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This Is The Best Root Cover Up For Brunettes

This post is sponsored by Everpro Gray Away. All of the thoughts and opinions are my own.
Inside: Do you color your hair? If you’re not naturally brunette like me, you’ll love this product! It’s the best root cover up for brunettes! This is how I keep my hair looking fresh between treatments. 
So here’s a secret you may not know about me…my hair isn’t naturally dark brown! I’ve been coloring my hair every 4-5 weeks since I was a junior in high school! Most people don’t know that about me unless they see me on the few days before I color my hair again. That re-growth just gives it away! I only have to touch up my roots now, so it’s so frustrating when I see my natural color coming in. Regular maintenance is a part of my beauty routine and I just want my hair to stay dark!
Woman shares the best root cover up for brunettes.
Gray Away root touch up powder
Woman uses root cover up powder in mirror
Woman uses powder to cover her roots
Woman holds Gray Away root cover product
Woman holds product to cover roots in mirror
Gray Away product components
Root cover up before and after
Since that’s not possible, I’ve been trying different root concealers over the years. I feel like I’ve tried everything: brown eyeshadow, mascara, root spray, brown dry shampoo. Most of them are so messy and they don’t look very natural. 

What is the Best Root Cover Up?

I had purchased GrayAway Root Touch-Up Magnetic Powder at my local Ulta a few weeks before I was selected for this sponsored post, so I already knew that it was an amazing product! I love that it doesn’t make a mess. I love the small, convenient compact, and I LOVE the applicator that snaps into the base of the compact.

The applicator is what makes this product so easy to use. I just add a little to the sponge, rub it along my part and around my hairline and it looks like I just colored my hair! It’s such a great way to hide your roots between colorings. It’s the best root cover up method I’ve every tried and it’s so simple to apply. 

Woman applies powder to cover roots
Woman uses q-tip to apply root cover
Gray away product and hair accessories

Here’s another tip for using the product: After I’ve applied it, I take a cotton swab and run it along my part line to clean up any excess that may have gotten on my scalp. It helps keep my hair looking natural and only takes me a few seconds.  

I feel comfortable going at least 6 weeks between colorings now which saves me time and money and keeps my hair healthier since I’m not coloring it so frequently! 

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You will LOVE Using this Root Touch Up!

For all you not-so-natural brunettes out there, this is the best root cover up product that I’ve found, especially for busy moms who don’t have time to color their hair every 4 weeks!

And let’s just keep my little hair color secret between you and me *wink*

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Your Turn

What’s your natural hair color? Do you dare to share? Let me know in the comments!

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