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56 Modern Girl Names That Start With B (with Meanings!)

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Inside: Looking for baby girl names that start with B? Here are lots of modern ideas that you’ll love from Bella to Brylee!

When it comes to B names for girls, they aren’t quite as popular as the other letters with only Bella and Brooklyn making the top 100 most popular names for 2021.

However, they are still worth noting and who knows. You may find a new favorite from my list!

All of these names in this list came from the other baby name lists I have on this website, and most were sourced from real moms.

So they are names that are actually being used and they are completely modern!

Some of these names aren’t found on any other baby name lists out there!

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B Names For Girls

  1. Bailee/Bailey/Baylee – English origin, Bailiff, Steward
  2. Beatrice – French origin, Bringer of joy
  3. Beatrix – English origin, Bringer or joy
  4. Behati – African origin, Blessed
  5. Bella – Italian origin, Beautiful, God is my oath
  6. Belle – French origin, Beauty
  7. Bentley – English origin, From the bent-grass field
  8. Berkley – English origin, From the birch wood
  9. Berlin – Germain origin, From the German City
  10. Betha – Scottish origin, Life
  11. Bexlee/Bexley – English origin, Combination of byxe ‘box tree’ + leah ‘woodland clearing’.
  12. Bibiana – Greek origin, Alive
  13. Billie – German origin, Diminutive of Wilhelmina
  14. Birdie – American origin, Little bird
  15. Blair/Blaire – Scottish origin, Battlefield or plain
  16. Blake/Blakelee/Blakely – English origin, Pale blonde one or dark
  17. Blessing – English origin, Divine gift
  18. Bliss – English origin, Perfect joy
  19. Blythe – English origin, Happy
  20. BobbieLynn – English origin, Combination of Bobbie and Lynn
  21. Bonita – Spanish origin, Pretty, Beautiful
  22. Bonnie – English origin, Pretty girl
  23. Bowie – Irish origin, Yellow haired
  24. Braelyn/Braelynn – American origin, Combination of the names Brae and Lyn
  25. Brayleigh/Brayli – English origin, Combination of the names Bray and Lee
  26. Breena – Irish origin, Fairy palace
  27. Breklyn – English origin, Variant of Brooklyn
  28. Brenner – German origin, Charcoal burner
  29. BrexLee/Brexley/Brexxli – American origin, Created name
  30. Briar/Bryar – English origin, Shrub, Small tree
  31. Brielle – French origin, God is my strength
  32. Brighton – English origin, From the bright town
  33. Brinleigh/Brinley – English origin, Burnt meadow
  34. Bristol – English origin, Site of the bridge
  35. Brix – English origin, Stone of Brixi
  36. Brixlynn – American origin, Combination of Brix and Lynn
  37. Brooke – English origin, Small stream
  38. Brooklyn/Brooklynn – American origin, Broken land or Pretty brook
  39. Brylee – American origin, B + Riley
  40. Brynlee/Brynli – English origin, Burnt meadow
  41. Brystal – English origin, Site of the bridge
  42. Burgan – English origin, Surname

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Sylvia Hayes

Sunday 1st of January 2023

All of the names are so cute.-*!!!!!!.-*- I loved looking at this guide of names.-*- The baby names Bayley and Brooklynn are so intriguing to me.-*!!!!.-*-