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7 Simple Ways To Keep Christ in Christmas

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Here are 7 simple ways to keep Christ in Christmas including service opportunities, activities, and meaningful family traditions.

The holidays are a hectic time of year with parties, travel, gift buying, and decorating.

So, it can be easy to forget the true meaning of the season.

But, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Here are 7 simple ways to keep Christ in Christmas whether you’re a first time mom, or a seasoned mom with a whole crew of kids.

These ideas are easy, inexpensive, and great to use as continuing family Christmas traditions.

Try one or all of them with your loved ones this year.

Mom with kids sits around a white table with small wood nativity scene on it.

Simple Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas

1. Display Nativities

A a small nativity scene on a table with Christmas lights in the background.

One of the easiest ways to keep Christ in Christmas is to display nativities in your home.

They’re the perfect reminder of the Savior and make great decorations for the holiday.

You can use them to decorate a coffee table, sidebar, or mantle. And there are so many cute and affordable options out there.

Or, you can try your hand at making your own. Felt nativities give kids a chance to play and learn the characters of the Christmas story.

We like to display ours in the family room, in our kids’ rooms, and on the Christmas tree.

2. Daily Christ-Centered Ornament

Christmas tree with Christ-centered ornaments including wisemen, a star, and nativity.

Daily ornaments are another fun way to keep Christ as the center of the Christmas season.

You can make your own, or purchase a kit online.

You’ll gather your family each night in December to read scripture stories and hang a symbolic ornament on the tree.

It’s a great way to create lasting memories and help children learn to enjoy the teachings and stories of Christ.

3. Light the World

Red and white Light The World paper on wood table with candle.

If you’ve never heard of Light the World, you’re missing out!

#LightTheWorld is an invitation to transform Christmas into a season of service. It’s a worldwide movement to touch hearts and change lives by doing the things Jesus did.

You can participate by doing things like:

  • Feeding the hungry.
  • Comforting the lonely.
  • Visiting the sick and afflicted.
  • Showing kindness to everyone.

There are lots of daily service suggestions to help you get started.

And you can see what other families and individuals are doing by following the hashtag on social media.

4. Act Out the Nativity

Four children dressed in costumes act out the nativity scene in a living room.

One of the most classic Christmas activities centered on Christ is acting out the nativity.

Our family does this each year, and it’s such a fun way to bring the story of Christ’s birth to life.

It’s a great way to involve your children and enjoy each other’s company.

You don’t have to purchase expensive costumes (although you’re welcome to!). We just grab items we have around the house like robes, ribbon, and pillowcases.

Have the kids act out their part as you read the Christmas story from Luke 2.

5. Serve

Two small boys shovel snow with a large red snow shovel.

As mentioned above, there are so many great ways to serve those in need during the holiday season. There is nothing more Christlike than finding ways to ease the burdens of others and bring them joy.

Here are some simple service ideas for kids and families to do:

  • Shovel snow.
  • Participate in food and toy drives.
  • Donate to local community causes.
  • Volunteer at animal shelters and soup kitchens.
  • Send cards to let people know they’re loved.
  • Spend time at a nursing home.
  • Take treats to neighbors.

6. Attend a Live Nativity

A man and woman hold a baby boy acting as the Christ child in a live nativity.

A magical way to keep Christ in Christmas is to attend a live nativity.

Many communities, churches, and local farms hold live nativities each year, and they’re usually free. You can search your local city calendar or on Facebook events to find live nativities near you.

And you can make a night of it by stopping for some hot chocolate before or afterward, or making some at home.

7. Sing Christmas Hymns

Family sits on church pew holding hymn books and singing.

One of my favorite ways to keep Christ in Christmas is to sing Christmas hymns.

Even if you don’t think you have a great singing voice, the message of the songs will definitely make up for it!

This is a great way for families to bond and invite the true spirit of Christmas into your home.

The Bottom Line

The holidays provide a wonderful opportunity for families to gather together and create lasting memories.

But, it’s the most meaningful when Christ is kept at the center of your celebrations.

With that in mind, I hope your family enjoys one or more of these simple ideas this year.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to create a big impact on the season!

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