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Turning Funny Pregnancy Quotes Into Inspirational Quotes (TikTok Trend!)

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Pregnancy can bring on crazy experiences, that you can’t help but laugh to get through it. I took some funny pregnancy quotes from other moms and turned them into inspirational graphics!

Any first time mom who is experiencing pregnancy for the first time may be taken aback by some of the unexpected symptoms that come from carrying a baby.

But those who’ve been through pregnancy multiple times know those situations are ones to laugh about!

I asked some of my fellow moms what’s something funny that happens during pregnancy that you wish wasn’t true but totally is and I got some hilarious responses.

I decided to follow the TikTok Inspirational Quote trend and turn these funny pregnancy quotes into some fancy graphics so you can laugh right along with the ridiculousness of being pregnant.

And the best part is all of these are 100% true!

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30+ Hilarious (and Inspirational) Pregnancy Quotes

1. Get ready to cry

The hormones are real during pregnancy and I had moms share their experiences crying about everything from spilled ice to Arby’s being sold out of curly fries.

Funny graphic with text about how pregnant women cry over everything.

2. Hairy belly

So many comments about the extra hair that accompanies pregnancy. WTH is right!

Graphic with text about how belly gets hairy during pregnancy.

3. Peeing my pants

You’ll see lots of quotes about peeing. That was the most frequent quote I got about funny things that happen during pregnancy.

Graphic with text about pregnant woman peeing pants.

4. Morning sickness

The sickness that never really goes away, haha.

Inspirational quote about morning sickness.

5. So much snot

It feels like the mucus production is on overdrive when you’re pregnant.

Inspirational quote about pregnancy snot.

6. Mood swings

People breathing wrong is just one of the things that can set off a pregnant woman.

Inspirational quote about pregnancy mood swings.

7. The constipation

While not very funny, it’s a very real symptom of being pregnant!

Graphic with text about constipation while pregnant.

8. No control over my farts

Like when it’s a serious moment and the gas slips out and will not stop.

Graphic with text about controlling farts.

9. Everything is puffy

All of that extra water you’re retaining can cause some major puffiness!

Graphic with text how everything is puffy during pregnancy.

10. Pregnancy brain

For those who are normally very sharp, pregnancy brain can be quite the nuisance!

Graphic with text about pregnancy brain.

11. Heartburn

It’s especially ridiculous when it’s combined with morning sickness.

Graphic with text about heartburn being ridiculous.

12. Drooling while I sleep

Seriously, when will the bodily fluids end!

Graphic with text about woman drooling while she sleeps.

13. I threw up so hard

Just add throwing up to the list of what will make a pregnant woman pee her pants.

Inspirational quote about pregnant woman throwing up.

14. Bad breath

It seems like everyone has bad breath. Especially the husband.

Graphic with text about bad breath.

15. My belly is so fuzzy

Another one about being hairy. I thought the bear references was especially hilarious!

Graphic with text about how woman's belly is so fuzzy.

16. Every other pregnant mom

You just feel bad for this mama…until you realize it’s you.

Graphic with text about every other pregnant mom being cute.

17. Full screaming breakdown

You do not mess with a pregnant woman’s food. Nuh uh.

Graphic with text about sceaming breakdown while pregnant.

18. Just had a drink

The bathroom is a frequent visit for the pregnant mama in any stage.

Inspirational quote about having to pee after having a drink.

19. Looking down at my nipples

This quote made me laugh out loud! It’s so funny because it’s true lol.

Inspirational quote about looking at pregnant nipples.

20. Crazy vivid dreams

Something most mamas mentioned were the crazy dreams. Often times about sex.

Graphic with text about crazy vivid dreams during pregnancy.

21. When I’m moody

This mama’s alright now, but it just goes to show you do not want to mess with an emotional pregnant woman!

Inspirational quote about moody pregnant women.

22. My favorite foods

If baby doesn’t like it, mama doesn’t get it.

Graphic with text about favorite foods while pregnant.

23. Lightning crotch

This is a crazy experience when you feel a sharp, needle like sensation in the crotch. Painful, yes. Also, very real.

Inspirational quote with text about lightning crotch.

24. My hands are so puffy

Thank goodness that swelling goes away after delivery!

Graphic with text about woman's hands being puffy.

25. Brushing my teeth

If there’s one thing that can make you gag faster than bad breath it’s brushing your teeth.

Graphic with text about brushing teeth while pregnant.

26. When you drop something

Consider that item dead. It doesn’t help that pregnant women are some of the most clumsy out there.

Graphic with text about dropping things while pregnant.

27. You take my breath away

It’s all fun and games to feel baby move until they start kicking your ribs.

Inspirational quote about baby taking breath away.

28. The waddle is strong

But the bladder is not unfortunately. Time for some kegels.

Inspirational quote about pregnancy waddle.

29. You’re kicking me smalls

Please don’t kick my bladder again.

Graphic with text: You're kicking me smalls.

30. Good pregnancy workout

The easiest way to get out of breath is trying to reach your feet.

Graphic with text about a good pregnancy workout.

31. Is that my shirt?

Sorry hubby. It’s the only thing that fits.

Inspirational quote about husband asking wife about shirt.

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Your Turn

Which of these funny pregnancy quotes was your favorite?? Have any quotes you want me to make into inspirational graphics?

Let me know in the comments!

Pinterest graphic with text and pregnant woman laughing.