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68 Modern Girl Names that Start with S (with Meanings!)

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Inside: Looking for girl names that start with S? You’ll love these modern names real moms are using from Sachi to Sydney!

Give your baby girl an adorable and sweet S name like Scout, Sloane and Sutton. These beautiful names are sure to stand out and are perfect for any mom and baby to be.

This post includes only the most modern S names out there, curated from the other baby name lists on my site. (No need to scroll through 100’s of names real moms would never use!)

So here are the best S names for girls with meanings and don’t forget girl names that start with Q and girl names that start with R.

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S Names for Girls

  1. Sachi – Japanese origin, Girl child of bliss
  2. Sadie – English origin, Princess
  3. Sage/Saige/Sayge – English origin, Herb or prophet
  4. Sailor/Saylor – German origin, Boat man
  5. Salem – Hebrew origin, Peace
  6. Salima – Arabic origin, Safe, Sound, Intact
  7. Salma – Arabic origin, Peaceful
  8. Salynnity – English origins, Saltiness
  9. Sanefriah (Sa-nef-ra) – Unknown origin, Created name
  10. Sarina – Hebrew origin, Princess, One who laughs
  11. Sarvani – Hindu origin, Goddess, Omnipresent, Perfect
  12. Savanna – Spanish origin, Open plain
  13. Savvy – American origin, Smart
  14. Sawyer – English origin, Wood cutter
  15. Scarlet/Scarlett – English origin, Red
  16. Scottie – English and Scottish origin, Diminutive of Scott
  17. Scotlyn/Scottlyn/Scotlynn/Scottlynn/Scotlyne/Scottlyne – American origin, Combination of Scott and Lyn
  18. Scout – American origin, First explorer
  19. Seattle – Native American origin, Reconciler
  20. Seelay – French origin, Blessed
  21. Segen – German origin, Blessing, Charm, Prayer
  22. Sena – African origin, Gift of fate
  23. Serena – Latin origin, Serene, Calm
  24. Serenity – English origin, Peaceful disposition
  25. Shaeli/Shaylie/Shaylee/Shalee/Shayleigh – American origin, Combination of Shay and Lee
  26. Shaina – American origin, God is gracious
  27. Shanta – Indian origin, Serene, Calm
  28. Shaylie – English origin, Variant of Shaylee
  29. Shula – Arabic origin, Flame
  30. Sicily -English origin, From Sicily, Italy
  31. Sienna – Italian origin, Reddish brown
  32. Siran – Armenian origin, Sweet love
  33. Sky/Skye – Scottish origin, From the isle of Skye
  34. Skylar – American origin, Scholar
  35. Skylee – American origin, Created name
  36. Sloan/Sloane – Irish origin, Expedition, Invasion
  37. Sofia/Sophia – Greek origin, Wisdom
  38. Sofie/Sophie – French origin, Wisdom
  39. Sora – Japanese origin, Sky
  40. Starla – American origin, A Star
  41. Stella – Latin origin, Star
  42. Stephanie – French origin, Crown
  43. Stevie – English origin, Shortened form of Stephanie
  44. Sullivan – Irish origin, Dark-eyed
  45. Summer – English origin, Summer
  46. Sunny – English origin, Sunny
  47. Sutton/Sutton Lou – English origin, From the South town
  48. Swaizey/Swayzee – English origin, Surname
  49. Sydney – French origin, Contraction of St. Denys

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