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20 Modern Girl Names that Start with F (with Meanings!)

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Inside: Check out these adorable girl names that start with F. These modern names are perfect for any mom and baby to be from Fable to Fynlee!

Looking for F names for girls? You’ll love these unique names with special spellings, plus trendy and popular names, too. These cute names also have interesting and impactful meanings like “happiness” and “trust”.

You’ll definitely want to add these to your list and share them with your mom friends, too!

Keep scrolling for all 20 names and don’t forget girl names that start with D and girl names that start with E.

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F Names for Girls

  1. Fable – English origin, Story with a moral or lesson
  2. Fairly – English origin, From the clearing overgrown with ferns
  3. Faith – English origin, Faith
  4. Fanning – English origin, Lives near a Marsh or Bog
  5. Farrah – English origin, Ironsmith
  6. Fay/Faye – French origin, Fairy or Elf
  7. Fayre – English origin, Beautiful
  8. Felicity – Latin origin, Happiness
  9. Femi – African origin, Love me
  10. Fendi – Italian origin, To split
  11. Fern – English origin, Fern
  12. Finley/Finnlie/Fynlee – Scottish origin, Fair warrior/hero
  13. Finna – Irish origin, Fair
  14. Flora – Latin origin, Flowering
  15. Freya/Freyja – Scandinavian origin, Goddess of love, fertility and beauty
  16. Frida – German origin, Peace

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