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3 First Time Mom Books Worth A Read

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Here are three of the best first time mom books covering topics from pregnancy, to baby sleep, to parenting.

The first thing I did when I found out I was pregnant was order a book.

Well, I guess it’s the first thing I did after telling my husband and family the exciting news!

As a mom-to-be I was craving any info about pregnancy I could get my hands on and since I didn’t have any other kids, I had plenty of time to read.

Over the years I’ve read several books about pregnancy, babies, and parenting and there are three that stand out in my mind as the best first time mom books ever.

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First time mom books on a shelf.

The Best First Time Mom Books

1. The Mother of All Pregnancy Books

The Mother of all Pregnancy book on a table.

Like I mentioned above, this was the first book I purchased when I found out I was pregnant. I can’t quite remember how I happened upon the book or what pushed me to purchase this one, but 3 kids later, I’m so happy I have The Mother Of All Pregnancy Books.

It has pages full of great info about how to eat during pregnancy, prenatal fitness, staying safe at home, pregnancy complaints (the list is long!), and when the pregnancy isn’t perfect.

I’ve referred back to this pregnancy book several times specifically for estimated date of delivery table and the early pregnancy symptom chart.

One caveat, while this book is great for pregnancy and trying to conceive, there’s very little about what happens during labor and after.

But I’ve written a post with all of the secrets of first time mom labor and what you need to do to prepare.

2. Babywise

Mom holds Babywise book that she uses to sleep train her newborn.

Good ol’ Babywise, what was life without you?

Oh yeah, I remember.

It was long nights of hearing my 14-month son wake up and cry several times and take terrible naps. It was being so tired I could barely think or function, let alone be a good mom.

Life before Babywise was not good.

Babywise is a great guide for the first year of your baby’s life with tips on, but more than anything, it’s the best way to give your child the gift of sleep.

Which means you’re getting the gift of sleep.

I’ve used Babywise with two of my children now and it’s hands-down the best $10 I’ve ever spent on a book.

I have a full post of newborn sleep tips that I learned from Babywise, but it’s worth it to get a copy for yourself because it lists several sleep challenges associated with sleep training that you may run into and several ways to troubleshoot those issues.

If you’re looking for a great gift to give a first time mom in your life, give her the gift of sleep with Babywise and this swaddle.


Best baby shower gift ever!

And the authors of Babywise have several other books like Toddler Wise and Child Wise that you may want to look into. (Those are a good read, but not quite as great as the next book when it comes to parenting.)

3. Love and Logic

Parenting with Love and Logic workbook.

We’ve talked about pregnancy and the first year of baby’s life, so that’s pretty much all you’ll need when it comes to first time mom books right?

Well there comes a time when your sweet baby turns into an independent toddler and then an even more defiant pre-schooler and then a sassy kindergartener and you’ll start to wonder where the handbook is for kids!

Turns out there is a handbook and it’s called Parenting with Love and Logic.

This book will teach you everything you need to know to parent your child the best way possible.

It tackles issues like: allowance, anger, bedtime, chores, eating, grades, picking up, and more.

Now, full disclosure, I’ve never read the book.

But I did complete a 6 week course based on the book and everything we learned in the course is also taught in the book.

And then some.

Since the parenting courses aren’t offered everywhere, getting the Love and Logic book will be the next best thing.

If you want a sampling of what you’ll learn in the book check out these posts on:

What To Do When Your Consequences For Talking Back Aren’t Working
Why Empathy Is Essential For Teaching Kids Responsibility
How To Set Limits For Stubborn Kids

4. Potty Training

Boy puts training seat on potty.

You may be wondering why I haven’t mentioned potty training yet.

Surely every first time mom needs a book on potty training?!

You may be surprised to know, but I don’t have a book recommendation for potty training.

That’s because I don’t recommend any special sort of books, training potties, watches, reward systems, etc. when it comes to potty training.

If you want to be successful, just follow this simple potty training advice.

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