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278 Modern Baby Girl Names and Meanings

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Inside: Choosing a baby’s name is much more fun when it means something special. Here are 278 modern girl names and meanings to help you name your little miss.

Do you know what your name means?

My name means God’s Grace.

Of course, Jessica is from the ’90s, and baby names are much more modern and unique now so I wondered if baby girl names still have meaning.

It turns out they do!

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Baby girl in a hospital bassinet.

Baby Girl Names and Meanings

I used the search feature from to get the meanings for these 278 modern baby girl names.

This list came from the very first name post I did titled: 500 Modern Baby Names Any Mom to Be Will Love.

I had never thought to find the meanings behind all of those girl names, so I’m excited this post gave me the chance.


  1. Abby – English origin, Joy of the Father
  2. Abigail, Abygail – Hebrew origin, Joy of the Father
  3. Acadia – French origin, Idyllic place
  4. Ada – German origin, Noble, Happy
  5. Adaline, Adeline – English origin, Noble
  6. Adalyn – American origin, Noble
  7. Addilyn – American origin, Combination of Ada and Lynn
  8. Adison, Addison, Addisyn, Addisynn, Adyson, Addyson – English origin, Child of Adam
  9. Adelaide – German origin, Of noble kin
  10. Adele – German origin, Noble, Kind
  11. Aidan – Irish origin, Little fire
  12. Ainsley, Aynslie, Aynzlee – English origin, Person From Annesley Or Ansley, England
  13. Alexia – American origin, Defender of the people
  14. Ali– Arabic origin, Noble, Exalted
  15. Alta – Latin origin, Tall and lofty
  16. Amelia – Latin origin, Work
  17. Anika – Scandinavian origin, Gracious, Merciful
  18. Annabelle – English origin, Gracious, Beautiful
  19. Aniston, Anniston, Annistyn, Anistyn, Annisten, Annysten, Annyston, Anneston, Anisten, Anyston – American origin, Ann’s Town
  20. Ari – Hebrew origin, Lion
  21. Aria – Italian origin, Solo melody
  22. Arianna – Greek origin, Very holy
  23. Ashtyn – English origin, Ash tree town
  24. Aspen – American origin, Quaking tree
  25. Astrid – Scandinavian origin, God’s strength
  26. Athena – Greek origin, Goddess of wisdom and war
  27. Audree, Audrey – English origin, Noble strength
  28. Aurora – Latin origin, Dawn
  29. Ava – Latin origin, Like a bird
  30. Aven – Irish origin, Fair radiance
  31. Averie, Avery, Aeverie, Averi – English origin, Elf king
  32. Ayla (Pronounced eye-luh) – Hebrew origin, Oak tree


  1. Bailee, Baylee – English origin, Bailiff, Steward
  2. Bella – Italian origin, Beautiful, God is my oath
  3. Belle – French origin, Beauty
  4. Bentley – English origin, From the bent-grass field
  5. Birdie – American origin, Little bird
  6. Blair, Blaire – Scottish origin, Battlefield or plain
  7. Blake, Blakely – English origin, Pale blonde one or dark
  8. Bliss – English origin, Perfect joy
  9. Bowie – Irish origin, Yellow haired
  10. Braelyn, Braelynn, Braylen, Braylin, Braylyn, Braylynn – American origin, Combination of the names Brae and Lyn
  11. Brayli, Braley, Braylee – English origin, Combination of the names Bray and Lee
  12. Breena – Irish origin, Fairy palace
  13. Brenner – German origin, Charcoal burner
  14. Brighton – English origin, From the bright town
  15. Brinleigh, Brinley, Brynlee, Brinlee, Brynlea – English origin, Burnt meadow
  16. Bristol – English origin, Site of the bridge
  17. Brylee – American origin, B + Riley


  1. Camberley – English origin, A town in Surrey, England
  2. Camdyn – English origin, From the valley of the camps
  3. Campbell – Scottish origin, Beautiful field
  4. Capri, Caprie, Capree – Italian origin, Italian island
  5. Carter – English origin, Driver of a cart
  6. Celia – Latin origin, Heaven
  7. Charlie, Charlee, Charleigh, Charly – English origin, Free man
  8. Chloe, Cloe, Chloey, Chloie – Greek origin, Verdant and blooming
  9. Collins – English origin, Family of Coilean
  10. Cooper – English origin, Barrel maker
  11. Cora – Greek origin, Heart, Maiden
  12. Cove – English origin, Small coastal inlet
  13. Crosby – English origin, Settlement by the cross


  1. Dahlia – Latin origin, Flower named for botanist A. Dahl
  2. Dakotah – Native American origin, The allies
  3. Dallee, Dallie, Dally – English origin, Loiter, Delay
  4. Daphne – Greek origin, Laurel tree
  5. Darla – English origin, Dear, Loved one
  6. Daylin – American origin, Beautiful name
  7. Della – English origin, Of the nobility
  8. Dephi, Delphy – Greek origin, Hollow, Womb
  9. Desi – Spanish origin, Desired
  10. Delta – Greek origin, Mouth of a river
  11. Dylan, Dillyn, Dylin – Welsh origin, Son of the sea
  12. Dixie – French origin, From the South in the U.S.
  13. Dotty – Greek origin, Gift of God
Baby girl wears a pink dress and laughs in her crib.


  1. Eden – Hebrew origin, Paradise
  2. Eisley – American origin, Created name possibly influenced by Mos Eisley, a town in the Star Wars universe
  3. Eleanor – French origin, From the French provencale name, Alienore
  4. Elena – Greek origin, Form of Helen
  5. Eliana – Hebrew origin, God has answered
  6. Ella – Spanish origin, Young girl
  7. Ellie, Elli, Elly – Greek origin, Short form of names beginning with El
  8. Elliot, Elliette – English origin, The Lord is my God
  9. Elodie, Ellodie – French origin, Wealthy, Riches
  10. Eloise – French origin, Famous warrior
  11. Elora – Hebrew origin, My God is my light
  12. Elorie, Ellorie, Ellory, Elery, Ellery – English origin, Cheerful
  13. Elsie – German origin, Shortened form of the name Elizabeth
  14. Ember – English origin, Spark, Burning low
  15. Emerson, Emersyn, Emmerson – English origin, Son of Emery
  16. Emerie, Emery – Engish origin, Work ruler
  17. Emmalyn, Emmalynn, Emmalyne – English origin, Combination of the names Emma and Lyn
  18. Emmeline – English origin, Work
  19. Esme – French origin, Loved
  20. Evelyn, Evelynn, Evelin, Evalyn – English origin, Beautiful bird
  21. Everleigh, Everly, Everlee – English origin, From the boar meadow
  22. Evie – English origin, Shortened form of Eve


  1. Fae, Fay, Faye – French origin, Fairy or elf
  2. Fern – English origin, Fern
  3. Finley, Finnley, Fynlee – Scottish origin, Fair warrior/hero
  4. Flora – Latin origin, Flowering


  1. Gemma – Italian origin, Precious stone
  2. Gentry – English origin, Nobility of birth
  3. Georgia – English origin, Farmer
  4. Goldie – English origin, Made of gold
  5. Gracie – English origin, Grace of God
  6. Greta – German origin, A pearl


  1. Hadlee, Hadley, Hadli, Hadleigh – English origin, From Hadda’s field
  2. Halli, Halley, Hallie, Halie – English origin, Praise the Lord
  3. Harlee, Harley – English origin, From the Hares’ wood
  4. Harlow, Harlowe – English origin, From the mound of the people
  5. Harper – English origin, Harp player
  6. Hartlie, Hartley – English origin, Deer field
  7. Harvie – English origin, Battle warrior
  8. Hattie – American origin, Home ruler
  9. Haven – English origin, Safe place
  10. Hayley, Haylee, Haylie, Hailee, Hayleigh – English origin, From the hay clearing
  11. Henlee, Henley, Henlee, Henlie, Henleigh – English origin, High field
  12. Holland – American origin, Land on the ridge
  13. Huntlie – English origin, From the hunt field


  1. Indee, Indi, Indie, Indy – American origin, Independent or Indian
  2. Iris – Greek origin, Colorful, Rainbow
  3. Isabella – Italian origin, God is my oath
  4. Isla, Ila, Islah – Scottish origin, Island
  5. Isobel, Isabel, Isabell, Izabell, Ysabel – Spanish origin, God is my oath
  6. Isolde – German origin, She who is gazed upon
  7. Ivee, Ivie, Ivy – English origin, Ivy plantBaby girl looks over the edge of her changing table.


  1. Jacie, Jacey, Jaicee – American origin, From the initials J.C.
  2. Jade – English origin, Green gemstone
  3. Jaylee, Jay-lee, Jayley – American origin, Blue jay meadow
  4. Jemma – English origin, Precious stone
  5. Jersey – English origin, Grassy island
  6. Jordyn, Jordynn, Jordin – Hebrew origin, To flow down
  7. Josie, Josey – American origin, God will add
  8. Journi, Journie, Journee, Journey – American origin, A trip or experience from one place to another
  9. Jovi, Jovie, Jovey, Jovy – American origin, Joyful
  10. June – Latin origin, Born in June
  11. Juniper – Latin origin, Juniper berry


  1. Kalena – Hawaiian origin, Pure
  2. Kallie – Greek origin, Beautiful
  3. Kamryn – American origin, Bent nose
  4. Kanyon – English origin, A large ravine
  5. Kapri – Italian origin, Italian island
  6. Kaycee, Kaicie – American origin, Initials K and C
  7. Kaydence – American origin, Musical
  8. Kenadee, Kennedy, Kennedi, Kenady – Irish origin, Misshapen head
  9. Kendra – English origin, Water baby, Magical
  10. Kenzee, Kenzi, Kenzie – Scottish origin, Descendant of the handsome man
  11. Khloe, Khloei, Kloey, Kloie – Greek origin, Verdant and blooming
  12. Kiara, Keara – Irish origin, Dark
  13. Kimber – American origin, Short form of Kimberley
  14. Kinlee, Kinley, Kynlee – Irish origin, Fair haired viking
  15. Kinsley, Kinslee, Kynslee – English origin, From Cyne’s field
  16. Klaire – French origin, Illustrious, Enlightened
  17. Knox, Knoxx – English origin, From the small hill
  18. Kora, Korra – Greek origin, Heart, Maiden
  19. Kourtnee, Kourtney, Kortney, Kortnie – American origin, From Courtenay in France
  20. Kylee, Kylie – English origin, Boomerang


  1. Lainey, Laney, Lainie  – English origin, From the lane
  2. Laken – American origin, From the lake
  3. Lana – Slavic origin, Light
  4. LaRue – French origin, Dweller by the road
  5. Leigha – American origin, Form of Leigh or Leah
  6. Leighton, Leyton – English origin, From the town by the meadow
  7. Lennon – Irish origin, Dear One
  8. Lenni, Lennie, Lenny – English origin, Brave as a lion
  9. Lila, Lylah, Lyla, Lylla – Persian origin, Lilac tree
  10. Lindley – English origin, From the limewood
  11. Liv – Scandinavian origin, Cover, Shield or life
  12. Livia – Latin origin, Envious
  13. London – English origin, From the great river
  14. Lula – English origin, Famous warrior
  15. Luna – Italian origin, The moon
  16. Lyanna – American origin, Gracious, Field
  17. Lydia – Greek origin, From Lydia, Greece
  18. Lyric – English origin, Words of a song


  1. Maci, Macie, Macy, Macey, Maycee – English origin, From Massy, France
  2. Madalyn, Madalynn, Madilyn, Madelene, Madelynn, Madilynn, Madeline, Madaline – English origin, Woman of Magdala
  3. Maddie, Maddy – English origin, Shortened form of Madeleine or Madison
  4. Mae – English origin, Month of May
  5. Maebel, Mabel – English origin, Lovable
  6. Maelie, Maylee – French origin, Chief, Princess
  7. Maeve – Irish origin, Intoxicating
  8. Magnolia – French origin, Flower name
  9. Maisie, Mazey, Mazie – English origin, Pearl
  10. Maple – English origin, Species of tree
  11. Marigold – English origin, Yellow flower
  12. Marlie, Marley, Maurlee – English origin, From the boundary field
  13. Maxwell – English origin, From Maccus’ Spring
  14. McKinley, Mikinley – Irish origin, Fair haired foreigner
  15. Meadow – American origin, Field of grass
  16. Melody – English origin, Song tune
  17. Memphis – Greek origin, Established and beautiful
  18. Mia – Scandinavian origin, Of the sea or bitter
  19. Mika – Native American origin, Beautiful smell
  20. Mila (Pronounced mee-la) – Slavic origin, People’s favor
  21. Monroe – Scottish origin, From the hill
  22. Morley – English origin, From the moor field
  23. Murphy – Irish origin, Descendant of sea warrior
  24. Mya, Myah – American origin, Mine
  25. Myla, Mylah – English origin, Merciful


  1. Naevi, Navy, Nayvee, Nayvie – English origin, A fleet of ships or the color blue
  2. Nellie – English origin, Light
  3. Nevaeh – American origin, Heaven spelled backwards
  4. Nina – Spanish origin, Little girl
  5. Noelle – French origin, Born on Christmas day
  6. Nora, Norah – Irish origin, Honor, Shortened form of Honora and Eleanora
  7. Nova, Novah – Latin origin, New
Baby girl wears a pink onesie and lays on a blanket.


  1. Oaklee, Oakleigh, Oakley, Oaklie – English origin, From the oak tree field
  2. Octavia – Latin origin, Eighth
  3. Olive – English origin, Olive or from the the olive tree
  4. Olivia – English origin, Ancestor’s descendant
  5. Ozzie, Ozzy – English origin, Shortened form on names beginning with O’s


  1. Paisley – Scottish origin, Church
  2. Palmer – English origin, Holy land pilgrim
  3. Parker – English origin, Park keeper
  4. Paityn, Payton, Peyton, Peytyn – English origin, From Pacca’s town
  5. Piper, Pyper – English origin, Flute player
  6. Poppy – Latin origin, From the flower
  7. Porter – English origin, Doorkeeper
  8. Presley – English origin, From the priest’s field


  1. Quincie, Quincee, Quincy – French origin, Person from Quincy, France
  2. Quinn – Irish origin, Descendant of Conn


  1. Rae, Raye – English origin, Shortened form of Rachel
  2. Raegan, Reagan, Reagen – Irish origin, Little king
  3. Raelyn, Raelynn, Raylynn, Raylyn, Raelyne, Raylyne – American origin, Combination of Ray and Lyn
  4. Raidyn, Raiden, Rayden, Raydyn, Raeden, Raedyn – Japanese origin, God spirit
  5. Reese – Welsh origin, Passion, Enthusiasm
  6. Remi, Remy – French origin, Oarsman or Remedy
  7. Remington – English origin, From the ridge town
  8. Renata – Italian origin, Reborn
  9. Rey – Spanish origin, King
  10. Riannon – Welsh origin, Great queen
  11. Riley, Ry’lee, Rylee, Rylie – Irish origin, Descendant of Roghallach
  12. Rome – Italian origin, From Rome, Italy
  13. Rory – Irish origin, Red King
  14. Rowen, Rowan, Rowyn, Rowynn– English origin, From the Rowan tree
  15. Ruby – English origin, Red gemstone
  16. Rue – English origin, Herb or shortened form of Ruth
Baby girl sucks her finger.


  1. Sadie – English origin, Princess
  2. Saige, Sage, Sayge – English origin, Herb or prophet
  3. Sailor, Saylor – German origin, Boat man
  4. Salem – Hebrew origin, Peace
  5. Sarina – Hebrew origin, Princess, One who laughs
  6. Scarlet, Scarlett – English origin, Red
  7. Scotlyn, Scottlyn, Scotlynn, Scottlynn, Scotlyne, Scottlyne – American origin, Combination of Scott and Lyn
  8. Scout – American origin, First explorer
  9. Serenity – English origin, Peaceful disposition
  10. Shaeli, Shaylie, Shaylee, Shalee, Shayleigh – American origin, Combination of Shay and Lee
  11. Sicily – English origin, From Sicily, Italy
  12. Sienna – Italian origin, Reddish brown
  13. Skye – Scottish origin, From the isle of Skye
  14. Skylar – American origin, Scholar
  15. Sofia – Spanish origin, Wisdom
  16. Sophia – Greek origin, Wisdom
  17. Sofie, Sophie – French origin, Wisdom
  18. Sloan, Sloane – Irish origin, Expedition, Invasion
  19. Stella – Latin origin, Star
  20. Stevie – English origin, Shortened form of Stephanie
  21. Sullivan – Irish origin, Dark-eyed
  22. Summer – English origin, Summer
  23. Sunny – English origin, Sunny
  24. Sutton – English origin, From the South town


  1. Talia – Hebrew origin, Morning dew
  2. Taylie – American origin, Tailor
  3. Temperance – English origin, Moderation, Self-control
  4. Thora – Scandinavian origin, Thunder
  5. Trinity – English origin, Pertaining to the holy trinity


  1. Violet – English origin, Purple/blue flower


  1. Whitley – English origin, From the white field
  2. Willa – American origin, Feminine form of Will
  3. Willow – English origin, From the willow grove
  4. Wrigley – American origin, Surname


  1. Zara – English origin, Princess
  2. Zaiden, Zayden – American origin, Increasing, Surplus
  3. Zia – Hebrew origin, Radiant
  4. Ziva – Hebrew origin, Brilliance, Brightness
  5. Zuri – Swahili origin, Beautiful

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Want More?

If you liked this post be sure to check out my list of biblical baby girl names. You’ll be surprised at how modern they are!

Your Turn

Which of these meanings is your favorite? Have you added any of these baby girl names to your list?

Let me know in the comments!

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