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57 Modern Girl Names That Start with C (with Meanings!)

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Looking for baby girl names that start with C? Here are several modern ideas that are cute and trendy like Crosby, Chesney, and Cambry!

If you love C names for girls, this list has everything you need, including Charlotte which made the top 10 most popular names from 2019 according to the Social Security Administration.

Each of these names is also featured in my master list of baby names. And don’t forget girl names that start with A and girl names that start with B!

These are names that real moms are use and many are totally unique with special spellings and variations.

Keep scrolling for all 57 C names for girls!

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C Names For Girls

  1. Caia – Latin origin, To rejoice
  2. Callie – Greek origin, Beautiful
  3. Callista – Greek origin, Most beautiful
  4. Cambria – Latin origin, Wales
  5. Cambry – American origin, From Wales
  6. Camdyn – English origin, From the valley of the camps
  7. Campbell – Scottish origin, Beautiful field
  8. Camrie/Camry – Japanese origin, Crown
  9. Camryn – American origin, Bent nose
  10. Capri – Italian origin, Italian island
  11. Cara – Italian origin, Dear one, Beloved
  12. Cariad – Welsh origin, Love, Darling
  13. Carita – Swedish origin, Dearness, Esteem, Love
  14. Carol – English origin, Free person or Song
  15. Caroline – Latin origin, Free or Beautiful woman
  16. Caron – Welsh origin, Loving, Kind
  17. Carter – English origin, Driver of a cart
  18. Carwen/Carwyn – Welsh origin, Blessed love
  19. Cecelia – Latin origin, Blind
  20. Celestine – Latin origin, Heavenly
  21. Celia – Latin origin, Heaven
  22. Chamberlee/Camberley – English origin, A town in Surrey, England
  23. Chandler – English origin, Candle maker
  24. Channing – English origin, From Cann, UK
  25. Chansey – English origin, Happy accident
  26. Charise – French origin, Dear one
  27. Charlee/Charleigh/Charlie/Charly – English origin, Free man
  28. Charlotte – French origin, Free
  29. Cher – French origin, Dear one
  30. Cherish – English origin, Care for, Honor, Love
  31. Chesney – English origin, Oak grove
  32. Chevy – English origin, Referring to Cheviot Hills on the Scottish border
  33. Cheyenne – Native American origin, Unintelligible speakers
  34. Chieko – Japanese origin, 1000 Blessing child
  35. Chloe – Greek origin, Verdant and blooming
  36. Cienna – Italian origin, Reddish brown
  37. Cilla – Swedish origin, Diminutive of Cecelia
  38. Claire – French origin, Illustrious, Enlightened
  39. Clara – Latin origin, Illustrious
  40. Clarabelle – English origin, Clara + Belle
  41. Clementine – English origin, Gentle, Merciful
  42. Colin – English origin, Diminutive form of Nicholas
  43. Collins – English origin, Family of Coilean
  44. Columba – Late Roman origin, Dove
  45. Connolly – Irish origin, Valiant
  46. Cooper – English origin, Barrel maker
  47. Cora – Greek origin, Heart, Maiden
  48. Coral – English origin, Reef formation
  49. Cosette – French origin, Little thing
  50. Cosima – Italian origin, Order
  51. Cove – English origin, Small coastal inlet
  52. Crosby – English origin, Settlement by the cross

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