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219 Magical and Ethereal Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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Discover this hand-picked compilation of 219 ethereal baby names for boys and girls, complete with meanings and origins. Let’s embark on an enchanting naming journey together!

This ultimate list of 219 magical and ethereal baby names for boys and girls is perfect for the first time mom and beyond.

We’ll guide you through this enchanting realm of whimsical and otherworldly baby names and help you find the perfect inspiration for your bundle of joy.

These names weave together the compelling tapestry of fairy tales, elven worlds, and the boundless beauty of the cosmos, creating a celestial baby name that is as captivating as it is exceptional.

Whether you’re looking for more popular names or a one-of-a-kind gem, allow yourself to be swept away by the mystique and allure of these mystical names.

Ethereal Names For Boys

A boy blows fairy dust from his hands into the dark.

Here are 94 dazzling ethereal baby names for boys. Each name is listed with meaning and origin so you’ll know just how special it is.

  1. Ailin – Irish origin, Little Rock, Harmony, or Beautiful
  2. Albus – Latin origin, White or Bright
  3. Aldous – Germanic origin, Old or Wise
  4. Alfred – English origin, Wise Counselor
  5. Alistair – Scottish origin, Defender of the People
  6. Amadi – African origin, Freeman
  7. Ambrose – Latin origin, Immortal
  8. Anil – Sanskrit origin, Wind
  9. Anjum – Arabic origin, Stars
  10. Apollo – Greek origin, Destroyer, Greek god of the sun
  11. Archer – Latin and English origin, Archer constellation
  12. Arden – English origin, Great forest or High
  13. Arlo – Old English origin, Rock hill
  14. Arthur – Celtic origin, Legendary British king known for his Courage and Leadership
  15. Atlas – Greek origin, Saturn’s moon
  16. Aurelius – Latin origin, Golden or Gilded
  17. Bevan – Welsh origin, Son of Evan
  18. Caelum – Latin origin, Heaven
  19. Caspian – Persian origin, From the Caspian Sea, character in C.S. Lewis’s “Chronicles of Narnia” series
  20. Cassiel – Hebrew origin, Speed of God
  21. Cassius – Latin origin, Hollow or Empty
  22. Castor – Greek origin, One of the two stars forming the constellation Gemini, named after the mythological twins Castor and Pollux
  23. Cepheus – Greek origin, A constellation named after the Greek mythological king Cepheus
  24. Chang – Chinese origin, Unrestrained
  25. Chi – Chinese origin, Spiritual being
  26. Danaë – Greek origin, Argive princess and mother of Perseus by Zeus
  27. Darius – Persian origin, He who holds firm the good
  28. Demetrius – Greek origin, Follower of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture
  29. Drake – Latin origin, “Draco,” meaning Dragon
  30. Elio – Spanish and Italian origin, a variant of the name Helios, the Greek god of the sun
  31. Elmore/Elmwood – English origin, Elm tree
  32. Emrys – Welsh origin, Immortal
  33. Ephraim – Hebrew origin, Fruitful
  34. Erkin – Turkish origin, Free
  35. Evander – Greek origin, Good of man
  36. Everett – English origin, Brave boar
  37. Ezra – Hebrew origin, Help
  38. Felix – Latin origin, Lucky or Successful
  39. Fiore/Fiorello – Italian origin, Flower
  40. Florian – Latin origin, Flowering or Blossoming
  41. Flynn – Irish origin, Red
  42. Freyr – Norse origin, the Norse god of Peace, Fertility, Rain, and Sunshine
  43. Galahad – English Origin, Knight of King Arthur’s Round Table, famed for his Purity and quest for the Holy Grail
  44. Gavriel – Hebrew origin, God is my strength
  45. Gawain – Scottish and Welsh origin, Bravery and Chivalry
  46. Gideon – Hebrew origin, Feller or Hewer
  47. Hawthorne – British and Irish origin, The name of a tree species with Thorny branches and Small fruits
  48. Ireneous – Spanish and Greek origin, Peaceful
  49. Jasper – Persian origin, Treasurer or Bringer of treasure
  50. Jether – Hebrew origin, Surplus or Excellence
  51. Lancelot – French origin, Servant or Attendant
  52. Leander – Greek origin, Lion man
  53. Leo – Latin origin, Lion (the name of the Nemean Lion constellation)
  54. Leonidas – Greek origin, Lion (also the name of a Spartan king who famously fought the Persians at the Battle of Thermopylae)
  55. Linden – German and English origin, Linden tree
  56. Lucius – Latin origin, Light or Illumination
  57. Lysander – Greek origin, Liberator or Freer
  58. Malachi – Hebrew origin, My angel or My messenger (also the name of a prophet in the Old Testament)
  59. Mandeep – Punjabi origin, Spirit light
  60. Manoja – Sanskrit origin, Born of the mind
  61. Manpreet – Punjabi origin, Spirit joy
  62. Marcus – Latin origin, Mars (derived from the Roman god Mars)
  63. Mishal – Arabic origin, Bright flame
  64. Morgan – Welsh origin, Sea-born or Sea-circle, Bright Sea Dweller
  65. Neven – Irish origin, Everlasting
  66. Niall – Irish origin, Champion
  67. Oberon – German origin, Elf ruler (in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”)
  68. Odin – Norse origin, Inspiration or Frenzy (the chief god in Norse mythology, associated with wisdom, poetry, and war)
  69. Oren – Hebrew and Welsh origin, Pine tree, Fair or Pale
  70. Orion – Greek origin, Rising in the sky or Dawning (in Greek mythology, Orion was a great hunter and son of Poseidon)
  71. Oswin – Old English origin, Friend of the gods
  72. Percival – Old French origin, Pierce the valley (a legendary knight of the Round Table who sought the Holy Grail)
  73. Percy – Latin origin, Piercing the valley (short for Perseus, the demigod son of Zeus)
  74. Peregrine – Latin origin, Traveler or Pilgrim
  75. Perseus – Greek origin, To destroy (demigod son of Zeus and a meteor shower called the Perseids)
  76. Phobos – Greek origin, Fear or Panic (Mars moon named after the immortal son of Ares, the personification of fear/panic)
  77. Phoenix – Greek origin, Dark red (the name of a mythical bird that rises from its own ashes)
  78. Pollux – Greek origin, Crown or Sweet (the other star-forming the constellation Gemini, named after the mythological twins Castor and Pollux)
  79. Puck – Old English origin, Mischievous sprite (a trickster figure in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”)
  80. Pule – Hawaiian origin, Waterfall
  81. Raphael – Hebrew origin, God heals (in Christianity, Raphael is an archangel associated with healing)
  82. Rhydian – Welsh origin, Red
  83. Ricmod – Old German origin, Mighty Spirit
  84. Ridge – Old English origin, The narrow elevation of a mountain
  85. River – English origin, A natural flowing path of water
  86. Rowan – Old Irish origin, Red-haired (In Gaelic mythology, the rowan tree is considered to be protective and magical)
  87. Saul/Sol – Latin origin, Sun
  88. Sirius – Greek origin, Scorching or Glowing (The name of the brightest star in the night sky)
  89. Theron – Greek origin, Hunter
  90. Triton – Greek origin, Messenger of the sea (Demigod son of Neptune and the name of one of Neptune’s moons)
  91. Xerxes – Persian origin, Ruler of the heroes
  92. Yaksha – Indian origin, Representative of God (Yakshas are nature spirits in Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist mythology)
  93. Zenith – Arabic origin, The very top or Highest point
  94. Zephyr – Greek origin, West wind (symbolizing a gentle breeze)

Ethereal Names For Girls

A girl in the woods with stuffed animals and ethereal swirling magic in the air,

Whether you’re looking for a flower name, a name inspired by the lore of fairies, a Greek name, elvish names, or something with a bit of magic, here are some of the best ethereal baby names for girls.

Top mystical girl names:

  1. Adara – Hebrew origin, Noble
  2. Aella – Greek origin, Whirlwind or Stormwind
  3. Aerin – Celtic origin, Atmosphere, or Sky
  4. Aine – Irish origin, Brightness, or Splendor
  5. Aineias – Greek origin, Praise or Honor (also the name of a Trojan hero in Greek mythology)
  6. Aisling – Irish origin, Dream, or Vision
  7. Alba – Latin origin, White
  8. Althea – Greek origin, Healing power (It’s also the name of a mythological heroine)
  9. Amara – Sanskrit origin, Eternal
  10. Amarantha – Greek origin, Unfading
  11. Anara – Kazakh origin, Graceful
  12. Andromeda – Greek origin, Ruler of men
  13. Anemone – Greek origin, Flower of the wind
  14. Angeni – Native American origin, Angel
  15. Anthea – Greek origin, Flower (also the name of the Greek goddess of flowers)
  16. Anwen – Welsh origin, Very beautiful
  17. Aoife – Irish origin, Beauty
  18. Aquila – Latin origin, Eagle (also the name of a constellation)
  19. Aria – Italian origin, Song or Melody
  20. Ariadne – Greek origin, Very holy (in Greek mythology, Ariadne was the daughter of King Minos and the wife of the hero Theseus)
  21. Arianrhod – Welsh origin, Huge or Round wheel
  22. Artemis – Greek origin, Goddess of the hunt, wild animals, childbirth, and virginity in Greek mythology
  23. Arwen – Welsh origin, Noble maiden
  24. Asteria – Greek origin, Of the stars
  25. Astra – Latin origin, Star
  26. Astraea – Greek origin, Star-maiden or Starry night
  27. Atalanta – Greek origin, Balanced or Equal (also the name of a mythological heroine)
  28. Atara – Hebrew origin, Crown
  29. Aurora – Latin origin, Dawn
  30. Aviva – Hebrew origin, Springtime
  31. Azalea – Greek origin, Flower (also the name of a flowering shrub)
  32. Aziza – Arabic origin, Beloved, Precious, or Mighty
  33. Belladonna – Italian origin, Beautiful woman (also the name of a poisonous plant)
  34. Bronwen – Welsh origin, Fair
  35. Calantha – Greek origin, Beautiful flower
  36. Calla – Greek origin, Beautiful
  37. Calliope – Greek origin, Beautiful-voiced (the most prominent of the Greek Muses)
  38. Callista – Greek origin, the Most Beautiful
  39. Camellia – Latin origin, Flower (also the name of a flowering plant)
  40. Cardea – Roman origin, Protectress of hinges or Axis
  41. Carmine – Latin origin, Song or Garden
  42. Cassandra – Greek origin, Helper of men
  43. Cassara – Greek origin, Curly-headed
  44. Cassiane – Greek origin, Cinnamon
  45. Cassiopeia – Greek origin, She who chooses to excel
  46. Catriona – Scottish origin, Pure
  47. Celandine – English origin, Swallow (also the name of a flowering plant)
  48. Celeste – Latin origin, Heavenly or Celestial
  49. Celia – Latin origin, Heavenly
  50. Celica – Spanish origin, Heavenly or Celestial
  51. Celine – French origin, Heavenly
  52. Cerys – Welsh origin, Love
  53. Chandra – Sanskrit origin, Moon
  54. Chantelle – French origin, Singer
  55. Chessa – Italian origin, At peace
  56. Chrysanthe – Greek origin, Golden flower
  57. Clover – English origin, Flower
  58. Cora – Greek origin, Maiden
  59. Cordelia – Celtic origin, Heart
  60. Cressida – Greek Origin, Mythological and Shakespearean heroine, Gold
  61. Dahlia – Scandinavian origin, Dahl’s flower
  62. Danae – Greek origin, She judges
  63. Deevitha – Indian origin, One who has powers or blessings
  64. Delyth – Welsh origin, Pretty
  65. Devas – Sanskrit origin, Divine or Shining one
  66. Diana – Greek origin, Divine, Heavenly, or Luminous
  67. Eira – Welsh origin, Snow (also the name of the Sanskrit goddess of wisdom)
  68. Elowen – Cornish origin, Elm tree
  69. Epiphany – Greek origin, A revelatory manifestation of a divine being or Shining forth
  70. Eris – Greek origin, Goddess of discord and chaos, Strife
  71. Fauna – Latin, Young deer
  72. Freya – Scandinavian origin, Noblewoman
  73. Galadriel – Sindarin origin, Maiden crowned with a garland of bright radiance
  74. Galatea – Greek origin, She who is milk-white
  75. Guinevere – Welsh origin, White ghost or Phantom, King Arthur’s wife
  76. Gwendolyn – Welsh origin, Blessed ring
  77. Gwyneira – Welsh origin, Blessed snow
  78. Idris – Welsh origin, Fiery leader or Prophet
  79. Ilithyia – Greek origin, Goddess of childbirth and midwifery, The ready-comer
  80. Imogen – English origin, Maiden or Innocent
  81. Iris – Greek origin, Goddess of the rainbow, Rainbow
  82. Isidora – Greek origin, Gift of Isis
  83. Isla – Scottish origin, Island
  84. Isolde – German origin, Ice ruler
  85. Ivelisse – Spanish origin, Life
  86. Kailani – Hawaiian origin, Sea and sky
  87. Lesedi – Southern African origin, Light
  88. Ling – Chinese origin, The Sound of jade
  89. Luna – Latin origin, Roman Goddess of the Moon
  90. Lúthien – Telerin origin, Daughter of flowers
  91. Lyra – Greek origin, Lyre or Harp
  92. Meliora – Latin origin, Better or Honey
  93. Melisande – Old French and Old German origin, Strong in work
  94. Mellonia – Latin origin, Gift of God
  95. Morgana – Welsh origin, Circling sea or Bright sea dweller
  96. Morwenna – Welsh origin, Waves of the sea
  97. Nahamana – Native American origin, Peak
  98. Nimue – Welsh origin, Lady of the Lake
  99. Noa – Hebrew origin, Movement
  100. Nortia – Latin origin, Etruscan goddess of time, fate, destiny, and chance, Lucky
  101. Nova – Latin origin, Star that suddenly and briefly increases in brightness, New
  102. Ophelia – Greek origin, Aid or Help
  103. Orenda – Iroquois origin, Spiritual energy inherent in all natural objects
  104. Rhiannon – Welsh origin, Great queen or Goddess
  105. Rhonwen – Welsh origin, Fair lance or White-haired
  106. Rowena – Old German origin, White spear or Famous friend
  107. Semira – Origin uncertain, The highest heaven
  108. Seraphina/Seraphine – Hebrew origin, Fiery or Burning
  109. Serena – Latin origin, Tranquil or Serene
  110. Sofina – Hebrew and Greek origin, Wisdom
  111. Talitha – Aramaic origin, Young girl (also the name of one of two stars in the Ursa Major constellation)
  112. Tiana – Russian origin, Princess or Fairy Queen
  113. Titania – Greek origin, Land of giants
  114. Triss – Origin uncertain, Blessed, or Happy (possibly a short form of “Tristan” or “Therese”)
  115. Ulloriaq – Inuit origin, Star-like
  116. Ursa – Scandinavian and Latin origin, Constellation in the northern sky, Little she-bear
  117. Ursula – Latin origin, Bear
  118. Vesper – Latin origin, Evening time
  119. Vespera – Latin origin, Evening star
  120. Wisteria – German origin, Flower blooming vine
  121. Yara – Arabic and Brazilian origin, Water lady or Small butterfly
  122. Ygraine – Celtic origin, Maiden (wife of Uther Pendragon in Arthurian legend)
  123. Yvaine – French origin, Character in the novel and movie “Stardust”, Yew tree or Archer
  124. Zephyrine – Greek origin, West wind
  125. Zora – Slavic origin, Dawn

What does ethereal mean?

Little girl with flower crown, fairy wings, and flowers in the forest.

Now that we’ve shared out ultimate list of ethereal baby names, here’s what the word ethereal means.

The term, ethereal, evokes a sense of wonder and whimsy.

And by definition, it means “extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.”

Naturally, our list contains goddess names and elven queen names, to flower names that conjure images of wildflower crowns, and even folk tales from the middle ages and medieval literature.

Our top picks also include names that celebrate the night sky, butterflies, and enchanted creatures. 

These names draw from diverse sources such as ancient Rome, Greek mythology, Irish mythology, and words of Spanish origin, as well as modern culture.

With such a wide range of inspiration, you’re sure to find the perfect beautiful name for your little one.

Just like the brightest star in the sky, these rare baby names are sure to stand out!

Our Top Picks

Young boy walking through the forest in yellow jacket and striped shirt.

If you’re having a hard time choosing between your favorite ethereal baby names for your little girl or boy, here are our top picks to help you narrow down your choice.

Baby Boy Names:

  1. Apollo
  2. Archer
  3. Asher
  4. Atlas
  5. Caspian
  6. Castor
  7. Drake
  8. Evander
  9. Flynn
  10. Gideon
  11. Idris
  12. Leander
  13. Leo
  14. Orion
  15. Phoenix
  16. River
  17. Rowan
  18. Theron
  19. Triton
  20. Zephyr

Baby Girl Names

  1. Anara
  2. Astra
  3. Aurora
  4. Bronwen
  5. Celia
  6. Clover
  7. Dahlia
  8. Danae
  9. Freya
  10. Iris
  11. Isla
  12. Luna
  13. Lyra
  14. Nova
  15. Ophelia
  16. Triss
  17. Vesper
  18. Wisteria
  19. Yara
  20. Zora

The Bottom Line

These ethereal baby names represent a whole host of books and movies, ancient literature and lore, myths, and legends.

And they’re the perfect way to help your little one stand out from the crowd.

As the definition implies, each of these names seems almost too special for this world, just like your new baby boy or girl.

The origins and meanings listed with each of these fantastical names are sure to help you pick the perfect name to celebrate the uniqueness of your child.

Want More?

Need some more baby name inspiration? Here are some other creative names you’ll love:

Your Turn

What did you think of these ethereal baby names for boys and girls? Let us know which of these magical names is your favorite in the comments!

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