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How does it feel to be a first time mom?

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As a mom of three, I can say with confidence that it feels wonderful to be a first time mom, a second time mom and a third!

BUT, it’s not always smooth sailing . . .

Becoming a mother is an incredible journey, filled with really high, highs and sometimes some pretty big lows.

Here are some of the good and bad things you may feel as a first time mom.

First time mom cradles baby close to face.


Before birth, you may feel excitement and anticipation, but it’s totally normal to feel a little nervous or anxious, too.

As a first time mom it’s hard to know what to expect. My best advice is to not be afraid to ask questions.

Get help from your doctors, friends and family who have been there!

If you arm yourself with the best knowledge and tools, those nervous feelings won’t get in your way!

Labor & Delivery

Once your baby is born, you will experience a rush of emotion!

You and your body have just gone through one of the hardest things humanly possible.

You may feel simultaneously exhausted and hyper-aware as your adrenaline wears off. Many mothers also experience feeling powerful, overjoyed, and even invincible.

How you feel as a new mother can differ based on your personality and method of delivery.

Natural Birth

I’ve never experienced a natural birth firsthand, but so many of my family members have. Here are some of the common feelings you may experience as a first time mom:

  • An extreme desire to push
  • Anger (directed at your partner or others)
  • Crazy Strength
  • Exhaustion

During delivery, anything goes. If you feel the need to scream or shout or change positions, your doctor, nurses or midwife will help you through.


Many women feel nervous about getting an epidural, but it’s really not that bad! Yes, the needle is big, but they do a great job of numbing you up before sticking you with it.

You will likely feel much more calm once the epidural takes effect and you may not even notice when you have contractions.

I like getting an epidural because it allows you to relax, distract yourself and even laugh during the moments (and hours) leading up to delivery.


Many first time moms need to have a c-section delivery.

This may be scary or frustrating for a new mom (or any mother), but you can still experience a beautiful and wonderful delivery this way.

If you haven’t already received an epidural, you will be treated with one. Your anesthesiologist will make sure you are unable to feel anything from the waist down.

It’s an incredibly strange sensation. You will feel completely weightless as you are lifted onto the operating table.

You can watch your baby be delivered with an overhead mirror or screen, or wait for the nurses to bring baby to you when it’s all over.

No matter how your baby is delivered, every new mother should feel proud of her accomplishment.

There are some surprising things to know about first time mom labor, so make sure you’re prepared. And if you have a scheduled induction, be sure to read this step-by-step guide to being induced.

Seeing Baby for the First Time

When you first see your new baby after birth, you may feel relief, joy and excitement.

Many mothers cry when they see their baby and many don’t as well. Don’t feel bad if you don’t react the way you expect.

You’ve been through a lot, so it may take some time to understand your emotions and connect with baby they way you desire!


Postpartum is a huge adjustment period. While you’re in the hospital, you have lots of help around the clock.

Once you get home, it’s a whole other story!

Coming home is often a difficult time for first time moms. You may feel overwhelmed with all of the postpartum body changes, extremely tired, frustrated, confused, angry, sad, lonely . . . the list goes on!

It’s important to get support where you can, speak to your doctor if needed and remember that this is just a phase (with a really big learning curve!).

While you’ll definitely enjoy sweet snuggles and precious moments with baby, you may also experience some big challenges.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious at the start, but if you notice these feelings don’t go away or intensify over time, it might be time to speak with your doctor about postpartum depression (PPD).

Depression may not always manifest as feeling sad. You can also have anger or rage. These are all incredibly common experiences for women after getting birth and there’s absolutely no shame in seeking help!

Don’t get discouraged!

Through the highs and the lows, the uncertain and the uncharted, being a first time mom is both a huge challenge and an amazing and special time.

The beautiful moments with your baby will far outweigh any short term pain and discomfort, so don’t get discouraged.

You will learn so much about yourself through this process and find strength, purpose and willpower you never knew you had!

Ashley Ziegler

Wednesday 30th of December 2020

I like that you mentioned that it's okay if you don't cry when you see your baby for the first time. I am a crier. I cry at the drop of the hat if someone else is crying and so I expected to bawl my eyes out when I saw my daughter but I didn't cry at all. I was actually like so smiley and happy and just overwhelmed with relief and peace and joy. I definitely cried later on (lol love that postpartum) but I like that you mentioned its okay for moms to not cry when they see their baby for the first time because that can happen, it did for me!

Jessica Ashcroft

Wednesday 30th of December 2020

Yes! Every mom is SO different, I wanted to be sure to address all of the range of emotions. Some moms don't feel a connection or anything when they first see their baby; the bond comes later. All of it is OK! Thanks for your comment Ash!