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29 Modern Girl Names that Start with D (with Meanings!)

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Inside: Looking for girl names that start with D? Here are 29 adorable options real moms are using like Demi, Daphne and Dani!

Each of these names is perfect for any modern mom and baby to be and some have even made the top 100 list of girl names, including Dahlia, Daisy, and Dawn.

You’ll also find special names with unique spellings that are sure to stand out.

Keep scrolling for all 29 names and don’t forget to check out girl names that start with B and girl names that start with C.

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D Names for Girls

  1. Dahlia – Latin origin, Flower named for botanist A. Dahl
  2. Daisy – American origin, Daisy flower
  3. Daivy – Indian origin, Divine
  4. Dakotah Blue – Native American origin, The allies
  5. Dallee/Dallie – English origin, Loiter, Delay
  6. Dani – English origin, God is my judge
  7. Danivyn – American origin, Created name
  8. Daphne – Greek origin, Laurel tree
  9. Darci – English origin, Surname
  10. Darla – English origin, Dear, Loved one
  11. Davie – English origin, Diminutive of David
  12. Davina – English origin, Beloved
  13. Dawn – English origin, Sunrise
  14. Daylin – American origin, Beautiful name
  15. Delaney – English origin, From the Alder grove
  16. Delilah – Hebrew origin, Delicate, Weakened
  17. Della – English origin, Of the nobility
  18. Delphy – Greek origin, Hollow, Womb
  19. Delta – Greek origin, Mouth of a river
  20. Demi – French origin, Half, Small
  21. Desi – Spanish origin, Desired
  22. Desire – English origin, To long for
  23. Dillyn – Welsh origin, Son of the sea
  24. Dita – American origin, Short form of Dorothea or Edith
  25. Dixie – French origin, From the South in the U.S.
  26. DottieEnglish origin, Diminutive of Dorothy
  27. Dotty – Greek origin, Gift of God
  28. Dove – American origin, Bird of peace

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