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45 Modern Girl Names that Start with J (with Meanings!)

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Looking for girl names that start with J? You’ll love these modern names real moms are using from Jade to Juniper.

Don’t waste time scrolling through 100’s of names real moms would never use! This post includes only the most modern J names for girls, curated from the other baby name lists on my site.

These sweet and beautiful names are sure to stand out and are perfect for any mom and baby to be. J names for girls also have special meanings like “precious stone”, “joyful” and more.

Keep scrolling for all 45 names (including yours truly) and be sure to check out girl names that start with H and girl names that start with I.

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J Names for Girls

  1. Jacey/Jacie – American origin, From the initials J.C.
  2. Jacinta – Spanish origin, Hyacinth
  3. Jade – English origin, Green gemstone
  4. Jae – Korean origin, Ability, Talent
  5. Jaeda – Hebrew origin, Wise
  6. JaemisonEnglish origin, Son of James
  7. Jameela/Jamila – Arabic origin, Beauty
  8. Jane – English origin, God is gracious
  9. Jasmine – Persian origin, Jasmine flower
  10. Jaxlynn – American origin, Jax + Lynn
  11. Jaye – Latin origin, A bird in the crow family
  12. Jaylee – American origin, Blue jay meadow
  13. Jayleen – American origin, Beautiful Jay Bird
  14. Jemima – Hebrew origin, Dove
  15. Jemma – English origin, Precious stone
  16. Jenna – English origin, Fair phantom
  17. Jennison – English/Hebrew origin, Jehovah has favored me
  18. Jersey – English origin, Grassy island
  19. Jessica – Hebrew origin, God beholds
  20. Jewel – English origin, Precious stone
  21. Jocelyn – English origin, Little goth
  22. Jolene – American origin, Jo + Eileen
  23. Jolie – French origin, Pretty
  24. Jordyn/Jordynn – Hebrew origin, To flow down
  25. Josephine – French origin, God will increase
  26. Josey/Josie – American origin, God will add
  27. Journee/JourNee/Journie – American origin, A trip or experience from one place to another
  28. Jovi/Jovie – American origin, Joyful
  29. Jovonna – American origin, Possible variant of Giovanna
  30. Joyce – English origin, Little Lord
  31. Jubilee – Hebrew origin, Joy, Celebration
  32. Judith – Hebrew origin, From Judea
  33. Julianne – French origin, Feminine form of Julian
  34. Juliette – French origin, Young, Downy
  35. June Belle – Latin origin, Born in June
  36. Juniper – Latin origin, Juniper berry
  37. Jupiter – Latin origin, Father Zeus
  38. Justina – American origin, Just, Fair

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