay with black letter board and white flowers.

I’ve already shared this letter board saying, but I had to include this version because I love how Mom used is as part of a flat lay with those gorgeous white flowers and leaves!

Photo from @jac.sheppick

No More Silent Nights

Flat lay with black letter board and Christmas decorations.

If you’re looking for a clever (and hilarious) Christmas baby announcement, this is the perfect set up!

Photo from @hayleyfocsan

New Year’s Resolutions

Flat lay with black letter board and New Year's decorations.

Keeping with the holiday theme, this flat lay is perfect for the new year. And won’t it feel good to check a resolution off so early!

Photo from @caseyinwanderland

Sugar And Spice

Flat lay baby gender reveal idea

If you know the gender when you make your announcement to the world, this is the perfect saying for your little girl!

Photo from The Samantha Show

We’re Expecting

Flat lay with black letter board on white sheet.

This photo was made with an edit-yourself design where you can changes the last name and date. You can find these all over Etsy!

Photo from @simplykaylamaree

The Butterflies In My Tummy

Hexagon letter board on a white rug.

I’ve never seen this saying on a letter board baby announcement and I absolutely love it! The hexagon letter board shape is so unique too.

Photo from @LoLuMade

Less Sleep & More Love

Flat lay with wooden letter board and flowers.

For a beautiful (and accurate) announcement, you can edit this beautiful design with your own details!

Photo from Create Me A Print

Momma Has A Bun In The Oven

Woman holds gray letter board.

The most hilarious way to announce baby boy is on the way!

We Are Expecting

Flay lay with wooden letter board.

This photo uses a subtle play on the word “expecting” for a sweet and clever announcement.

Photo from Hello Mittens


Yellow letter board baby announcement.

This is probably the most simple of the letter board announcements. But it’s still beautiful! Colored letter boards add a nice pop of color that will make your photo stand out.

We Feel So Blessed

Flat lay with gray letter board and spring wreath.

For a sweet Spring/Easter announcement, you can edit this flat lay design with your custom details!

Photo from Cranberrysky Digital

Player 3 Loading

Flat lay with letter board and game controller.

Using a controller with your letter board is a unique take for all of the gamers out there!

Photo from @lizzykins007

We Can’t Wait To Meet You

Rainbow baby letter board announcement.

This is a rainbow baby variation of the saying you saw above. Incorporating a macrame rainbow is a simple way to specify your special baby and is something you can use in their nursery as decor.

Photo from @stephanieradoux

We’ve Been Keeping A Little Secret

Flat lay with black letter board and baby blocks.

This saying can work no matter the time of year or which pregnancy number it is!

Photo from Hello Mittens

White Letter Board

White letter board lays on ground in a wheat field.

This isn’t a traditional flat lay, but I love the angle of the photo and how you can see the ultrasound and mini jean jacket with the due date letter board.

Photo from @ps__sandoval

Baby Shark!

Flay lat with letter board and baby clothes.

We’ve all heard the song, so why not use those catchy lyrics to your advantage with this culturally appropriate announcement!

Photo from Hello Mittens

Announcements With Pets

If your pets are a big part of your life, why not use them in your baby announcement photo!

Finally Adding A Two Legged Sibling

Husband, wife, and dogs stand next to letter board.

This family raises these beautiful Golden Retrievers, so they were an obvious choice to have in the announcement photo!

Photo from @adventuresoftrinitypups

Littlest Gallagher

Dog stands next to letter board and ultrasound photo.

I just can’t with the glasses on that adorable pup. Too cute!

Photo from @aylakoska

Due Date Letter Board

Family uses letterboard to announce another baby

This is another simple baby announcement with every one in the family involved. It really can be as easy as using the ultrasound photos and a letter board with the due date!

Photo from @shyannediaz

Want More?

If you liked these ideas, be sure to check out these baby announcement board options when you’re ready to purchase the actual letter board!

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