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How long are babies considered babies?

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As a first time mom, you’ll want to savor every milestone and stage your baby goes through. And it will all happen so fast!

Before you know it, your newborn will be crawling, and then walking and then terrorizing the house!

So how long are babies considered babies?

Mom plays with baby in front of window.

Stages of Development for Babies

You can technically refer to any child between the ages of 0-3 as a baby, but here are how the different stages generally break down:

  • Newborn: 0-3 Months
  • Baby: 3-12 Months
  • Toddler: 1-3 Years

Each stage brings new and exciting moments for you and your child and some challenges, too. Remember that the good tends to outweigh the bad and most things are temporary.

Being a new mom can be hard, but it’s so worth it!

Tips for Each Stage

Here are some tips to help you rock each of your baby’s growth and developmental stages. Be sure to lean on friends and family for support and get your hands on the best first time mom books, too.


Learn smart newborn baby hacks for breastfeeding, diapering, bath time, sleep time, and more, and don’t be afraid to ask your mom friends for their proven tips.

You should also purchase must have newborn items to make your life easier.

You’ll want to have these items on hand before you bring baby home!


As your baby grows out of the newborn phase, you’ll want to transition them to their own room. Be sure to create a practical and comforting nursery design that makes caring for baby easy.

You can find inspiration from the web like these baby girl bedroom ideas on a budget.

Be sure to take monthly baby photos to capture all of baby’s first year. Use these pictures in a collage or create a DIY wall hanging and photo display to have as a sentimental keepsake.

Get your baby into swim lessons early. This is the best way to prevent accidental drowning. When baby is able to walk, pool safety should become a top priority.


Plan your baby’s first birthday party with cute theme ideas like this pumpkin first birthday and this cute floral first birthday.

Be sure to break baby’s finger sucking habit so their teeth develop properly, and try smart potty training tricks to encourage them to take this next huge step!

Learn to set limits early to help them respect your parenting and set them up for behavioral and social success down the line.

Your baby will always be your baby, but they will grow out of that cute, snuggly stage pretty fast.

So, remember to appreciate every moment and don’t be afraid to slow life down to soak in every baby kiss and finger hold for as long as you can!

Here are even more tips for the first time mom, from pregnancy, postpartum and beyond!