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68 Modern Girl Names that Start with K (with Meanings!)

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Inside: Looking for girl names that start with K? You’ll love these modern names real moms are using from Kaezlee to Kysa!

Check out these adorable and sweet K names for girls like Kestry, Kapri and Kalena. These precious names are sure to stand out and are perfect for any mom and baby to be.

I’ve included only the most modern K names out there, curated from the other baby name lists on my site. (No need to scroll through 100’s of names real moms would never use!)

So, here are the best K names for girls with meanings and don’t miss girl names that start with I and girl names that start with J.

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K Names for Girls

  1. Kada – Sanskrit origin, Cloud
  2. Kaezlee, Kaislee, Kaisley, Kaizlee, Kayzlie – American origin, Who is Like God?
  3. Kairi – Japanese origin, Ocean Village
  4. Kaitlyn – Irish origin, Pure
  5. Kajea – Welsh origin, Feminine derivative of the name Kaj, Earth
  6. Kalei – Hawaiian origin, The Child, Happiness
  7. Kalena – Hawaiian origin, Pure
  8. Kallie – Greek origin, Beautiful
  9. Kamilla – Italian origin, Perfect
  10. Kamryn – American origin, Bent Nose
  11. Kanyon, Kanyon Skye – English origin, A large ravine
  12. Kapri – Italian origin, Italian Island
  13. Kara – Italian origin, Dear
  14. Karinya – Australian origin, Peaceful home
  15. Karishama – Hindi origin, Derivative of the name Karishma, Miracle
  16. Karisma – African American origin, Derivative of the name Charisma, Personal magnetism
  17. Karmony – English origin, Derivative of the name Harmony, Musical accord
  18. Karsyn – American origin, Christian
  19. Kassidy – Irish origin, Curly Haired
  20. Katie – English origin, Pure
  21. Kaycee – American origin, Initials K and C
  22. Kaydence – American origin, Musical rhythm
  23. Kayleigh – American origin, Who is like God
  24. Kaylynn – American origin, Combination of Kay and Lyn
  25. Keiko – Japanese origin, Blessed Child
  26. Kenadee, Kennedy, Kyndee – Irish, Misshapen head
  27. Kenalee – American origin, Derivative of the name Kenna, Beautiful
  28. Kendra – English origin, Water baby, Magical
  29. Kenzee, Kenzi – Scottish origin, Feminine derivative of the name McKenzie, Son of the handsome one.
  30. Kerensa – English origin, Love
  31. Keslynn – American origin, Created name
  32. Kestry – American origin, Created name
  33. Keva – Irish origin, Gentle, Kind, Beautiful
  34. Kezlee – English origin, Derivative of the name Lesley, Joy
  35. Khloe – Greek origin, Verdant and blooming
  36. Kia – African origin, Hill
  37. Kiara – Irish origin, Dark
  38. Kimber – American origin, Short form of Kimberly
  39. Kinlee, Kinley – Irish origin, Fair Haired Viking
  40. Kinsley, Kinzley, KynzLee – English origin, From Cyne’s Field
  41. Klaire – French origin, Illustrious, Enlightened
  42. Knoxx – English origin, Small hill
  43. Kodie – English origin, Helpful
  44. Kolbi – English origin, From Koli’s Farm
  45. Kopelynn – English origin, Deriviate of the name Copeland, Bought land
  46. Kori – American origin, Hollow
  47. Korra – Greek origin, Heart, Maiden
  48. Kortlee, Kourtlyn, Kourtnee – English origin, Derivative of the name Courtney, French Dynasty name
  49. Krailey – American origin, Derivative of the name Kaylee, Who is Like God?
  50. Krezlyn – American origin, Created name
  51. Krimzyn – English origin, Dark red color
  52. Kylee – English origin, Boomerang
  53. Kyomi – Japanese origin, Pure and beautiful
  54. Kyrie – Greek origin, The Lord
  55. Kysa – Swedish origin, Pure

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