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56 Modern Girl Names that Start with E (with Meanings!)

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Check out these adorable and modern girl names that start with E! These names are trendy and unique like Eden, Elodie, and Elsie.

Looking for E names for girls? You’ll love these modern options that real moms are using. This post includes totally unique names with special spellings, plus popular names from the top 100 list like Ella, Emery and Eden.

I know you’ll want to add these to your list and share them with your mom friends, too!

Keep scrolling for all 56 names and don’t miss girl names that start with C and girl names that start with D.

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E Names for Girls

  1. Eba – Basque origin, Form of Eva, To live
  2. Eden – Hebrew origin, Paradise
  3. Eisley – American origin, Created name possibly influenced by Mos Eisley, a town in the Star Wars universe
  4. Elaine/Elayne – English origin, Light
  5. Eleanor – French origin, From the French provencale name, Alienore
  6. Elena – Greek origin, Form of Helen, Shining light
  7. Eliana – Hebrew origin, God has answered
  8. Eliyah – Hebrew origin, My God is Yahweh
  9. Eliza – English origin, God is my Oath
  10. Ella – Spanish origin, Young girl
  11. Ellen – Greek origin, Light
  12. ElleneBelle – English origin, Ellen + Belle
  13. Ellie – Greek origin, Short form of names beginning with El
  14. Elliot – English origin, The Lord is my God
  15. Ellodie/Elodie – French origin, Wealthy, Riches
  16. Ellorie/Elorie – English origin, Cheerful
  17. Eloise – French origin, Famous warrior
  18. Elora – Hebrew origin, My God is my light
  19. Elowyn – English origin, Elm Tree
  20. Elsie – German origin, Shortened form of the name Elizabeth
  21. Ember – English origin, Spark, Burning low
  22. Emelyn – American origin, Created name
  23. Emerie/Emery/Emmary/Emoree – Engish origin, Work ruler
  24. Emerson/Emersyn – English origin, Son of Emery
  25. Emi – Japanese origin, Blessed, Favor Beautiful
  26. Emma – Latin origin, Universal
  27. Emmalily – English origin, Emma + Lily
  28. Emmalyne – English origin, Combination of the names Emma and Lyn
  29. Emmeline – English origin, Work
  30. Emmie/Emmy – English origin, Diminutive of Emily
  31. Emylia – English origin, Variant of Emilia
  32. Enid – Welsh origin, Soul
  33. Ensley – English origin, Variant of Ainsley
  34. Eshe – African origin, Life
  35. Esme – French origin, Loved
  36. Esperanza – Spanish origin, Hope
  37. Estelle – Latin origin, Star
  38. Eva – Hebrew origin, Giver of life
  39. Evalyn/Evelyn/Evelynn – English origin, Beautiful bird
  40. Evangeline – English origin, Messenger of good news
  41. Evania – Greek origin, Tranquil
  42. Everest – English origin, Dweller on the Eure River
  43. Everleigh/Everly – English origin, From the boar meadow
  44. Evette – American origin, Yew or Life
  45. Evie – English origin, Shortened form of Eve

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