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How I Replaced My Household Cleaning Products With $35 Cloths

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Inside: Want safer household cleaning products and cleaning tips? Swap your harsh cleaning supplies with these $35 dollar cloths for dusting, polishing and wiping!

You all know how much I love saving money and how much I love to clean!

I’ve been able to tick both those boxes by eliminating almost all my household cleaning products and replacing them with some magical cleaning items I know you’ll love.

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What Are the Best Cleaning Supplies to Use?

I’m sure you’ve seen the amazing MLM cleaning clothes that claim to disinfect and clean with just water. I was super intrigued by them, but disappointed with how expensive they are.

But, then I discovered e-cloth!

I saw this e-cloth set online and was really interested, but fearful of the price. I was shocked to see that they are only $39.99! For 8 cloths, this is an amazing deal!

ecloth cleaning cloths package
ecloth household cleaning cloths.
Woman uses ecloth to clean kitchen counters.

I was so impressed with e-cloth reviews, I decided to reach out and see if they wanted to partner with Love Love Love. e-cloth agreed and was so kind to send me the Home Cleaning Set to review.

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The Benefits of e-cloth for Household Cleaning

1. You’ll Save Lots of Money on Household Cleaning Products

I hardly use any cleaners now which saves so much money. My mirrors, windows, glass, counter tops, table tops, stainless steel and faucets all get cleaned with these amazing e-cloths. (I do still use a cleaner in my toilets, sinks and tubs).

I also save on paper towels. Before switching to e-cloth, I went through so many paper towels every week in order to get all my cleaning done.

Woman holds yellow ecloth.
Woman cleans bathroom without harsh household cleaning products.

2. You’ll Help the Environment

e-cloths are reusable. You can just throw them in your washing machine with your other towels to get them sanitized. With less waste in your trashcan from paper towels, and fewer harsh chemicals down your drain, you’ll be doing the earth a favor.

Plus, they are guaranteed for 300 washes! That’s six years of cleaning!

Packaging shows how e-cloth works to replace household cleaning products.
Woman uses e-cloth to clean refrigerator.
Woman uses e-cloth to clean mirror.

3. You’ll Get Better Cleaning Results

The Cleaning cloth is proven to remove over 99% of bacteria from a hard surface, and the glass and polishing cloth leaves a lint-free shine on faucets and mirrors! (I could never get my mirrors this clean before!).

I’ve used them for two weeks now and they clean so much better than my old household cleaning products and paper towels ever did!

(UPDATE: I’ve now been using e-cloth for years for all my household cleaning, and I’ve never looked back!)

Faucet before and after cleaned with e-cloth
Stove top before and after using ecloth

4. You Can Use Them Around Your Kids

Before e-cloth, I was nervous to do any cleaning around my kids. Our household cleaning products just weren’t sage. e-cloth is safe to use around children, and all you need is hot water!

Mother and children clean without harsh household cleaning products.

5. They Outpace Their Competitors

The e-cloth Home Cleaning Set is not only less expensive than other cloths, it’s also better quality.

The best microfiber cloths on the market have between 90,000 and 200,0000 fibers per square inch (MOST cloths being sold only ave 25,000-75,000). e-cloths have 3.1 Million* fibers per inch. Amazing!

I’m SO Glad I Found e-cloth!

I’m not dreading my spring cleaning this year because I know e-cloth will get my house super clean with just water! These cloths will wipe up all of the dust on my baseboards and not spread it around!

And the Home Cleaning Set isn’t they only cloths they have to offer! e-cloth also has products for baby, for your car, and for your pets!

Are you Ready to Switch out Your Household Cleaning Products?

I hope you enjoyed learning how I’ve replaced my household cleaning products with easy to use and save e-cloths. You’ll love revamping your cleaning supplies with e-cloth and saving money, too.

E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set, ...Shop on Amazon

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