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Top 10 Family Valentine’s Day Activities

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Celebrate your love this year with these 10 exciting family Valentine’s Day activities! From fun crafts to festive traditions, discover new and meaningful ways to express your love and strengthen your bond as a family.

Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate love. And that includes love for our families!

It’s the perfect day to show loved ones that we really care through gifts, experiences, and kind words.

However, if you’re a first time mom, you might not have any special ideas or traditions for your family, yet.

Luckily, we’re here to help!

Below you’ll find several fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. You’ll find ideas for meals, outings, crafts, and more.

Everyone will love these creative ideas and simple activities!

Fun Family Valentine Activities

Here are some fun activities the entire family will love. They’re easy to put together and won’t break the bank.

And, you can adapt each idea to fit your family’s ages and stages.

1. Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Raspberry pastry braid breakfast recipe with red berries on a white plate.

A sweet and festive breakfast is a great way to start off Valentine’s Day!

Kids and adults will love waking up to a meal filled with special treats like heart-shaped pancakes and strawberry milk.

You can use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make lots of different breakfast recipes that fit the theme, like cinnamon rolls, egg in a hole, donuts, and more.

And don’t be afraid to pull out the red and pink food coloring and sprinkles!

2. Family Movie Night

Movie night sign on a red background with a bag of popcorn and drinks.

Nothing brings the family together quite like a family movie night!

The movie doesn’t have to be on-theme, just something the whole family will enjoy.

And make sure you munch on sweet treats like candied popcorn, chocolate hearts, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

3. Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Smiling siblings hold a Valentine's Day sucker shaped like a heart.

A scavenger hunt is one of the best family Valentine’s activities for families with young children.

You can hide themed items around the house with fun riddles and sayings and then enjoy sweet treats and drinks after.

4. Enjoy Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts

Toddler working on heart-shaped crafts for Valentine's Day with mom.

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to be creative and make fun memories together through crafts!

You can each make a homemade valentine, a heart-shaped wreath, paper conversation hearts, or heart-shaped crayons.

There are endless ideas on Pinterest so you’ll always have new crafts to try each year.

5. Valentine’s Day Dinner

Boy and girl sitting and smiling at dinner table decorated for Valentine's Day.

A celebratory dinner is one of our favorite family Valentine activities. And it’s the perfect way to end your day of love!

If you have older kids, you can enjoy a fancy dinner out of the house.

But if you have younger kids, you may want to plan a meal for your own dinner table or choose your favorite restaurant that’s kid-friendly.

If you stay at home, you can make heart-shaped pizzas or any meal the whole family loves.

6. Simple Acts of Kindness

Siblings build a tower out of blocks in a living room.

Simple acts of kindness go a long way!

You can incorporate this idea into your Valentine’s Day celebrations by having each family member choose an act of kindness to serve someone else.

This could be a love note, helping to clean up, sharing a special toy, or simply spending one-on-one time with a sibling or child.

7. Gift and/or Read Valentine’s Day Books

A boy and a girl read a book together in pajamas with hearts and dinosaurs.

If your children love to read, you can turn that hobby into one of your yearly family Valentine’s activities.

You can find inexpensive seasonal books at the dollar store, Amazon, and Walmart. Or, you can borrow Valentine’s Day books from the library.

You can also include books in individual Valentine’s Day gift baskets.

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8. Family Date Night

A family excitedly walks through the streets of a city.

Date night doesn’t just have to be for mom and dad! Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to plan a fun family outing.

You could go to a museum, bowling alley, the zoo, or to get a bite of ice cream.

The sky is the limit!

9. Cookie Decorating

Heart-shaped cookies on a cooling rack with pink and red sprinkles.

Don’t forget about dessert!

Cookie decorating is not only a fun family activity but, you can also save your creations to enjoy as a sweet treat after dinner.

You’ll only need a handful of grocery store staples to make a simple cookie recipe (or use a pre-made mix) and decorations like sprinkles and frosting.

10. Bedroom Door “Heart-Attack” Decorations

Several pink, red, and purple hearts cut out from construction paper on a wood floor.

You can start a new Valentine’s Day tradition of decorating your children’s bedroom doors so they wake up to a fun surprise.

This is one of the most fun family Valentine activities for little kids.

And all you’ll need is construction paper to make paper hearts, a little bit of tape, and markers.

You can also leave a little note for each child to express love and appreciation for their personality and unique place in your family.

Even More Family Valentine Activities

A mom dances with her daughters while wearing coordinating outfits for Valentine's Day.

Here are some more simple family Valentine’s activities that didn’t make our top 10.

But, they’re just as festive and fun!

  • Valentine’s Day family or baby photoshoot
  • Family game night
  • Valentine’s Day dance party
  • Make a Valentine’s Day charcuterie board
  • Wear matching pajamas
  • Make a photo booth
  • Valentine’s Day gift baskets


Can Valentine’s be celebrated with family?


Valentine’s Day is a great day to celebrate with family. The holiday is all about love, and that includes love for the ones closest to us.

There are several easy ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family.

Here are some family Valentine activities to get you started:

– Valentine’s Day breakfast
– Family movie night
– A Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt
– Valentine’s Day crafts
– Valentine’s Day dinner
– Cookie decorating
– Valentine’s Day books
– Family date night
– Simple acts of kindness
– Bedroom door decorations

How can I make Valentine’s Day at home special?

Start with a Valentine’s Day breakfast and incorporate lots of family time throughout the day.

Here are some fun ideas:

– Decorate your bedroom doors with hearts and sweet notes
– End the day with a Valentine’s Day dinner
– Plan a movie night
– Try Valentine’s Day crafts or cookie decorating
– Plan a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt
– Read Valentine’s Day books
– Perform simple acts of kindness

The Bottom Line

Whatever you choose to do on Valentine’s Day, as long as you’re with your family, it can be a special and magical day.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to make the day memorable.

And, you can try different ideas each year to change things up or find a few traditions that you can’t do without!

Here’s a summary of our top 10 family Valentine activities. (Don’t be afraid to customize these ideas to make them your own and fit with your unique family!):

  1. Valentine’s Day breakfast
  2. Family movie night
  3. A Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt
  4. Valentine’s Day crafts
  5. Valentine’s Day dinner
  6. Cookie decorating
  7. Valentine’s Day books
  8. Family date night
  9. Simple acts of kindness
  10. Bedroom door decorations

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Your Turn

What did you think of these family Valentine’s activities? We hope you found some fun ideas or a new family tradition to start this year.

If you try any, let us know in the comments!

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