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How To Get Baby Poop Out Of Clothes

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As a first time mom, you’ll likely spend a lot of time cleaning stains of every kind. Unfortunately, that includes stains from baby poop. At some point or another, you or the baby will find yourself covered in it.

It’s pretty much inevitable!

So, here are some foolproof tips to help!

The Best Way to Get Rid of Baby Poop Stains

Dawn dishsoap is the best baby stain remover.

First, you’ll want to act right away. Don’t let the stain set in, or it will be more difficult to remove.

You’ll need a good quality dish soap like Dawn and hot water. Yup! Just two ingredients!

A pair of pants with baby poop stains.

Add a little Dawn dish soap to the stain and rub it in, then rinse away with hot, hot water. The stain should come right out for most items.

If it’s a lighter piece of clothing, you can follow up with Oxiclean Versatile Stain Remover Powder. Add the clothing item to a sink full of warm water and sprinkle in some powder, let it sit for about 15 minutes and rinse.

A pair of pants cleaned with oxiclean baby stain remover.

How can I prevent poop stains?

To stop poop stains before they happen, be sure you’re diapering baby correctly.

A big reason blowouts happen is because the diaper isn’t secured properly.

Double check that the diaper tabs are snug around your baby’s waist, but not too tight. You should still be able to fit a finger in between the diaper and the baby.

Most diapers also have “leg cuffs”. Make sure those are pulled out so the elastic portion is tight around baby’s leg and the trim is pointing outward.

If you find that your baby still experiences frequent blowouts, try switching to a different diaper like these diapers with a built-in pocket to catch escaping poop.

More Diapering Tips

Newborn baby lays on changing table with a wet diaper and clean diaper underneath.

Here are some more newborn baby hacks to help make the diapering process easier:

  • For extra poopy episodes, use the clean, upper portion of the diaper to wipe down baby’s bottom before going in with your wipes. This will reduce waste and make the poopy mess easier to clean.

You can also try using a clean diaper for extra protection during changing.

  • Slip a fresh diaper under your baby’s bum before removing the soiled one. Then open the diaper, wipe baby clean, and carefully pull the dirty diaper away, leaving baby to rest her bum on the clean one beneath.

This will keep your changing pad and changing table as clean as possible!

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