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56 Modern Girl Names That Start With B

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Inside: Looking for baby girl names that start with B? Here are lots of modern ideas that you’ll love from Bella to Brylee!

When it comes to B names for girls, they aren’t quite as popular as the other letters with only Bella, Brooklyn, and Brielle making the top 100 most popular names for 2019.

However, they are still worth noting and who knows. You may find a new favorite from my list!

All of these names in this list came from the other baby name lists I have on this website, and most were sourced from real moms.

So they are names that are actually being used and they are completely modern!

Some of these names aren’t found on any other baby name lists out there!

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B Names For Girls

  1. Bailee
  2. Bailey
  3. Baylee
  4. Beatrice
  5. Beatrix
  6. Behati
  7. Bella
  8. Belle
  9. Bentley
  10. Berkley
  11. Berlin
  12. Betha
  13. Bexlee
  14. Bexley
  15. Bibiana
  16. Billie
  17. Birdie
  18. Blair
  19. Blaire
  20. Blake
  21. Blakelee
  22. Blakely
  23. Blessing
  24. Bliss
  25. Blythe
  26. BobbieLynn
  27. Bonita
  28. Bonnie
  29. Bowie
  30. Braelyn
  31. Braelynn
  32. Brayleigh
  33. Brayli
  34. Breena
  35. Breklyn
  36. Brenner
  37. BrexLee
  38. Brexley
  39. Brexxli
  40. Briar
  41. Brielle
  42. Brighton
  43. Brinleigh
  44. Brinley
  45. Bristol
  46. Brix
  47. Brixlynn
  48. Brooke
  49. Brooklyn
  50. Brooklynn
  51. Bryar
  52. Brylee
  53. Brynlee
  54. Brynli
  55. Brystal
  56. Burgan

Want More?

Looking for more ideas for baby girl names? You’ll love these!

Your Turn

Which B name is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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