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20 Modern Girl Names that Start with G (with Meanings!)

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Inside: Looking for girl names that start with G? You’ll love these modern names real moms are using from Gavyn to Gwyneth.

Check out these beautiful and unique G names for girls. These modern names are sure to stand out and are perfect for any mom and baby to be. G names for girls have interesting and special meanings like “precious stone”, “blessed” and more.

Instead of listing every G name out there, I decided to only use the most modern names that are found on the other baby name lists on my site.

Keep scrolling for all 20 names and don’t forget girl names that start with E and girl names that start with F.

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G Names for Girls

  1. Gale – English origin, Pleasant, Merry
  2. Galina – Russian origin, Clarity
  3. Gavyn – American origin, Form of Gavin
  4. Geila – Hebrew origin, Joy
  5. Gemma – Italian origin, Precious stone
  6. Genevieve – French origin, Woman of the family
  7. Gentry – English origin, Nobility of birth
  8. Georgia – English origin, Farmer
  9. Gia – Italian origin, God is gracious
  10. Gianna – Italian origin, God is gracious
  11. Gigi – French origin, Nickname
  12. Ginny – English origin, Diminutive of Virginia
  13. Goldie – English origin, Made of gold
  14. Grace – Latin origin, Charm
  15. Gracie – English origin, Grace of God
  16. Gray – English origin, Black mixed with white
  17. Greta – German origin, A pearl
  18. Gwendolyn – Welsh origin, Blessed Ring
  19. Gweneth/Gwyneth – Welsh origin, Fortunate, Blessed

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